• Gianfranco Ferré “Camicia 113” (Eau de Parfum) •

• Gianfranco Ferré “Camicia 113” (Eau de Parfum) •

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What a delightful surprise! I read the description of the fragrance and knew that this would be something that I’d love. I guess I really know myself and my taste very well – when I opened the package and first smelled the fragrance, my thoughts became reality. I fell in love with this scent and don’t want to miss it ever again on my perfume shelf (I just have to figure out how to put it there as it’s full and I actually don’t want to remove other fragrances – tough blogger life, huh?). I’m pretty sure that if you also love clean, fresh and floral fragrances, after my little review you’ll want to have it too. It’s just perfect – promise!

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To be honest, I kind of cheated a little in these pictures – there are no carnations in this scent, but a few other lovely floral notes. It just looked so nice for the photos. ;)

The fragrance’s composition is:

bergamot • white magnolia • peony
jasmine blossom • iris • violet
benzoine • patchouli • musk

I think the most special ingredient is the benzoine, which gives the fragrance a very interesting touch. The fresh and mostly white florals are very clean and soft and make the biggest part of the scent. The warm notes make it long-lasting and very sensual. Altogether, the name of the fragrance, “Camicia 113”, fits the fragrance very well – not only because of the story behind it but also because it just smells like a beautiful white blouse, freshly washed and feminine.

The “Camicia 113” (created in 1982) was the inspiration for this fragrance – a sketch of blouse number 113 is part of the design, you can find the original sketch on the box. Also, the top of the bottle is inspired by the design of the blouse, which again was inspired by the calyx of the calla lily, made from silk organza, satin and taffeta.

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This is how I experience the fragrance on my skin:

When I spray it on, the first thing I smell is a mixture of the benzoine (which actually is part of the base notes – it’s very intense!) with a lot of magnolia, a very sensual and even gourmand smell. After about a minute, the other florals come through and freshen it up. Even though the whole composition smells pretty intense on my skin and is definitely an eau de parfum, it is fresh and reminds me of freshly washed laundry. It’s very clean and floral, which makes it extremely feminine. I can tell that there’s jasmine in it, amongst the magnolia and the fresh touch of bergamot, but to be honest, I can’t extract the other flowers – it’s just a beautiful mixture and everything fits perfectly together. At the end, the balmy and warm notes patchouli and musk blend in and leave a sensual but very subtle scent on my skin. What’s there from the beginning to the end is definitely the benzoine, the most intense note and what makes the fragrance so special. I really love it!

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Available in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. From €25.



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  • I just bought this perfume last Sunday, without planning. I fall in love with this perfect mixture of simplicity, clean, feminine, elegant, expensive perfume. This is me in a bottle. It reminds me of Chanel Mademoiselle anyhow. Not the scent, but the way it move: soft and make people curious about what exactly the smell (not so flowery but no so musky too, mysterious)

    Thank God it warm too, so it lasts in a long time.

    • Aaaach verdammt, bei der Beschreibung hab ich nun tatsächlich direkt Lust im örtlichen Perfümladen mal nach dem Duft zu fragen. Nur bei der Bittermandel bin ich mir nicht so sicher. Bin mal gespannt ob ich den Duft überhaupt hier in der Gegend finde. Jedenfalls haste mich mal wieder neugierig gemacht :-D

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