• My Hair through Blogging •

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…and a bit before, just because it’s funny to see me, right? ;)

Since I’m at my hair God today (let’s see what happens – I was thinking about trying the “Holographic Hair” trend but I’m not 100% sure yet), I thought it could be interesting to have a look back at my hairstyles through the years of blogging. I guess I already had a few different cuts and colors and it might be something nice to see. Even though I really love to experiment a lot, I think the short hair is the style that fits me most and with which I feel most like myself. Of course it’s weird to say that, since I’m currently rockin’ a bit longer hair and looking forward to letting it grow through summer just because I want to have something else going on on my head, but the short hair is “me” and I’ll definitely come back to it again. Always.

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