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• Recap | January •

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Yay, we already made it through the first month of 2018 and it was a super exciting month for me. Lots of new things, the first steps of my → Single Bucket List have been made and right now, I’m pretty sure that 2018 could be a great year (ask me again later, haha!). :) 

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New year, new beginning – I started 2018 with a new closet, since my old one stayed in Hamburg. And I can’t live out of a million boxes. I’m almost done with everything and then I’ll start selling the clothes I don’t wear anymore. Of course, I’ll give you a heads-up, when everything’s ready so you can hopefully give all those pieces a new home! :)

I’ve started checking off three of my → Single Bucket List points: making new friends, visiting new cafés and I bought a book. :) Well, those are points I can’t really check off cause they’re a continuous thing and I’ll keep on doing them, but here we are, starting do to stuff, yeah! Especially “making new friends” has been so much fun this month. I met amazing new people and spent a lot of time with them!

I had to skip the Fashion Week in Berlin (again), but I guess it’s not that bad since it’s not getting better, especially in terms of plus-size. We still need a lot of improvement here and I’ll keep doing my best to be a part of the change!

My new closet • Spucki & me • Best sushi in town (at Gingko in Erlangen) • Trying on new glasses (at Optikmeisterei in Erlangen) • Racletteburger (at Glüxrausch in Erlangen)

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