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• Floral Jumpsuit •

By Posted on 17 6.9K views


This summer, I’m definitely living my passion for jumpsuits. This is a very special one and combines my love for floral prints with a different cut. :)

To be honest, I don’t have much to tell you today. Actually, there’s a not very nice story connected to this look, as I was insulted when we were shooting it. I’m seriously shocked that people really are that mean in real life. Anonymous insulting online is kind of usual these days (unfortunately!), but when people actually open their mouths to say extremely unkind things to you, that’s somehow proof of our society’s shortcomings. There’s still so much to be changed, but I’m honestly not very optimistic that, even if plus size is finally accepted and part of our daily lives just as everything else, people’s minds will be open for this. That’s why it is even more important to know for yourself that this is not to be taken personally. Some people are just stupid and rude – this combination sucks. But you should be 100% aware that you mustn’t believe them when they call you fat, ugly, disgusting and all of those horrible adjectives. They come out of a very narrow-minded brain that’s filled with hatred, probably most times because of themselves and their miserable existence.

I know that it’s definitely not easy to remind yourself that you’re okay just the way you are when someone really comes up with something so nasty, but: ignore it! You’re beautiful just the way you are!

• #BeachBodyNotSorry •

By Posted on 13 9.6K views


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Silk Blouse: Johnny Was (via navabi)
Swimsuit: Robyn Lawley Swimwear (via navabi)
Earrings: Chanel
Alternatives: Jayley silk kimono,
Robyn Lawley swimsuit (other color)

The → #BeachBodyNotSorry campaign by swimsuitsforall is probably the best thing of the whole year. Denise Bidot is one of my favorite plus models, she’s just gorgeous! Not only is she beautiful but also a mother, so her body has already gone through a wonderful story of love. So there are a few “love marks” (yes, I want to call them that!) on her tummy. She also has cellulite like probably everybody on this planet (yes, even boys and men can have it!). swimsuitsforall did this “Beach Body. Not Sorry.” campaign with her and used absolutely no Photoshop. And OMG – she’s looking sooo hot! I don’t even look at any “imperfections” (why would we call them that?), all I see is one of the world’s most beautiful women, wearing sexy swim wear (I love Adam Saaks’ work, his customized shredded bodies are absolutely on point – I wish I had one too!) and looking like a goddess in bikinis and swim suits.

So: I might not be a model like her, but here’s my #BeachBodyNotSorry style – the first of three we’ve shot (so far) at a few beaches in and around Hamburg. I’m proud to say that I’m okay with me and my body and that I don’t need Photoshop or any other program to change my body in these pictures (well, I don’t even own PS, so there’s not even a chance to see my try it!).
When it’s hot outside, just like these days, all I want to do is get almost naked, jump into the cold water and have fun like everybody else. I don’t want to spend my time thinking about stupid people around me feeling disgusted by the sight of my thick thighs, my huge butt and anything else that’s bigger than usual. That’s me. I’m not a picture in a magazine. I’m a human being. And in order not to melt away, I enjoy my time at the beach like anybody else – without judging others and especially not myself.

• Tropical •

By Posted on 2 4.7K views


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Jumpsuit: Carmakoma “Hope Ashton”
(also available → here)
High Heels: YSL “Tribute”
Turban/Scarf: Josie loves ♥ Passigatti
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: Wallis jumpsuit,
Becksöndergaard scarf, Konplott earrings

Well, it’s nothing new that I love jumpsuits. We have already talked about this a lot. So I’ll skip the blah blah about it and tell you a little bit about my outfit.

You already know my black and white version of this look – so this time, I’ve got something more colorful and tropical (the palm leaves were asking for it!) for you. Of course, I had to do another turban style. I still love them, even though at the moment, every inch of fabric is way too much on my skin. Summer’s in full swing here in Germany and there are only two options: you either go to the beach and keep jumping into the water or you stay at home naked and have some fun with your fan. This weekend, I’ll go for option number one – go ahead and make sure to do the same! ;)

Anyways, I had lots of fun styling this outfit – green is my favorite color, so this scarf was just perfect for my styling. Plus, it was the inspiration for my make-up. Somehow, for quite some time, my make-up has been more natural without much color, but this time I went for popping green and turquoise and some pink lipstick – and it felt good! Just like summer! :)

• Kaftan Dress •

By Posted on 8 8.1K views


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: H&M
Sandals: Jumelles
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Fendi
Alternatives: Alice & You dress,
ASOS dress, Glamorous Tall dress,
ASOS dress, Glamorous Tall dress,
ASOS heels, ASOS sandals,
ASOS heels, ASOS sunglasses,
ASOS earrings, Royal Republiq bracelet

ENAnother important piece on my wish list (besides the jumpsuit from my last post) was this kaftan-inspired dress. It has the most beautiful print, is very light (so even though it’s long-sleeved, it’s great for summer!) and perfect for any occasion, so whether you’re going to the beach or just out for a little shopping stroll through the city – with this dress, you’re good to go! ;)

This time, I went for high heels – always better with maxi dresses when you’re as short as me, but this dress also works with flats or barefoot in the sand. ;)

DENoch ein ganz wichtiges Teil auf meiner Wunschliste (neben dem Jumpsuit aus dem letzten Post) war dieses kaftan-inspirierte Kleid. Es hat den weltschönsten Print, ist sehr leicht (also trotz der langen Ärmel auch super für den Sommer!) und perfekt für jeden Anlass, also egal ob man an den Strand geht oder eine kleine Shoppingtour durch die Stadt macht – mit diesem Stück ist man bestens gekleidet! ;)

Dieses Mal hab’ ich mich für High Heels entschieden – die sind bei Maxikleidern als kleiner Mensch wie ich immer die bessere Wahl, aber das Kleid kann man auch super mit flachen Sandalen oder natürlich gleich barfuß im Sand tragen. ;)