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• Bohemian •

By Posted on 2 6.4K views

8 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Jumpsuit: H&M
Bikini Top: Triangl
Sandals: Isabel Marant
Ray Ban “Round”
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: Motel jumpsuit,
ASOS Curve jumpsuit, ASOS jumpsuit,
Quay Australia sunglasses, Jessica Buurman sandals,
ASOS earrings

So you’ve already seen me wear lots of jumpsuits, but this is the first time I wore a short one. That whole thigh chafing problem doesn’t make it easy to wear shorts, as it makes the fabric keep moving up the thighs while walking. The shorts have to be long enough to stay put. I still haven’t found a trick to avoid this problem (any ideas?), that’s why I haven’t worn shorts for a long time, unless they were almost knee-length.

Fortunately, I found this short jumpsuit from H&M in EU size 46 (unfortunately only available online in this size), which can easily be worn without any chafing problems. The loose cut is great for summer and is a great choice for going to the beach – just wear your bikini underneath and you’re good to go (I was sitting next to a canal and very tempted to jump into the water while shooting!)! :)

• Striped Leopard •

By Posted on 8 5.9K views

10 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: See by Chloé
Sandals: Arezzo (Brasil)
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” Tribal Earrings
Alternatives: Just Female dress,
ASOS sandals, ASOS earrings

I’d been sneaking around this dress for a few weeks (I didn’t even try it on, just kept putting my hands on it, thinking how nice it was) – a classic. Normally, I’m not that lucky, but this time I even got it for more than 70% off. Somehow the saying is right: “Nothing haunts us more than the things we didn’t buy.” – I’m pretty sure we all know this feeling. I always keep trying to be reasonable, rethink what I’m about to shop, and most times I leave the things at the store, only to come back home and get angry at myself for not taking them home with me. Consequence: I come back and the pieces are gone. But from time to time, lucky me is even rewarded with such little specials as “last piece”, “only one in my size” (most times both) or “super sale”. Just like with this dress. Last piece, my size and a very good price. Ka-ching! ;)

Now this beautiful silk dress from See by Chloé is mine and I love it so, so much! Silk has definitely become one of my favorite fabrics. I love the feeling of barely nothing on my skin! Plus, this dress has a gorgeous print and a great cut. I love the little cut-out at the upper part of my tummy, I love the back with the long bands to knot, I love the flowing skirt – this dress is just perfect and it doesn’t need a lot of company (accessories, you know). ;) I went for black sandals and no jewelry except for my favorite Dior earrings (besides the creamy white pearls, these black marble and silver mirrored little balls are the ones I wear all the time – still, I’m looking for all-black ones or something totally different and I can’t wait to see what versions of these earrings Dior will create in the future!). My little showstopper is this bright matte lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills – definitely a favorite. I need to get more of those great lipsticks!

• Brush Strokes •

By Posted on 6 5.9K views

04 (luziehtan)

Photos: Falko Blümlein
T-Shirt: H&M
Midi Skirt: H&M Trend
Peep-Toes: Claudia Bauknecht
Bag: Gucci “Soho” Leather Chain Shoulder Bag
Sunglasses: Miu Miu “Noir”
Earrings: Dior “Gum Tee Shirt” Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: Zalando Essentials t-shirt,
Y.A.S. skirt, Cosmoparis pumps,
ASOS bag, ASOS bag,
ASOS sunglasses, ASOS earrings

If there’s one fashion thing that I always repeat, it’s combining black with some colorful details. Black is definitely the most fashionable color – it works for any occasion, fits everyone and always looks classy (or just the way you want it!).

Today, I’m combining black with a longer midi skirt with a colorful brush strokes print. The skirt was instantly sold out at H&M, so unfortunately there’s only one chance for you to (maybe) get it: get up early at around 5 am and have a look at the online shop – that’s when they re-fill their stock and almost everything is available in all sizes.

Of course I couldn’t resist adding some special details like my heels and the glittering sunnies from Miu Miu. I also tried something new: wearing my shoulder bag as a fanny pack. I still think that’s a great idea (especially if you’re not carrying too much stuff around with you) and gives the whole look that very special last touch. Fancy meets classy. Definitely me! :)

• Kimono •

By Posted on 8 8.3K views

1 (luziehtan)

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Kimono: Anna Scholz
Bikini: H&M
Sunglasses: Dior “So Real”
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: Flook bikini,
ASOS bikini, Evil Twin bikini,
ASOS bikini, Spitfire sunglasses

Part two of my → #BeachBodyNotSorry series up here on the blog is a little more daring – wearing a bikini when you’re fat is still not that funny at the beach (as I had to feel by myself – people were saying rude things and I could hear it!), but I honestly loved it (except for the bad sunburn – I’m kind of still wearing my top…).
Wearing a bikini is kind of a freedom for a fat person. You’re always told to hide your imperfections, get tips on which bikini, tankini or swimsuit is best for your body type (comparing people to fruits – by the way – is something that I find totally stupid, I’m not a pear, I’m body type “human”) to make everything look thinner and smaller and not like yourself anymore. I say: your body type is none of anyone’s business and you’re absolutely allowed to wear whatever the hell you want. And if that’s a bikini: wear it. Period.

For these pictures, I covered up a little (not because I’m afraid to show you my body – you’ll see this when you look at them, but because that’s what the blog post is about! ;)) with this gorgeous dragon print kimono by → Anna Scholz. It’s on sale right now, so if you fell in love just like me – go ahead and make a bargain! And when you’re already at it: have a look at Anna’s gorgeous dresses (you can also get a → dress with the same print as this kimono!). If there’s a plus-size designer who knows how to create a perfect dress for curves, it’s her!
I already had the pleasure to meet Anna a few times (last time on Tuesday at the “Curvy” fair in Berlin) and I’m happy to say that I totally trust her – she knows what plus-size girls need, as she’s always been curvy herself. She knows how to dress curves and her clothes are always on point. Also, I love the utterly beautiful prints that she keeps choosing for her collections – I mean, look at this kimono? Isn’t it just perfect?
Of course, wearing a kimono on a hot day like this (almost 40 °C/104 °F) wasn’t the best idea, but I’d do anything for great pictures (bloggers…). :) Anyways, I’m already looking forward to a very special cooperation for fall with Anna Scholz and sheego – so stay tuned for lots of beautiful dresses! And until then, you can also have a look at my previous Anna Scholz looks → here (this is → my favorite!). ;)