• Hamburg | Sushi Tasting at the east Hamburg •

• Hamburg | Sushi Tasting at the east Hamburg •



east Hamburg
Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 31
20359 Hamburg (St. Pauli)

Phone: +49 (0) 40 – 30 99 33

Sushi Tasting starts from 23,50 €
(Sushi  á la Chef – Starters)
and is also
available as voucher for 45,- €

If you’re a sushi lover like me, you’d better not skip a visit to the → east Hamburg for some uber-yummy sushi.
A few weeks ago I was invited to a “Sushi Tasting” and believe me: this was one of the most delicious evenings ever!

I really enjoy sushi and already visited a bunch of restaurants, from cheap to expensive, here in Hamburg, in my hometown, all over Germany and even in Brazil (by the way: that’s where I grew to love it!). One day I’ll probably transform into a tiny little nigiri and eat myself. ;) Fact is: wherever I go, I like to try sushi when I’m hungry.
That’s why the Sushi Tasting was extremely interesting for me and, of course, my expectations were high, as I knew that this was going to be a great experience. The east is well-known for its gastronomy and a place to be in Hamburg. The restaurant offers not only sushi, but to be honest: after this great menu, I don’t even want to eat something else there. ;) But I’ll definitely give it a try (there are some nice dishes on their menu)!

When you enter the hotel, it’s more like entering a stylish restaurant, with a big lobby, Yakshi’s Bar and two lounges. It’s a pleasure to walk in, walk along the bar (or even stay for a little cocktail – I can highly recommend the non-alcoholic “Green Manga”!) and go downstairs to take your seat in the restaurant. The location is extremely beautiful, based on an old iron foundry, the façade of which was maintained and which gives it a very special touch, cozy and still luxurious. It reminds me of a wine cellar, which is a perfect association, as their wine card includes a wide selection of wines and champagne. This evening, I stuck to one of their east exclusives, which was the perfect choice for my sushi.


2Sashimi east style – Ponzu-Deluxesalmon / nut butter / ponzu / spring onion / tobiko

3Lobster Roll (variation) • lobster / hamachi / mango / mango chutney

4Label Rouge – Edamame RollLabel Rouge salmon / edamame / sweet potato / sesame cream

5left: east California Rollmarinated crayfish / avocado / cucumber / tobiko
middle: Miami Beach Rollgrilled eel / salmon / avocado / chives / sour cream / unagi tare
right: Label Rouge – Edamame Roll

6Sashimi east style – 8848´´m. (variation) • loup de mer / yuzu / sea salt / tobiko / ponzu / daikon

7east Seasonal’s – Dictate of eastpear / caramelized pecan / caramel sauce / oranges / yogurt / maple-anise ice cream

About my selection: my favorite roll was definitely the “Miami Beach Roll” – as unagi is always my first choice when it comes to sushi, it was pretty obvious that I’d love these rolls. The composition was so delicious and that’s why this is my very own recommendation for you.
I also really loved the “8848´´m.” sashimi – I’ve never seen such a beautiful presentation of sushi and it actually left me a little speechless. There’s a story behind the name and the presentation: inspired by the Mount Everest (8848 meters high, that’s where the name comes from) and the eternal ice up there, the sashimi is served on ice, in a solid bowl. Decorated and seasoned with sea salt, tobiko and daikon, and finally dipped in ponzu, this was my culinary highlight and something I’ll definitely order again.
Another interesting roll was the “Label Rouge – Edamame Roll”. Label Rouge salmon (from France) is a high-quality salmon which has less fat – this makes it less “squishy” but with a more intense taste and very delicious. Unfortunately, you can’t get this different taste eating this particular roll, even though it’s a great composition and very good (the grated sweet potato on top rounds it off perfectly!). If you want to taste the Label Rouge salmon, try a small portion of sashimi – it’s worth it!
For dessert, I chose one of the east Seasonal’s, the “Dictate of east” – the perfect mixture of creamy, fruity and very crunchy (loved the caramelized pecan – so good!) and a great finish!

In the beginning, I already told you briefly that my wine choice was one of the east exclusives – I had the “Weißburgunder Blauschiefer 2013 – Weingut Dr. Loosen, Mosel, Deutschland” and it was a great addition to my dinner. I’m normally not that much of a wine person, mostly stick to water during my meals, but this is such a good wine, you should give it a try! It’s also available in the → online shop, together with other little somethings from the east (like some beautiful glasses!).


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