• Urban Decay NAKED Smoky •

• Urban Decay NAKED Smoky •



This is my first full-sized NAKED palette from Urban Decay (I’ve already got a small one, the → “NAKED 2 Basics” palette) and I must say: this one is definitely worth the hype. I wasn’t very interested in the three NAKEDs before – just because even though I love a good nude eye shadow, I didn’t find them special enough to buy one. Also, especially as a blogger, I’ve got a huge collection of eye shadows, including many nude shades, that’s why I just didn’t feel the need to own one.
Last week, I was invited to the launch event of the palette in Berlin and Urban Decay sure know how to throw a great party, but also how to create an incredibly wonderful palette full of different smoky shades from nudes (had to be, right) to greyish tones to an oily black (my favorite!). It even includes a dark purple smoky shade and a matte smoked khaki. You can find shimmering, satin and matte finishes plus a double-sided synthetic brush (one side is a small eye shadow brush, the other one is perfect for blending – just what you need with this smoky palette!).

Here’s my review of → Urban Decay’s NAKED Smoky


Even the packaging is pure pleasure – isn’t this a beautiful design? It’s a pretty heavy palette, with a mixture of transparency and smoke, silver lettering and a slightly magnetic clasp.


Look at those different finishes and gorgeous colors! It’s definitely something different from the other NAKED palettes and Urban Decay created a highlight that everybody should own for daytime smoky eyes to extreme night-life glam.

My favorite color is “Black Market” – it’s an 100% opaque black with an oily finish (actually satin, but it somehow looks a little glossy). Same is true for “Dagger”, a dark grey.
“Password” and “Whiskey” are a little tricky. As they’re totally matte, they don’t come out very even. It’s important to wear an eye shadow base under them in order to get a smooth finish.
”Combust” is my perfect nude – while it seems to be a little darker in the picture, for me this is exactly my skin tone. A perfect base for any make-up. “Thirteen” is a great highlighter. Both are matte.
The highly shimmering shades “High”, “Dirtysweet”, “Radar” and “Armor” have such an intense color output (plus some easy fallout, so be careful while using them!), you won’t need much of them for your make-up.
”Slanted”, “Dagger”, “Black Market” and “Smolder” are the satin-finish shades. I really like that “Smolder” is a bit purplish, as this is a great color for smoky eyes if you have green eyes (same for “Whiskey” with brown eyes!).

All in all: there are so many options for everyone, you can create countless make-up looks with this palette and even though two of the shades aren’t as perfect as the others, there’s only pros for this palette and no cons (nothing a little creamy eye shadow base can’t fix!). :)


Swatches: no base, applied with my fingers.


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