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I don’t wanna bore you with yet another picture of the snow outside. Instead, here’s a repost from 2015 and where I’d rather be right now. #saudades #praiadeipanema #riodejaneiro

I don’t wanna bore you...

Dat face tho. 😍 We wish you a happy Sunday and second advent! Purr, Purr, Purr. 😽

Dat face tho. 😍 We...

Leaving Hamburg felt a little easier when Nürnberg welcomed me with this view yesterday. ♥️ #startinganewchapter

Leaving Hamburg felt a little...

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Ice princess or Game of...

Casually hanging out at the harbor of Nürnberg in my silk dress, haha! 👌🏻 Check out this look on the blog {link in bio}! 💙 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards | 📷

Casually hanging out at the...

• Plus Size Fashion Days Hamburg 2017 •

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Photos: Thomas Jödicke Photography
Heike Ross
Tobias Grill for Happy Size
Manu Göbel
Manuela Cosenza
Marshmallow Mädchen
Melina Wachendorf
Werner Emmerich
» Hamburg | Cruise Center HafenCity
 [This post contains affiliate links.]

I’m finally ready to show you all photos and the video of this year’s → Plus Size Fashion Days in Hamburg. It’s been an incredibly exciting time and I’m proud to say that this was my third time on the catwalk and I’ve been booked by so many brands – it was a pleasure and honor to walk for them and it’s so great to know that they trust me to represent them.

Above, you can see a picture from the rehearsal – this is my most casual self: black leggings, black t-shirt, sneakers and a cozy cardigan (it was pretty cold at the location during the training, fittings and rehearsals).

As every year, I feel like these are the most intense days of the year. I’m pretty sure, actual models don’t think so as this is their job – but for me as the tiny nugget I am, this is something so special and exciting and at the same time horribly exhausting because there’s so much to do around the final result, the fashion show. It’s very stressful, positively, though, but I’m pretty much completely useless after the event. Plus, this year, I got very sick afterwards. But it’s worth it. This is such an important event, with such a honorable message. An event of true diversity in terms of plus size, with people of different sizes, different heights, different skin tones, different stories, beginners and professionals, women and men. And this is exactly what the world needs. ♥

• Paprika •

 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017

Unfortunately, there’s only pictures of me in the background wearing Paprika, an amazing brand from Belgium. I wore a lovely dress with a houndstooth and floral print and really fell in love with the brand. Luckily, all models were gifted with a voucher for their online shop and I bought two dresses which you’ll see as soon as possible up here on the blog! :)

I also presented my dress at the second day of the PSFD, at the fair but there’s still no picture of me wearing it, sorry!

• Brunello Barbieri for Kurvenhaus Hamburg •

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017


Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg



Walking for an Italian Couture brand was super crazy – the dresses were “made to measure” and therefore, the designers had chosen us five specifically to represent them. I was called affectionately their “meringue”, isn’t that sweet? :)

• C&A •

 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg




I’m so happy about my current collaboration with C&A and that they also chose me for the show (and the fair) – isn’t my outfit lovely? You can get the dress → here and the blazer → here.

• Happy Size •


I was part of the “Glamorous” walk with Happy Size and our special guest Tess Holliday – lot’s of silver metallic and black! You can buy my outfit here: → kimono, → top, → pants, → necklace. And here’s a short video of our walk:

• mable •


There’s unfortunately only one picture of my amazing mable outfit. The dress is sooo cool – the back is very sexy and I posed especially with it for the photographers, but nobody took a picture of it. So that’s all I have… The dress isn’t available online yet, but many other pieces from the current → “PR’SM” collection! :)

• Studio Untold •

 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

This was the first time walking for Studio Untold and I couldn’t be happier with my outfit. You can buy it here: → jacket, → sweater, → skirt.


 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

MIAMODA chose a very sporty look for me – but with an incredibly beautiful jacket which you can get → here.

• Curvy Shapes •

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

Plussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg

As the last years too, I had the honor to present lingerie on the catwalk – this time from a local store in Hamburg, “Curvy Shapes”. The set I’m wearing is by Freya, called “Fancies” in chili red. The stockings are from “Miss Molly” by the brand Glamory (thanks again for sending them over for the show!). As you can see, I’m walking without high heels – the last few walks I had meant “quick changes” backstage – only about 2-3 minutes for changing into the next outfit and I just didn’t have enough time for the heels! That one was pretty tough because of the suspender but I had the best help ever to get dressed (huge hug for you, Emely!). ;)

• Vollkommen.Braut. •

 Plus Size Fashion Days 2017

22154603_1430643303656505_5819150781389272182_nPlussizefashiondays 2017 Hamburg




“Save the best for the last…” – of course, there had to be something extra special! The bridal walk with Vollkommen.Braut. and a live performance by Petter Bjällö (our host of the evening) was breathtaking and it was such an honor to be one of the “brides”. I wore a gorgeous dress by Callista (forgot the model’s name, though, sorry for that – I guess it was “Melbourne”), not only at the show but also at the fair. ♥ Thanks for choosing me as your model again, dear Regina and Nora!

• “Metallic Lounge” After Show Party with Happy Size •



with → Claus and → Tiffany


with → Stephanie and → Carina


with → Sissy, → Claus and → Orcin


with → Sissy


with → Carolin and → Joleen

You already know → my look of the after show party but I wanted to show you the pictures that were taken that night. So many lovely people! I was happy to see so many familiar faces and new ones, even though I was horribly exhausted and left the party way too early around 11 pm, but I just couldn’t stay longer, I felt like a zombie… :D Thanks for the invitation, Happy Size! And thanks to everyone who came to me to say how great the show was and how cool my dress is. ;) I’m so thankful for everything and everyone of you! ♥

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  • Kirsten
    November 7, 2017

    Liebe Lu, Ich kann mir anhand der Bilder vorstellen, wie anstrengend und zugleich toll so ein Event ist.
    Besonders gut gefällt mir, dass auch Lingerie gezeigt wurde- echt super!
    LG Kirsten

    • Luciana
      November 13, 2017

      Ja, es ist wirklich super aufregend, aber all die Anstrengung wert. Am liebsten würde ich mir aber auch wirklich mal selbst zuschauen können! :D

  • a.
    November 7, 2017

    SO toll! <3

  • Sarah
    November 6, 2017

    Ach, ich freu mich so für dich, dass du bei dieser tollen Show mitgelaufen bist. Die Bilder sind der Hammer, danke für den Einblick! :)


    • Luciana
      November 13, 2017

      Danke dir, liebe Sarah! :)

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