• Plus Size Fashion Days Hamburg 2015 •

• Plus Size Fashion Days Hamburg 2015 •


Photos: Andreas Grav and Belmondo Photography for Plus Size Fashion Days

Today, I want to share a few pictures of this year’s → Plus Size Fashion Days here in Hamburg with you. It’s been a crazy and incredible time, a (hopefully not really) once-in-a-lifetime experience and so much fun! Tanja, the founder of our German PSFDays asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, to be one of the models on the runway, and I didn’t hesitate one second and said yes. Being part of this body positive and especially size diversity project is an honor and seriously: I really wanted to be a model at least for one day – because I’m actually way too small to do it professionally (so sad about this!).

Of course, there’s lots of work and training behind the whole show, we started on Thursday with the fittings and I was chosen to walk for Manou Lenz, Happy Size and Beautiful Curves. I was extremely happy with my outfits, two beautiful dresses, color and the prettiest hot pink lingerie for my last walk. Yup, you’re reading right: lingerie. Underwear. Half-naked. Me. Let me say: my whole body was shaking, my heart was bumping like a machine gun and my knees felt like melted butter when I stood there, next to all the other girls fully dressed. ;) But it was amazing. The house was full and the audience freaked out when we stepped outside in the dark and the lights went on. So, so crazy! Too much adrenaline going on! ;)

Unfortunately, being a model made it impossible for me to take pictures, but luckily my husband had a seat in the front row as my blogger assistant and made a few snapshots. And thank God there were lots of professional photographers ( for example → Belmondo Photography and → Andreas Grav) and I’m allowed to share their pictures with you. :)

The official video isn’t online yet but hopefully soon – of course, I’ll update this post as soon as it’s available and let you know about it on my social media channels. ;) So don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And maybe even on Snapchat (luziehtan). ;)


• Manou Lenz • walking with Silvana, Daniela, Asta, Kristina and Carina

At the fittings, I kind of had the chance to choose what I wanted to wear – that’s not usual, models normally get dressed and that’s it. Fortunately, this dress was the right choice for me and I really felt great in my sparkling dress. You can get it → here. There’s also a short video of me werkin’ that dress on → Instagram.





• Happy Size • walking with Doro, Anja and Claus

This was actually my favorite (fully dressed) walk, including my favorite outfit – and I’m so thankful that Happy Size gifted us with our looks so I can wear it again. The dress is perfect, the yellow jacket is a nice pop of color and I got to wear my own boots (Valentino if you’re wondering which brand they are – you can get them → here).

The special thing about this walk was not only our age and size diversity, but also the very special appearance of a male plus-size model. Claus works for Happy Size and they recruited him for the show since he’s already perfect with his whole look – he was definitely THE attraction of the night, when he came out, we could hear everyone screaming and clapping their hands backstage (imagine how loud it must have been out there around the catwalk!). So it was a real honor to be a part of this special walk. I even felt confident enough to spontaneously take off my jacket on stage – never practiced this before, haha! ;)

Get my look here: → jacket and → dress.






• Beautiful Curves • walking with Liris, Eva-Lena, Christina and Silvana

The craziest experience ever and also the craziest thing I’ve ever done was the lingerie walk for → Beautiful Curves. When Tanja asked us who’d like to walk in undies, a few of us said yes, including me – thinking that I’d never be chosen. Who was wrong? Me. Still, I was so excited about this and happy that I got the chance to do this. It is definitely something brave – because walking half-naked in front of many people plus photographers (and therefore knowing that pictures of me in lingerie would be online and maybe even printed) is something for which you definitely have to have the guts. My hands were shaking, my heart beating like the famous jungle drum, but when we had to step out in the dark and when the lights went on, the music started, everyone screamed and we made our first steps – gosh, the feeling was amazing! Also, I had some great lingerie – from Panache –  in which I felt extremely good and sexy (the fit is great!) and it was a pleasure to show it off. ;) A huge thank you to Sonja who gifted us with our beautiful lingerie – I’m a very happy girl with my set! ♥

In fact, even though I was as nervous as hell, this was so much fun, I’d repeat this any time.





By the way: you can also find lots of pictures of the show and aftershow party in → this album from Hamburg Prominent and a video on → Hamburg 1, as well as a few posts about the event on these blogs and pages:

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Written by Luciana
Hello everyone, my name is Luciana, I'm 27, and the creative mind of "Lu zieht an." I was born in Germany but I'm half Brazilian, that's why you can read this blog in German and English - but feel free to write and ask me anything in Portuguese. I love and live fashion, am obsessed with sunglasses and bright lipsticks and the world's biggest sushi and steak lover. Follow me for daily updates on Instagram (@luziehtan). ♥
  • Liebe Lu,
    Ich finde auf den BIldern sieht man richtig, wie die Nervosität nach dem ersten Lauf nachgelassen hat :-)
    Das Wäschset von Panache ist wunderschön!
    Weißt Du zufälllig noch, welches Modell das war?

    • Liebe Lu,
      Du hast einen fantastischen Walk hingelegt und sahst super aus! Hut ab :)
      Hut ab dafür, dass Du total selbstbewusst auf dem Laufsteg Lingerie präsentiert hast. Du hast das so professionell gemacht, dass ich von Deiner Aufregung nichts mitbekommen habe (was ich auf Bildern und Videos gesehen habe).
      Hut ab dafür, dass sich sicherlich viele von den Zuschauern nun selbstbewusster an Mode trauen – und auch an Unterwäsche!
      Das hast Du wirklich wunderbar gemeistert – mach weiter so :)

      Deine Ela

      • Sooooooo beautiful / soooooo wunderschön – jedes einzelne Foto ist Zucker ! Soooo stolz auf Dich & Deinen Mut ! Mir fehlen fast die Worte.
        Und das schwarze Kleid mit Silber ist einfach ein Hammer! Hätte ich mir nicht vorgenommen, mal für eine längere ‘Auszeit’ nichts zu kaufen, es wäre direkt meines geworden … ;o)
        Herzlich, Sandra T.
        P. S. Die Aufregung sieht man nicht – im Gegenteil: als ob Du nie was anderes gemacht hättest als modeln – die Ausstrahlung, der Blick: einfach perfekt und voller Persönlichkeit! Ich bin echt sprachlos. Respekt!

          • Dankeschön! ♥ Es hat sich auch vollkommen natürlich angefühlt, als wäre das genau mein Ding. ;) Schade, dass ich leider wirklich viel zu klein bin, sonst würde ich doch glatt versuchen, das öfter zu machen. ;)

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