• Event | #C&Aforallpersonalities •

• Event | #C&Aforallpersonalities •


Photos: Pascal Kerouche
In cooperation with C&A.

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Last week, I went to a very special event with five amazing girls – from left to right: Cécile, Sofia, Farina, me, Sophia and Verena. We were invited by → C&A to talk about strong women and how fashion influences personalities, and for a makeover which each of us did for another girl. I was styled by Sophia and had the pleasure to dress up Verena. It was an exciting day and we had lots of fun together, as you can see in the pictures! ;)

There’s also a video up on the → C&A Blog, don’t forget to watch it! ;)

I’ve already talked about the effect of fashion and everything that’s possible with it in my → last post, but I want to say again how fascinating it is that fashion is able to either influence and enhance someone’s personality or change it (in a positive way). However you feel on a day, you can make your style look like it or give it a completely different touch. You can accentuate special features of yourself or – if you feel like it – hide something you’re not 100% happy with. Fashion is for everyone and that’s why we shouldn’t be limited in our possibilities. Even though our bodies are different, we should all be able to wear whatever we want, whether we’re skinny or fat, tall or short, blonde or brunette,… Let’s all express ourselves through fashion!

Dressing up someone else can be super easy if you know this person. It’s funny how you instantly know what you want her to wear when you do this kind of makeover. And even if you don’t, it’s cool to see how you can make the person look and maybe even influence her own style. It was great to see our makeovers at the end of the day – everybody chose the right look for the other girl – and I think that we all look absolutely amazing!

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• Event | Murek Hamburg •

• Event | Murek Hamburg •

Photos: Micael Santos Graca

Last Saturday, I went to the → Murek Hamburg headquarters for a great blogger event. The brand presented its current summer collection and a preview of the upcoming winter collection, and we had the chance to create our own styles with the summer pieces. We also got the chance to pre-order our favorites of the winter collection and we probably all fell in love with one special jacket, so keep your eyes open around August – you’ll see it a lot and (I’m pretty sure about this) many different styles with it!

Murek Hamburg is a German brand for occasional wear based in Hamburg. They’re already over 60 years old – which means they’re really experienced in their niche and they really know about fit. Since they’re already established around the world, especially in the Arabian region and Belgium, they now want to get known better here in Germany – and we bloggers want to help, because even though there are a few pieces that are definitely a bit old-fashioned (and have too many rhinestones on them – but here’s something cool: you can order everything without them if you don’t like these little stones!), this brand has potential. And their speciality is plus size because their best-selling sizes are EU48-50 (their sizes go up to 56). So they know what they’re talking about if it’s about plus-size occasional wear. ;)
I think we gave them some good ideas on how to improve the modern style of the brand and I’m pretty sure we’ll see a lot of Murek’s great fashion in the future (of course also up here on the blog because I can’t wait to style my three pieces of the winter collection)!

In order to show what amazing styles you can do with their clothes – not only for special occasions but also day wear – we had a great shoot and I want to share all looks with you. :)

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CURVISION ♥ “Secret Meeting” mit navabi in Berlin



Bei meinem kleinen Berlin-Tagebuch hab’ ich ja bereits das “Secret Meeting” mit → navabi in Berlin angesprochen, heute möchte ich ein bisschen mehr dazu erzählen und euch natürlich auch noch ein paar Bilder zeigen. :)

navabi hat eine Vision der Zukunft, in der jede Frau, egal, in welchem Alter sie ist, welche Hautfarbe sie hat und welche Größe sie trägt, ihre Persönlichkeit und ihren Stil mit Mode ausdrücken kann. → CURVISION (curvy + vision) entstand, um daran zu arbeiten und diese Version, diese Zukunft real zu machen. Und dazu haben wir uns alle in Berlin getroffen – um über die aktuelle Situation der Mode, gerade im Bereich Plus Size, zu sprechen und zusammen im Rahmen des CURVISION-Projekts Lösungen zu finden – und selbst der Wandel zu sein.

Wir, das sind: die wunderschöne Elisa D’Ospina, Plus Size Model und Redakteurin bei der VOGUE Curvy Italia aus Italien, die zauberhafte Nicolette Mason, Bloggerin und Redakteurin bei der Marie Claire in New York (oh, und jetzt möchte ich noch mehr endlich mal dort hin!), das Plus-Size-Topmodel (und meine brasilianische Landsfrau) Fluvia Lacerda, auch aus New York und die wunderbare Edith Dohmen, Bloggerin und Designerin ihres eigenen Inbetweenie-Labels “Edith Dohmen” aus den Niederlanden – und ich. :)

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