• Marina Rinaldi “Marina Rinaldi” (Eau de Parfum) •

• Marina Rinaldi “Marina Rinaldi” (Eau de Parfum) •

In the beginning of November, Marina Rinaldi – definitely one of my favorite brands for classy plus-size fashion – released their first fragrance. I was offered a personalized flacon of the perfume, with my name on it – and you guys know how much I love everything with my name on it (just remember my → summer hat!). ;)

I think it’s always kind of interesting when clothing brands (without a beauty line) or celebrities launch their own fragrance. Especially celebs have mostly disappointed me by creating horribly sweet and extremely heavy scents I just can’t stand because I get a bad headache. But there were a few brand perfumes which actually surprised me because it’s simply something new, something you don’t really expect from them – and there has to be a great perfumer behind the whole thing. ;)

To be honest, I don’t know everything about the story of this fragrance, but the information I received was enough to make me curious. :) So when I picked up my bottle at the Marina Rinaldi store in Hamburg, I was happy to already get the first smell of it – and I was absolutely delighted!

Not only is the design as elegant and feminine as expected – the fragrance is also just perfect for the typical Marina Rinaldi woman, a very sophisticated and feminine woman whose heart beats for elegance and luxury. The packaging is very simple, as is the flacon. I love the curved simplicity of the bottle, the golden fluid and the little detail with the black ribbon.

I also have to mention the complimentary travel vaporizer which you can refill easily. This is a lovely gift!

The fragrance’s composition is:

mandarin • rose • peony
heliotrope • neroli • pink peppercorn • ginger
amber • vanilla • sandalwood

The perfume has the intensity of an eau de parfum, but with a certain freshness thanks to the head notes. It is very feminine, perfect for day and especially night, has a glamorous touch and will definitely please everyone who likes warm and somehow floral fragrances.

This is how I experience the fragrance on my skin:

The first impression is very fresh and floral. Mandarin and rose are very intense, especially the rose continues to be dominant throughout the development of the fragrance. Also, the neroli is always there, giving the scent a very warm and sultry feeling. The base notes are pretty musky and heavy and almost come through at the same time as the heart notes. The fragrance is a warm and semi-heavy perfume and the durability on the skin is moderate (~ 4 hours).

100ml cost €42, only available in → Marina Rinaldi stores.

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