• Ruffles & Jeans (+ Giveaway) [CLOSED] •

• Ruffles & Jeans (+ Giveaway) [CLOSED] •

9 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Blouse: H&M Trend
Jeans: sheego
Belt: Zara
Shoes: 5th Avenue
Bag: Pura López
Hat: C&A
Earrings: Chanel
Bracelet: Hermès

I promised you more pants on the blog – here we are again with some new jeans! Even though you already know these ones in gray from → this post. I love these jeans so much and I’m happy that I received the blue version too (this time normal length because the petite length wasn’t available and EU size 46 because it’s super elastic and my gray one is already pretty loose!) so I can wear jeans more often. ;)

Good news for one lucky girl: I’m giving away a denim package with sheego, including three pairs of jeans of the winner’s choice!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is answer the following question in the comments by February 28 (terms and conditions at the end of this blog post):

“How do you like to wear your jeans?”

Here’s my answer: as you’ve probably noticed, jeans are still not that typical for me, even though I do wear them more often for running errands – but not as an actual outfit. Anyways, I prefer the casual version or some kind of mix like this one here. And shhh – the next outfit on the blog will also be a jeans look, even more casual than this one. ;) And with my new hair cut!

The winner is Viola Zucker – congrats! 

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• Anna Scholz for sheego x Lu zieht an | Velvet & Lace (feat. SchönWild) •

• Anna Scholz for sheego x Lu zieht an | Velvet & Lace (feat. SchönWild) •

1 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: Anna Scholz for sheego
Belt: Ted Baker “Julo”
High Heels: YSL “Tribute”
Clutch: Pura López
Earrings: Chanel
In cooperation with sheego.

[Werbung | Advertisement – collaboration with sheego]

For my second look for Anna Scholz for sheego, I teamed up with my blogger friend → Jules. Not only do we want to show you how one dress can look on different bodies (even though we’re not shaped that differently) and how both colors will look worn, but we also want to show you how amazing supporting each other can be. And I think that our result is something to be proud of! ;)

Blogging has become some kind of “lone battle”, we all do the same but do it on our own. I remember the good old times of blogging, when we were much more connected, not only behind the scenes but also visibly on our blogs (shame on me too, I know, I don’t have a blog roll anymore…). When tagging other bloggers in posts (for example when someone had already blogged about the same dress, product or event) was something completely natural. Nowadays, it has somehow become an “I don’t want to share my followers” problem, as if you’d lose your own followers when you send them over to someone else. This is sad and I’ve always put a link to other bloggers when I had a post in which you can see them – because it still is natural for me.

And there are so many positive things that happen when we support each other, when we stand up for each other. We’re not supposed to work against each other but lift each other up. Women in general are somehow pretty competitive when it comes to other women – I don’t even get where this came from, but we kind of live in a world where another woman quickly becomes a rival. When she’s prettier than you, when she’s more successful than you, when she earns more money than you, when she’s got more followers than you,… Sharing is caring, as well as supporting is caring. And if Jules and I can show you that blogging together can work out, maybe we’re an example for you that it all works. That together we can move something. We both stand for the same message: #bodypositivity and #plussizepower.

And together we want to empower you to show your inner goddess – in this dress, but also in any other situation. Being plus size is nothing to feel bad about and you can definitely show yourself. And this is another message we have for everyone out there: if you don’t like what you see, just suck it up. Because you won’t make someone else feel better by telling them not to wear this or that, just because you aren’t ready for it. Every day, we experience women (especially other fat women – and this is super sad!) telling other women that they can’t wear this because it is “unflattering”, or they keep spreading other “fat clichés” (e.g. “don’t wear stripes”), just because they have been taught all their lives that fat women can’t be stylish, can’t be gorgeous, can’t look amazing and actually believe that being fat is something you have to hide. Please stop thinking like this and please don’t drag other women down with you – that’s not supportive. Accept that other people might be ready to live and feel good, fat or not. And one day you’ll hopefully change your mind and understand that we all are trying to support you too, trying to show you that you don’t have to be oppressed by the society’s ideal. This is what we’re fighting for!

But let’s not forget the dress – this one is → a lovely velvet dress which is available in black and petrol blue. Velvet is a major thing right now and you can do nothing wrong with this dress, which combines that fabric with lace sleeves (and they’re also a bit velvety). I’m usually between a EU size 44 and 46 in the Anna Scholz for sheego dresses (the → blouse dress from my last lookbook post was a size 46), this time I’m wearing a 44 because it fits a bit more loosely in 46. That’s why I went for the smaller size. It’s also helpful to size down if you don’t have a big bust because it’s pretty loose in the front. But you can simply help yourself by pinning it from the inside with a safety pin or a few stitches – for me, it luckily worked without anything. Jules is wearing a size 46 and you can read more about it on her blog. :)

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