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• Hamburg | Diana Otto Kosmetik by 4U •

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Diana Otto Kosmetik by 4U
Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg 21
22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst)
Appointments via:
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 253 363 39
+49 (0) 17 527 949 10

As a woman, I like to spend all my money on clothes and accessories (sunglasses!!!), shoes and make-up products – just like there’s the saying “shopping is my cardio” (gosh, no wonder men think we’re crazy!) and we love being on a shopping spree for hours, we tend to forget to pamper our body and soul. We say it’s too pricey and to be honest: wellness is a luxury, that’s true. But it’s so worth it! That’s why I saved my money and instead of running to TK Maxx for another pair of sunnies, I made an appointment with Diana Otto at my hairdresser’s. That’s the good thing about his move and the new location: “4U” in Uhlenhorst is not only a place to get your hair done but also indulge in manis and pedis and a great massage – and if you feel like it, you can also do some interior shopping on the ground floor.

During my last sessions with my hair stylist, I saw many happy and relaxed faces coming out of Diana’s room. I couldn’t resist and had to try her massage skills myself. I booked a one-hour full-body massage (€ 75,-) and long story short: I came out with the same face. ;)
Diana made me feel very comfortable (she’s so lovely!) on her huge and soft massage bed and kneaded out all of those horrible knots in my shoulders, my back, my legs and feet, my arms and hands – and even my face. One hour of thinking about nothing, just relaxing and feeling warm oil, hot stones, reviving cream (great for the legs!) and breathing in and out like there’s nothing around me. If you ever need such a time-out, give it a try. Diana will make you feel so comfy, you’ll probably fall asleep in her hands. ;)
By the way: if you like the products she’s using, you can also buy them right away.

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