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• Gucci Dionysus •

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It’s been some time since I last introduced one of my bags to you. Last time, it was my dream bag, the → “Miss Dior” from Dior. It’s still THE bag for me, I love it more than anything in my closet and I’m the happiest girl in the world whenever I wear it. But fuchsia is not the best color for every day – as isn’t this dusky pink, I know – so I have a few other bags that I really adore. Like my black “Lady Dior” – the best buy ever. Anyways: it felt like it was time to let another beauty in and so I saved my money to spend it on a precious designer bag. Actually, I wanted to get one of Dior’s “Diorama” bags, thinking about getting it either in white or gray (or maybe blue, since I still don’t own a blue bag – but I’m not too sure that’s a color I’d use often enough to really spend so much money on it), but then Gucci came up with the → “Dionysus” bag. Not only am I a huge fan of Greek mythology (which has absolutely nothing to do with the bag, I know), but I also instantly fell in love with the design of this bag – shape, clasp, color, everything. While my heart was already screaming “Shut up and take my money!”, I tried to be reasonable: suede. Possibly the worst material for a bag, since you have to be extremely careful with it. No water, no rubbing on other (sharp) materials, no rubbing on colors which could leave a stain,… you name it. Sensitive fabric. I tried to fall in love with the → coated canvas model with the GG logo all over it. A gorgeous option but my heart just wouldn’t pound as loud and passionately as with exactly this dusky pink suede model. Well, as you can see, my heart won and I bought it. :) And it’s the most beautiful bag ever (besides my Miss, of course!), I’m really glad I chose it. So – I don’t really do these “NEW IN” posts a lot, somehow I don’t like to brag about the things I got, but sometimes beauty wins – and this bag definitely deserves a few pictures (plus a preview of my first look with it, so it’s really worth having a look!). ;)




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  • Sarah
    November 26, 2017

    OMG ich würde alles für diese Tasche tun. Wo hast du die her? 😭💘

      • Luciana
        November 26, 2017

        Die hatte ich bei mytheresa bestellt. Woanders habe ich die Farbe aber nie gesehen und mittlerweile gibt’s die ja leider nicht mehr…

      • Majka
        October 15, 2015

        Die Tasche ist wirklich ein Traum!!!

        • Kristina
          October 15, 2015

          Die Tasche ist wirklich ein Kuntswerk, wunderschön!
          Liebe Grüße ♡ Kristina

          • Carrie
            October 14, 2015

            Eine traumhafte Tasche die wie für dich gemacht ist! Schade das Gucci so wenig beachtet wird, da gibts so tolle Taschen.

              • Luciana
                October 14, 2015

                Das stimmt allerdings! Umso besser für mich, wenn dann nicht alle die Gleiche haben, hihi! ;)

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