• Hamburg | Vollkommen.Braut. Opening •

• Hamburg | Vollkommen.Braut. Opening •

Vollkommen.Braut.-Hamburg-Neuer Âffnung (16)

Photos: Pia Benhöfer
Rothenbaumchaussee 5
20148 Hamburg
Appointments via:
E-Mail: moin@vollkommenbraut.de
Phone: +49 (0) 40 414 230 79
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 104 094 13

In the beginning of January, I went to a very special store opening – “Vollkommen.Braut.” is a curvy bridal concept store and as you can imagine, this means: plus-size pleasure all around. :)

I somehow made the mistake not to try on a wedding dress during the preparations for our wedding because I thought that since it was only a civil wedding, I didn’t need a “real” dress and would only be sad after trying a few on. Well, I was right – but I also missed the incredible feeling of looking like a princess and how amazing it is to wear a wedding dress. Even if it’s only for a few pictures during an event. I mean: how stunning must it be to try on dresses for your wedding and then finding “the one” (to be honest, I think I even found it that day, but that’s a different story, haha!)?

But let’s talk about the store: I decided to do a little post about it because I’m sure that there are a few brides-to-be out there searching for THE DRESS. :) The selection at “Vollkommen.Braut.” starts from EU size 44 and goes up to a 58+, featuring brands like Callista (I’d say that this is the brand you have to try!), Bridalstar, Romantica of Devon, Lohrengel and Ladybird. And of course, since this is a concept store, you won’t only find dresses but also accessories and shoes and loads of inspiration. The collaborating local stores and service providers are “Curvy Shapes” (lingerie), “Bunny & Scott” (cupcakes and cakepops), “urban spa” (beauty), “Blütezeit” (florist), “Marryhair” (hair stylist), “Carmen Boch” (goldsmith) and “Wortkunst mit Herz” (speeches and weddings).

The store isn’t too big but that’s just what makes it perfect. Making an appointment means that you’ll have the whole store just for yourself and your family and friends, so you can try on your favorite dresses with no stress, nobody watching and therefore be totally relaxed. The two owners, Regina and Nora, are absolute pros when it comes to bridal dresses and will assist you perfectly!

After the click you’ll find some impressions of the day, including a few cellphone snapshots of me wearing some amazing dresses! ;)

P.S.: If you book an appointment and mention that I’m the one who brought you there, you’ll receive a so-called “Welcome Pass”, which means you will be gifted a voucher for an accessory that matches your dress. ♥

Vollkommen.Braut.-Hamburg-Neuer Âffnung (216)

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• Hamburg | Henssler at Home •

• Hamburg | Henssler at Home •

Henssler at Home
Grosse Elbstraße 137
22767 Hamburg (Altona)
Delivery Service
Reservations via Homepage
Phone: +49 (0) 40 60 77 000 30
Mail: info@henssler-at-home.de

I really appreciate a great sushi delivery service. And unfortunately, to be honest, this one is not the one for me yet because we had to get the box ourselves. That’s because they’re located in the south and our home is not in their delivery area. Of course, takeaway is also a good option, since I actually prefer eating casually at home, watching my current favorite series and not having to look like I was ready for the red carpet (oh, the drama!), but this means I’m still searching for the sushi delivery service of my dreams.
By now, we’ve tried a lot but usually end up picking up our food ourselves because our favorite restaurants either have no delivery service (Sushi Lô) or it’s just way too expensive (Raw like Sushi) and in the end cheaper to just drive there and get it. Sounds pretty pragmatic but that’s us – living the casual way. ;)

Last year, we tried one of Steffen Henssler’s restaurants here in Hamburg – the sushi restaurant “Ono” (which actually needs a review up here, guess next time I’ll have to take a few pictures!). The second one is “Henssler & Henssler” and nearby the new delivery service “restaurant” (it’s not an actual restaurant, just a reception and the kitchen). I actually wanted to get my food driven up here to my door, but unfortunately they don’t serve all of Hamburg yet. Normally, we wouldn’t drive so far to get our sushi, but I was way too curious, so we made an exception. You can actually pre-order your food for takeaway on their website, but that didn’t work – so we made a call (and had to wait quite a bit – actually, the service is good but veeeery slow, so don’t try to hurry!) and ordered by phone. And this is what we got…

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• Hamburg | Sushi Tasting at the east Hamburg •

• Hamburg | Sushi Tasting at the east Hamburg •



east Hamburg
Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 31
20359 Hamburg (St. Pauli)

Phone: +49 (0) 40 – 30 99 33

Sushi Tasting starts from 23,50 €
(Sushi  á la Chef – Starters)
and is also
available as voucher for 45,- €

If you’re a sushi lover like me, you’d better not skip a visit to the → east Hamburg for some uber-yummy sushi.
A few weeks ago I was invited to a “Sushi Tasting” and believe me: this was one of the most delicious evenings ever!

I really enjoy sushi and already visited a bunch of restaurants, from cheap to expensive, here in Hamburg, in my hometown, all over Germany and even in Brazil (by the way: that’s where I grew to love it!). One day I’ll probably transform into a tiny little nigiri and eat myself. ;) Fact is: wherever I go, I like to try sushi when I’m hungry.
That’s why the Sushi Tasting was extremely interesting for me and, of course, my expectations were high, as I knew that this was going to be a great experience. The east is well-known for its gastronomy and a place to be in Hamburg. The restaurant offers not only sushi, but to be honest: after this great menu, I don’t even want to eat something else there. ;) But I’ll definitely give it a try (there are some nice dishes on their menu)!

When you enter the hotel, it’s more like entering a stylish restaurant, with a big lobby, Yakshi’s Bar and two lounges. It’s a pleasure to walk in, walk along the bar (or even stay for a little cocktail – I can highly recommend the non-alcoholic “Green Manga”!) and go downstairs to take your seat in the restaurant. The location is extremely beautiful, based on an old iron foundry, the façade of which was maintained and which gives it a very special touch, cozy and still luxurious. It reminds me of a wine cellar, which is a perfect association, as their wine card includes a wide selection of wines and champagne. This evening, I stuck to one of their east exclusives, which was the perfect choice for my sushi.

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#luziehtum ♥ Moin Moin! :)


DEDass es hier auf dem Blog in letzter Zeit ziemlich ruhig war, ist sicher vielen aufgefallen – heute mag ich das ganz kurz aufklären, auch wenn nach dem Titel und dem Foto wahrscheinlich gar nicht mehr allzu viel zu sagen ist. ;)

Seit heute ist es nun endlich offiziell und ich kann euch verraten, dass ich nach Hamburg ziehen werde. Das Ganze ist ziemlich kurzfristig passiert, aber auch wenn wir es schon länger im Hinterkopf hatten, dass wir umziehen werden, war trotzdem noch nicht sicher, wohin. Hamburg war neben München meine Favoritenstadt – dementsprechend freue ich mich wahnsinnig darauf! :)
Natürlich gibt es einen Grund dafür – ich werde meinen Freund begleiten. Praktisch dabei ist ja, dass ich meinen ganzen Kram von überall aus erledigen kann, bloggen und Make-up Artist sein ist schließlich nicht ortsgebunden. ;) Also war ich ohne zu überlegen sofort dabei, als es feststand, wohin wir gehen.
Wir sind also aktuell schwer am planen, packen und – ganz bald, nämlich in einer Woche – umziehen. Und deshalb bleibt so wenig Zeit für den Blog, denn für mich ist es das erste Mal Umziehen (weg von Zuhause, meiner Familie und dem Ort an dem ich 24 Jahre gelebt habe) und neben der vielen Vorfreude schwingen natürlich auch ein bisschen Wehmut, Nervosität und auch ein bisschen Panik mit – ich habe also den Kopf voller anderer Dinge als schicker Outfits (die sowieso alle in Kisten müssen) und Kosmetik (die glücklicherweise gleich im Helmer-Schrank “verpackt” in den Transporter kommt). ;)

Auf jeden Fall lasse ich den Blog und euch nicht im Stich und hoffe, dass ich ganz bald wieder regelmäßig posten kann! Und wer weiß? Vielleicht ist das Thema “Umzug” und “Erste eigene Wohnung” sogar was für ein paar interessante Blogposts? ;)


I haven’t been posting much lately – today, I want to tell you why: we’re moving to Hamburg. This is all very last-minute, and even though we already knew we’d move pretty soon, we didn’t know where we’d go. So today it’s official and we’re moving in next week! That’s why I got lots of things on my mind – just not blogging, outfits and make-up, but planning, packing and a lot of anticipation. I’m actually pretty nervous, as this is my first time moving out – from home, my family and the place I’ve been living at for 24 years. I’m being very nostalgic at the moment. ;)

But of course I’m not leaving you and the blog – I hope that soon I can post regularly again! And who knows? Maybe “moving” and “my first apartment” are interesting topics for some posts? ;)