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I’ve decided to try a new “column” on the blog called #notperfectbuthuman – because I’m definitely too serious and professional so people actually think I’m arrogant and conceited, cause every time I meet new people through blogging, they tell me that I’m pretty funny and not how they thought I was (right after they let me know that I’m very short!). ;) To be honest, I’m always kind of the class clown of every blogger event, I’m seriously embarrassing and probably almost every time the first one to randomly shout “Penis!” – well, it’s an icebreaker. :D

So, well – of course, I don’t see myself as “perfect”, even though I try to be the best version of myself on the blog. I’m definitely professional when it comes to my work and I want to do everything as best as possible, but as you can guess, I’m as silly as everybody else. And that’s why I’m starting this new little series (which won’t come too often, but will return if you like it!) where I want to show you some outtakes of my last outfit posts. I hope it makes you laugh and also remember that there’s a real person, a human being, on the other side of your screen. ♥

P.S.: Completely unedited photos. I NEVER modify my body, but as you can see – sometimes, the photos need some color and contrast adjusting. ;) You can click on them and they’ll be bigger so you can see all details of my dorky faces. :)

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