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• Review | Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani – Lips & Cheeks •

By Posted on 7 7.2K views

It’s time for another beauty review! I already reviewed the → Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette and today I’ve got almost all colors of the lipstick and lip liner range for you, plus a first glance at the blush palette.

Since the eye shadows that Gwen created with Urban Decay were mostly neutral, I was expecting the lip colors to be bright and colorful. Actually, the collection has a lot of red shades, plus some pink and nude, and – of course! – it includes the absolutely typical Gwen color: a wonderful, bright and matte red. The → lip liner colors match those of the lipsticks, so actually nothing that’s too interesting, but they’re good and extremely long-lasting (with a bit of a stain effect), so that’s all I want to say in this review.

The → blush palette is probably the most varied piece of the whole Gwen Stefani collection, since the colors are pretty different, with different finishes. But, as is the case with the eye shadow palette, there are a few neutrals. For fair skin like mine, this palette is also good for contouring, so this is a small bonus point. ;)

“Wonderland” • “714” • “Ex-Girlfriend” • “Rocksteady” • “Phone Call” • “Firebird”

“714” • “Wonderland” • “Ex-Girlfriend” • “Rocksteady” • “Spiderweb”

The lipsticks are incredibly creamy, the texture is wonderful! “714” is the only matte color, but the other ones aren’t too shiny. Except for “Ex-Girlfriend”, which is dewy on the lips and slightly sheer – but it’s one of my favorites! I also really love “714” and “Rocksteady”. “Spiderweb” is somehow almost the same color as “714” but not as matte and just a tiny bit darker. “Wonderland” has a bit more pink and looks pretty flashy. Get them → here!

Looking at the blush palette, it’s a box twin of the eye shadow palette – just that it’s white. :) I still love the design and think that it’s one of the coolest palette designs ever.

Even though the colors don’t look that different in their pans, you can see the difference when you wear them. “Cherry” is a great baby pink, perfect for fresh looks. “Easy” has a lot of shimmer, somehow a bit golden. “Angel” is like a light bronzer for me, the golden shimmer is very fine and looks gorgeous on my skin. “Lo-Fi” is a bit boring, like a pretty orangey bronzer, actually not my favorite color in this palette. “Hush” is like a more intense version of “Angel” and more peachy. And “OC” is the biggest surprise in the palette – a peach with pink shimmer. It’s amazing!

All colors are very intense, you won’t need much of them for a bright finish on your cheeks. The pigmentation is very high and I think that’s what makes the palette a must-have (besides the fact that it’s from Gwen, right?).

On the lips: “714” • “Spiderweb” • “Rocksteady” (+ Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in “Blackmail” in the corners for an ombré effect) • “Ex-Girlfriend” • only “Phone Call” lip liner

These are a few looks with both palettes and the lipsticks. The whole outfits will be up on the blog soon and of course you’ll find the complete lists of the products I used when they go online. ;)

  • Jersica Holanda
    February 22, 2016

    Adorei a paleta de blush… Obrigada pela resenha!

    • Simone
      February 11, 2016

      Ganz böse Falle. Nach dem Armani-Lippenstift, nun also noch dieser. Ich sollte doch nicht zuuuu oft hier vorbeischauen. ;-)

        • Luciana
          February 11, 2016

          Hihi! Urban Decay geht ja preislich immerhin noch, Armani ist da doch ein wenig teurer. ;)

        • Lena
          February 10, 2016

          Lu <3

          Adorei a paleta de blush :) venho aqui pela 1ª vez mas já sigo no instagram e só tenho elogios ao seu estilo e a essa resenha tão bem feita!

          Parabéns e sim, ficou linda a coleção da Gwen <3


            • Luciana
              February 11, 2016

              Ai, você nem imagina como fico feliz de ler um comentário em português! :)
              Muito obrigada por deixar uma mensagem aqui!


            • Nina
              February 10, 2016

              Liebe Lu,

              vielen Dank für dein ausgiebiges Review. Ich finde die Blush Palette wunderschön und suche seit langem nach Bildern die auf Blogs nicht völlig “aufgehellt” und unrealistisch weiß sind um die Farben besser einschätzen zu können. Ich Danke Dir! Mach weiter so :-)

              Grüße, Nina

                • Luciana
                  February 10, 2016

                  Dankeschön für dein Feedback! :) Ich bin tatsächlich wohl der einzige Blogger, der dieses ganz Hellweiße irgendwie nicht bevorzugt. ;)

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