• Random Pictures | N° 55 •

• Random Pictures | N° 55 •



#outfitpreview • Let’s start this Random Picture post with a few of my upcoming looks. We’ve been two busy bees shooting our way through Hamburg and preparing some fall looks for you. There’s lots to come and I’m happy that the weather is letting us take some usable pictures. ;) Soon, it will be too rainy, too windy, too dark and too “I don’t want to go outside!” – oh, fall/winter season, you’re every blogger’s worst enemy (if only the background weren’t that beautiful with either lots of colorful leaves or shiny white snow…)!


#shoppingtime • Talking about outfits, I’ve got this little shopping tip for you – remember this beautiful pink and purple pixel coat from last year? It’s available again, but this year in two different styles and three different colors (unfortunately not pink – but I really like the gray version!). Get them both → here with a belt or click → here for the open oversized version.


#foodie • I had this utterly delicious Teriyaki Salmon at “Yoshi” in the “Alsterhaus” here in Hamburg and it was SO good that I can’t wait to get another one. The fish was absolutely on point, the sauce was creamy and intense and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. Only some side dish, like rice, was missing. Anyways: also try the fried salmon skin, it’s yummy! :)


#beachyouttakes • Gosh, I miss the beach. And at the same time, I’m still laughing about the bitchy (or rather beachy!) waves who kept attacking me (mainly from behind and unexpectedly) and are responsible for these funny outtake pictures. Whether I was just posing for a nice picture with my jumpsuit or trying not to be washed away in my bikini, there was always that one (ice-cold!) wave that left me completely soaked – and laughing. Wanna go back!


#BeachBodyNotSorry…Again • After 2.5 months, my Drip Swimwear swimsuit finally arrived. It was actually supposed to come with me to Brazil, but somehow the postal service managed to commit a major fail. Sent from LA on August 12, processed on September 18 here in Hamburg at customs, it finally arrived at my home on October 27. Now it’s way too cold to take some pictures at our German beaches, that’s why I just got two snapshots for you. This swimsuit is so cool – you can wrap and knot it in many ways and that’s just one of them. Guess we’ll find out next summer how many I can do. ;) Plus, that’s my new haircut – very short now. My hair was dead after Brazil and had to be chopped off. But I actually love it like this! :)

• Random Pictures – N° 54 •

• Random Pictures – N° 54 •



#nocaptionneeded • …and actually no more words, either. ;) Just love – for this beautiful sunset, the wonderful day I spent before I saw this and everyone who’s reading this. ♥


#truewords • A few quotes that I reposted…
The first one is all about my work: it’s not about promoting obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle or saying that being fat is the best thing in the world – it’s about promoting to love yourself. Love yourself so much that you’re not afraid of showing it. And with that I want to inspire you to give “real” fashion a try, to be creative and play around with clothes and different styles! Don’t give up and be an inspiration for others too! And if I did this all for only one person who’s changed their mind, I’ve totally reached my goal! :)
The second one is actually a very sad truth, but believe me: it’s absolutely worth it. Being yourself is the best freedom ever and there’s no need to be like anyone else, even though they’re great too. But for everyone that you think might have a better life and be happier than you, there is someone who thinks exactly the same about you. Think about it! ;)
The third one is a little rant, yes – but to be honest, this is something that keeps frustrating me about my work as a blogger. Sure, not everyone treats me like that, but: how often do I receive e-mails from potential business partners who “found my blog and love it” and want to work with me. But when I tell them what my work is worth, they “don’t have any budget”, “are a start-up company” or just don’t answer anymore.
I’m not a little girl in front of a PC playing around with “Paint”. I may have started my work as a blogger from nothing, but it’s my job. I do not only spend passion and love on it, but also time, hard work and money. I really wish that people would appreciate that.


#helloberlin • I spent a great evening with Urban Decay in Berlin for their launch of the NAKED Smoky palette (find my review → here) and checked in at the Hotel de Rome (thinking about a tiny little review of the room – is that something you’d be interested in? Usually, it’s only one stay with events…). I’m normally not someone who calls for the room service, but this Club Sandwich (sooooo good!) was much needed after a loooong day without enough food (all brands should consider making plus-size versions of their snacks at events because they’re delicious but way too small! ;)).


#outfitpreview • I’m almost done with my → #BeachBodyNotSorry posts (still got two looks to shoot and two to post, so…), so today I’ve got a little preview of two “normal” outfits for you. The left one is for persona by Marina Rinaldi who sent me this beautiful shirt which I combined with my good old petticoat skirt, the one in the middle is probably my favorite outfit of the year – a mixture of casual and sexy thanks to H&M+ and Agent Provocateur ;), and the right one is one of six looks that I’m currently shooting for the latest Anna Scholz x sheego collection – you’ll soon get to see my very own lookbook on our blogs!


#happymakers • I’m not asking for much: little black boxes and what’s inside (especially when it fits!) make me very happy, sushi from my favorite sushi man back home does not only stuff me but also makes me smile, and a cold shower is everything – at the moment, summer in Germany is hot, sticky and sweaty – is there anyone who’d like to buy me a huge rain shower? :)


#welovehh • Isn’t this one of the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen? :)

• Random Pictures – N° 53 •

• Random Pictures – N° 53 •



#outfitpreview • Beach looks have become a little obsession – I really hope you’re not getting bored, as there’s still more to come. We’ve been exploring Hamburg a lot these days, looking for places that make you think “Who needs a vacation if there are such beautiful places in Hamburg?” – and we found some. :) So there are some beachy looks coming up, but of course I won’t let you down, there are some “normal” outfits too! ;)


#curvyfair • Long story short: it was waaaay too hot in Berlin, but I enjoyed my day at the Curvy fair. The day started with a little meeting with Givenchy and Kenzo on the Dom Perignon house boat somewhere in Berlin, where I got to see the brands’ novelties, and went on with the fair in the middle of the city at the Orangerie of Schloss Charlottenburg. A great location but unfortunately not well air-conditioned. Still, I got to find a few favorites, including this coat of Zizzi’s Black Label collection, the new Anna Scholz collection for sheego (can’t wait to shoot my lookbook for you!), and of course: many lovely blogger colleagues and friends – it’s always good to see the girls! Especially while having dinner to celebrate their blogger collection for Studio Untold! ;)


#shooting • On Friday, I had a great shooting with my talented friend → Tine – subtle sexiness plus lots of Agent Provocateur (contradiction, huh?). All-natural make-up (almost nothing, except for a little bit of “Crema Nuda”, some dabs of concealer, mascara and glossy lip balm) and analog photography – can’t wait to see the results and crossing my fingers that everything worked well! ;)


#goodtimes • I’m very happy about some recent features of my blog on → Glamour and → Wunderweib – it’s always so great to see yourself in all those magazines you always read before blogging and then you’re in there as if it were no big deal. Love it!
Also, last Friday, the winner of my make-up session with Urban Decay was here to redeem her prize and she got a great make-up look. Bright pink lips and red hair? Awesome!
Another lovely surprise and something that makes me speechless every time: there’s another amazing piece of fan art (kind of feel weird to call it “fan” art but well, that’s what it is, right?)! This time by → farbenzirkus on Instagram. Isn’t this incredibly good?


#sundaymood • Two sleepy kitties taking a nap. Oh, the furry life! ♥