• Advertisement, Product Placement, Affiliate…? •

• Advertisement, Product Placement, Affiliate…? •

Today’s post has to be a little more boring as usual but is super important since there are some things happening in the blogosphere. Proper labeling of my posts has always been important to me but we’re currently going through a movement that even asks for calling posts with things I bought by myself “advertisement” – I’d say that this is total bullshit. I would therefore like to give you a clear and detailed explanation of how I decided to label my posts for legal clarity and transparency. This is valid for all of my posts, not only on the blog, but also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and every other Social Media channel I’m using.

[Werbung | Advertisement]

Paid posts were always the minority on my blog. Most of the posts I’ve written were independent and completely created and written on my own. Of course, the paid posts were also my own creation and I’ve always just chosen brands and collaborations for which I can clearly stand up. This will never change!

Until now, I labeled paid posts with “In collaboration with…” and this will still be visible in my posts. But I will have to add [Werbung | Advertisement] before every blog post because advertisements have to be clearly visible as such and I want to do it correctly.

If I don’t add an explanation, why I’m labelling the post as advertisement (e.g. when it is something I experienced for free but wasn’t paid to write about it), it is clearly a paid post and you’ll know that it’s a collaboration. If I wasn’t paid for blogging, I will declare it like that.

The thing is – also part of advertisement are: events, journeys, hotel stays, restaurant visits, services,… you name it. If I write about it (especially when it’s in a positive way and/or as a recommendation), it’s automatically an advertisement. Everything I got (to test) for free and that I show you, will be labeled as advertisement since I introduce it to you in detail and, where applicable, recommend it to you.

P.S.: Thanks to the “Branded Content” feature on Instagram and Facebook, you will also see another special and visible label for paid collaborations in posts on these channels.

[Produktplatzierung | Product Placement]

For gifted products I received for testing and reviews, I decided to go for [Produktplatzierung | Product Placement]. This actually also includes products/clothes I bought on my own because the law says that even this is advertisement. Since I feel that non-paid product placement (which it is automatically, cause I explain where my clothes or everything else is from – even if I bought it myself) is not the same as a paid collaboration, I think that labeling non-paid posts which include clearly visible products/brands (e.g. tagged in Instagram posts or linked in Facebook posts) as product placement is the best choice for it. If there’s something paid or is more than just a product placement (means: a clear recommendation), I’ll go back to [Werbung | Advertisement] at labeling.

[This post contains affiliate links.]

Almost all of my posts include affiliate links (especially the list of products used for my make-up). This is something I haven’t clearly labeled before and I want to change this now. Short explanation: an affiliate link means that if you click on that link to a product and buy it, I will receive a little commission (usually around 3-5% of the final price). Sometimes, just clicking on a link will provide me a few cents of commission. Either way: you will not pay more than the actual price of the product!

If there are affiliate links in my posts, you will find the label [This post contains affiliate links.] in the details box under the first picture.

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Written by Luciana
Hello everyone, my name is Luciana, I'm 27, and the creative mind of "Lu zieht an." I was born in Germany but I'm half Brazilian, that's why you can read this blog in German and English - but feel free to write and ask me anything in Portuguese. I love and live fashion, am obsessed with sunglasses and bright lipsticks and the world's biggest sushi and steak lover. Follow me for daily updates on Instagram (@luziehtan). ♥
  • Hm ja schade dass alles immer so reglementiert sein muss. Gerade bei so schönen Blogs wie Deinem. Und professionelle Verlage wie bei thecurvymagazine.com oder bunte.de kommen doch auch so zurecht?

      • Generell muss das jeder so machen, also auch Magazine. Dort ist das aber ja auch schon besser festgelegt. Ab 1.11. startet das wohl auch bei den Blogs, aber leider gibt es da noch keine konkreten Richtlinien. Ich hoffe, dass ich mit meinen Entscheidungen erst mal alles richtig mache und gegebenenfalls dann halt noch anpasse. Muss das ja jetzt auch noch alles rückwirkend machen, also noch deutlicher kennzeichnen, als ich es sowieso schon immer getan hab’ und das ist natürlich viel Arbeit, aber es soll auf jeden Fall alles korrekt sein. :)

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