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Ich bin hier vermutlich nicht in der allertollsten Ecke Schwedens gelandet (Bromma), weil es hier recht industriegebietsmäßig wirkt (und der Flughafen ist direkt um die Ecke), aber hier ist eine Brücke und die hat mir diesen wundervollen „Sonnenuntergang“ (so wirklich einer war das aber zum Midsommar nicht) geschenkt, den ich jetzt ganz ohne Filter mit euch teilen will. ♥️

Ich bin hier vermutlich nicht...

The face I make when you feed me Prinsesstårta. 🤓 Hej fra Sverige! 🇸🇪

The face I make when...

In meinem neuen #PrivatePost geht es heute ums anders sein wollen. 🖤 Den Text findet ihr, wie immer, auf | 📷

In meinem neuen #PrivatePost geht...

Cutest illustration ever - even including my little @dexcom 😍 Thank you so much, @mufflifant!! ♥️♥️♥️ [Werbung | Advertisement, cause I tagged the brands in the picture]
#Repost @mufflifant - Adding @luziehtan to my bodypositive beauties 😊 She is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! 
There will probably be a lot more illustrations coming... #bodypositivity #bodypositivitymovement #stopbodyshaming #plussize #beauty #beautiful #strongwomen #selflove #love #illustration #art #sketch #watercolour

Cutest illustration ever - even...

Take time to smell the roses. We often forget to take time for the little things that make us happy, whether it’s smelling the roses or walking barefoot in the grass. This summer, I want to dance in the rain. Who’s with me? ♥️ #nofilterneeded

Take time to smell the...

Tschüss Hamburg! ♥️ Wir sehen uns bald wieder! #hamburgloveistruelove | 📷 @carolinebrauns

Tschüss Hamburg! ♥️ Wir sehen...

[Werbung] CHEESY AF 🧀 Endlich wieder was Feines von @grilledcheesewonderland zwischen die Backen bekommen! Kääääse, noch mehr Käääääääse (Brie) und Balsamico-Brombeeren. Ok ciao. 😍 #staycheesy #grilledcheesewonderland

[Werbung] CHEESY AF 🧀 Endlich...

When your drink matches your shirt. 💁🏼‍♀️ #hamburgloveistruelove | 📷 @carolinebrauns ♥️

When your drink matches your...

#nofilterneeded 💜

#nofilterneeded 💜

Irgendwie verstehe ich das ja immer noch nicht 🤷🏼‍♀️, aber hat da ein gutes Foto von mir gemacht, das nicht ungesehen bleiben sollte. Sehr gut. 💁🏼‍♀️😂

Irgendwie verstehe ich das ja...

• Gucci “Bamboo” (Eau de Parfum) •

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Gucci “Bamboo” was already launched some time ago, but since it’s not limited, you can read my review of this lovely fragrance today. It’s an → eau de parfum and to be honest, I can’t wait to see this available as an eau de toilette. I love the scent, but for me it could be a little bit lighter and fresher – I just prefer eau de toilettes, that’s a personal thing. :)

The fragrance’s composition is:

ylang-ylang • lily • orange blossom
amber • sandalwood • vanilla

I really love the design – the bottle, looking like a heavy diamond, is amazing and has the typical “Bamboo” cap (like the “Bamboo” bag handles). It’s all in silver and gray, the bottle has a slight ombré.

“Bamboo” is – as you can read – a very floral fragrance. I think that you can definitely smell a lot of ylang-ylang and the warm notes like amber and vanilla. Usually, I don’t like vanilla (especially these fragrances that are supposed to smell like it!), but in the right combination, it is a lovely note that enhances the whole mood of a perfume. “Bamboo” is a very warm and heavy floral scent, but it’s still great for daytime too. As I already mentioned, I’d love to have it as an eau de toilette because I think that it would be even better than the eau de parfum. For those of you who like a more intense perfume, this could be a great choice for an everyday fragrance.

This is how I experience the fragrance on my skin:

When I spray it on, I can instantly smell ylang-ylang together with some freshness, coming from bergamot and orange blossom. It quickly becomes warmer, thanks to the base notes. The vanilla comes through and makes it a round fragrance, not too floral but also not too creamy and heavy. I can also smell lily and the bergamot is still there while the scent “settles down” on my skin. This is good because this hint of freshness makes the whole perfume wearable for the day. I’d somehow say that this mixture makes it more natural, I kind of have the feeling of wearing bamboo on my skin, thinking of something green and fresh but still special and intense. Guess I’m kind of influenced by the name. :) In the end, there’s still a lot of ylang-ylang left. The freshness is gone and you can mostly just smell the warm and sultry notes, a gorgeous warm and floral finish.
But even though I really love “Bamboo”, there’s a tiny little negative side I need to mention: the durability isn’t that long (especially for an eau de parfum).

It’s → available in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml (starting from € 64,95) and as a limited → gift set (30 ml fragrance plus 50 ml shower gel for € 64,95).

There’s also a → body lotion (200 ml for € 48,99), a → deodorant spray (100 ml for € 43,99) and a → shower gel (200 ml for € 44,99).

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