• Five Favorites | Lipsticks •

• Five Favorites | Lipsticks •



I’ve got this very special obsession called lipsticks. I love all kinds of colors, finishes, textures and new things that brands come up with (like liquid lipsticks – they’re great!). But there are a few go-to lipsticks that I really adore from the bottom of my heart and today’s “Five Favorites” is all about them…

2Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani #511

This is probably the most beautiful “your lips but better” color ever. Plus: you can’t go wrong choosing a lipstick from Armani. The colors are great, the texture is great and if there’s a lipstick that’s long-lasting, it’s this one. In every color (even though there are a few that aren’t as reliable when you eat while wearing them, like the red #400, which likes to leave a stain on glasses etc.).
#511 is a rosewood shade and probably the best choice for everybody and for any occasion. Versatile like no other lipstick!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick “Musings” *

Just like the lipstick from Armani, this one from Rouge Bunny Rouge (one of my favorite beauty brands) is a “your lips but better” color – but it is sheerer than the slightly matte one from Armani. Anyhow, this one works great for every day, is a little more glossy, which makes it more girly and fun. But the longevity is not as great – like with all sheer lipsticks.

Givenchy Le Rouge “Rose Perfecto” *

Well, “rose” is a little downplayed – this is the brightest pink (almost neon!) ever – besides MAC’s “Candy Yum-Yum” (which is totally neon). Plus, Givenchy created an absolute luxury piece with this lipstick: it’s covered in genuine leather. But the “Le Rouge” lipsticks are not only nice to have in your collection – they’re great and definitely competitors for Armani’s “Rouge d’Armani” lipsticks. Great colors, great longevity, great everything. ;)

3Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick “Tender” *

It hurts to say that this lipstick was discontinued way too soon. It’s the most beautiful baby nude pink that I’ve ever had. It’s just gorgeous. A sheer lipstick but so creamy and beautiful on the lips, it’s my absolute favorite from Shiseido. If you ever have the chance to get one (maybe abroad or at a duty-free shop – don’t know if it’s still available anywhere…), buy it. Don’t think about it, just take one (or two – backups are always a good idea!) and run! :)

Dior Addict Extreme “Incognito”

This one is my favorite nude lipstick. It gives the lips a subtle brown-beige tone without looking too light (dead look) or too dark (hello 90s!). It’s a wonderful nude shade and my favorite for any look. You can even slightly change the shade by using a lip liner underneath, as it’s just a little bit sheer (even though the “Addict Extremes” are supposed to be more opaque than the normal “Addict” lipsticks).



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