• Lollidot Hearts (+ Giveaway) [CLOSED] •

• Lollidot Hearts (+ Giveaway) [CLOSED] •

4 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: Scarlett & Jo
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”

Hey everyone – I’m back! I’ve recovered almost 100% and am ready for new adventures for the blog! This week will already be super exciting since I’m (hopefully – let’s just pray that I won’t get sick again!) going to Milan on Friday for a special event with Marina Rinaldi. I’ve never been there before, plus I truly love Marina Rinaldi, so this is going to be awesome! :)

But first, I’m back with another cute Scarlett & Jo look – it’s kind of unusual for me because it’s very playful AND I’m seriously wearing sneakers (casual, casual!). I wore this outfit in August at the German-American Volksfest in Grafenwöhr and it was a good choice, since it was hot and as you’re walking around a lot, flats are definitely what you need on that day.

So, this is → one of the Lollidot dresses (which means: it has a dot print, this time it’s tiny dots in hearts) and you already know the cut from → this dress. I’m wearing a size 16, which isn’t ideal for my small bust, so if you’ve got a similar figure, you can definitely go for a UK 14, maybe even a 12.

But before you buy, I’ve got a little giveaway for you! :) I also received this dress in purple and want to give this one away to one of you. It’s the same dress, size 16. You can have a look at the color → here. All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me something nice (just being honest – I need some kind words right now and why not choose this dress with hearts on it for this kind of way to enter the competition, right? ;)), until this Sunday, September 25. You can find the terms and conditions1 at the end of this post.

The winner is Nicole – congrats! :)

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• Sweet Fall •

• Sweet Fall •

2 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Cardigan: H&M Trend
Crop Top: Rue 107 “Jonelle”
Skirt: Rue 107 “Molly”
Heels: Jumelles
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: Fashion Union cardigan,
ASOS heels, s.Oliver bag,
Rebecca Minkoff bag, ASOS earrings

I still have a few fall looks that I haven’t posted yet, so even though it’s already almost winter here, I don’t want to leave them unposted on my PC (by the way: yes, I do work on a PC, not a laptop – guess I’m not a typical blogger, huh?). Maybe where you live it’s still warm enough to use them as inspiration, and if not, just be creative and make them work for you (maybe with other boots, warm tights and a beanie?) or save them for next year. ;) There’s always a way! :)

That’s one of my #ruebabe looks I created with my surprise package from → Rue 107 – and again kind of a challenge, since cropped is not really the best choice in fall. But as I said: there’s always a way, and mine was to wear it with a chunky wool cardigan – cozy and warm, so don’t worry about the small stripe of skin! ;)

To be honest, I never would have chosen this skirt by myself – I’m not that “food on my clothes” kind of person, so my first thought was to just wear the shirt and store the skirt somewhere in my closet. But when I tried it on (I always do that before deciding – because everything [and everyone!!!] deserves a chance, and even though you may sometimes think that a piece isn’t made for you and won’t look good, it might become your best friend!), I really liked it. It’s cute and actually looks so nice in that combination (and especially the scenario with the colorful fallen leaves!), that I wouldn’t want to give it away! ;)

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Outfit ♥ 07.04.14


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Shirt: frapp
Jeans: b² by Via Appia
Claudia Bauknecht ‘lemon’
Gucci “Soho Disco Bag” ‘tabasco’
Sunglasses: Miu Miu “Noir”
bonprix, Marc by Marc Jacobs “Katie Turnlock”, Swarovski
Watch: Detomaso “Marian”

DEEinen zweiten Look mit dem wunderbaren → Shirt von frapp hatte ich ja noch angekündigt – und hier ist er! :) Passend zum jetzt schon sommerlichen Wetter habe ich direkt mal meine Capri-Jeans ausgepackt, noch ein bisschen hochgekrempelt und mich für bunte Accessoires entschieden – die rote Tasche passt perfekt zu den roten Lippen, die gelben Heels zum Lidschatten. ;)
Und ich muss zugeben: die Kombi gefällt mir noch besser als mit dem Midirock (den ich wohl auch noch ein Stückchen kürzen lassen muss – so ist das, wenn man klein ist…). :)

ENI promised to show you another look with this gorgeous → shirt by frapp – here it is! :) According to the summery weather, I wore my capri jeans and went for colorful accessories – the red bag matches my red lips, the yellow heels match the eyeshadow. ;)
And I have to admit: I like this combination even better than the last one with the midi skirt (which I have to shorten – that’s life when you’re small…). ;)

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Outfit ♥ 05.11.13


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Cardigan: Via Appia Due
Kleid/Dress: Zara
Peep-Toes: Claudia Bauknecht (via sheego)
Armband/Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Turnlock Bracelet
Uhr/Watch: ICE Watch Original Fluo Pink
Alternatives: KIOMI cardigan, ASOS dress, River Island pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Katie Turnlock Bracelet, Breo watch

DEFür dieses Outfit hab’ ich mit bunten Accessoires gespielt – und so aus einem “All Black”-Look einen doch sehr farbenfrohen gemacht. Alles fing mit den wohl schönsten Peep-Toes an, die ich für ein ganz besonderes Outfit bei sheego aussuchen durfte (und das Outfit zeige ich euch ganz bald!). Sie sind zwar ziemlich hoch, aber dank des Plateaus doch auch sehr bequem und man kann gut darin laufen – solltet ihr darüber nachdenken, sie nachzukaufen, empfehle ich euch, lieber eine Nummer kleiner zu bestellen (ich brauche bei High Heels eigentlich 37,5, aber weil die Größe ausverkauft war, hab’ ich mich für 37 entschieden und sie sind sogar ein bisschen zu groß, was ich aber mit dünnen Gel-Einlagen ausbessern werde). Leider sind sie in meiner Farbe fast komplett ausverkauft, aber die Peep-Toes und Pumps von Claudia Bauknecht gibt’s in ganz vielen Farben und Formen (auch Ballerinas und Stiefel)!
Jedenfalls wollte ich die High Heels unbedingt zu dem Outfit tragen, wusste aber erst nicht so recht, was ich sonst noch dazu kombinieren sollte – bis ich die Idee hatte, einfach verschiedene Farben einzusetzen und so einen bunten Look daraus zu machen. Zusammen mit meinem gelben MCM-Shopper und meinem warmen Vintage-Mantel von Marina Rinaldi war ich so abends in der Stadt unterwegs.


For this look, I played with some colored details and changed an “All Black” look into a colorful outfit that I wore for a date night with my boyfriend.
I started with a black dress and tights and wanted to wear my new purple (actually, the color is “berry”, but they’re more purple) peep toes. I had no clue what to combine my choice with until I had the idea of using different colors and turning it into a colorful look. I wore it together with my vintage Marina Rinaldi coat (as it is getting colder and colder…) and my bright yellow MCM shopper. A happy look for fall! :)

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