• Plus Size Fashion Days Hamburg 2017 •

• Plus Size Fashion Days Hamburg 2017 •


Photos: Thomas Jödicke Photography
Heike Ross
Tobias Grill for Happy Size
Manu Göbel
Manuela Cosenza
Marshmallow Mädchen
Melina Wachendorf
Werner Emmerich
» Hamburg | Cruise Center HafenCity
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I’m finally ready to show you all photos and the video of this year’s → Plus Size Fashion Days in Hamburg. It’s been an incredibly exciting time and I’m proud to say that this was my third time on the catwalk and I’ve been booked by so many brands – it was a pleasure and honor to walk for them and it’s so great to know that they trust me to represent them.

Above, you can see a picture from the rehearsal – this is my most casual self: black leggings, black t-shirt, sneakers and a cozy cardigan (it was pretty cold at the location during the training, fittings and rehearsals).

As every year, I feel like these are the most intense days of the year. I’m pretty sure, actual models don’t think so as this is their job – but for me as the tiny nugget I am, this is something so special and exciting and at the same time horribly exhausting because there’s so much to do around the final result, the fashion show. It’s very stressful, positively, though, but I’m pretty much completely useless after the event. Plus, this year, I got very sick afterwards. But it’s worth it. This is such an important event, with such a honorable message. An event of true diversity in terms of plus size, with people of different sizes, different heights, different skin tones, different stories, beginners and professionals, women and men. And this is exactly what the world needs. ♥

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Berlin, Berlin! ♥

Shirt by ZizziDEAnfang letzter Woche zog es mich mal wieder ins wunderschöne Berlin. Zwar hieß es “Fashion Week”, aber das Zelt habe ich dieses Mal gar nicht besucht (nicht mal gesehen, denn am Brandenburger Tor war ich – leider! – nicht mal ansatzweise).
Von Montag bis Mittwoch habe ich Events besucht und war auf der zweiten “Curvy is sexy”-Plus-Size-Messe, von der ich natürlich einiges zu erzählen habe.

Ich muss zugeben, den “normalen” Fashion-Trubel habe ich doch ein kleines Bisschen vermisst. Nur zu gern hätte ich im Publikum der Show von Lena Hoschek gesessen, die mich zumindest auf den Fotos hinterher schwer begeistert hat (so wie immer!). Immerhin sind ihre Kleider perfekt für Kurven – und genau diese Schnitte habe ich auf der Messe leider sehr vermisst (und meinen Unmut darüber auch ungefähr an jedem Stand kundgetan, haha!). :)
Die Messe hat sich dennoch gemacht und mir sind doch einige positive Aspekte aufgefallen, die mir letztes Mal gefehlt haben. Ein bisschen Kritik gibt’s natürlich auch – aber ich bin davon überzeugt, dass auch davon bei der nächsten Messe im Sommer wieder ein paar Punkte von der Liste gestrichen werden können! :)


On my way to Berlin // Ready for a long day // Exclusive date at the Carmakoma stand

At the fair entranceENLast week, Berlin was calling. It was “Fashion Week”, but I didn’t go to the tent. From Monday to Wednesday I visited events and the second “Curvy is sexy” plus-size fair – and I have a lot to tell.

I have to admit that I actually missed the “normal” fashion turmoil a bit. I would have been overfond of visiting the Lena Hoschek show, which at least wowed me (as always!) afterwards when I saw the pictures. After all, her dresses are perfect for curves – and I really missed these kinds of dresses at the fair (and made my opinion known at every stand, haha!). :)
But the fair has gotten on and I found many positive aspects this time that had been missing last year. Of course, there are also a few things I’d criticize – but I’m sure that I will be able to check off some points after the next fair in summer! :)

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