• All White •

• All White •

4 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Body: H&M Trend
Skirt: Chi Chi London
Belt: Ted Baker “Julo”
Sandals: Chanel
Bag: Gucci “Soho”
Chain Leather Shoulder Bag

Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Tribal Earrings

Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: ASOS body,
Little Mistress skirt, ASOS belt,
ASOS sandals, ASOS bag,
ASOS earrings

I never thought I’d say this, but after 25 years I’m now the proud owner of a tulle skirt. This didn’t happen just for fun – part of this year’s → “Plus Size Fashion Days” here in Hamburg was an “All White Party” on a boat. It’s already been two weeks now – unbelievable how fast time flies. I’m still planning on writing a small post about this incredible experience, since I was one of the models on the runway – and not only a model, I walked for Beautiful Curves, in bright pink lingerie. But wait, that’s material for the planned post. ;)

Anyways: me and the tulle skirt. Something unexpected, right? Though I always loved fashion, I never watched “Sex and the City” (but of course I know Carrie’s famous look!) – and this is probably one of the main reasons why tulle skirts are accepted for grown-up women and not only little princesses. ;) Still, I never really liked the picture of fat women dressing up like princesses wearing pink tutus and floral crowns and that’s one of the main reasons why I never wanted to buy a tulle skirt. So how did I end up here today (or better: Friday two weeks ago)?
Attending an “All White Party” is pretty difficult for me, I love black and am not very fond of white, except for a white t-shirt which goes with pretty much everything. But a party look that has to be all white is nothing easy to buy, especially when it’s almost winter – white seems to be a summer color for all (online) shop out there. I tried ASOS and finally found a great dress, but when it arrived, it was dirty and the cut was miserable. I didn’t have much time left, not even one week, so I started to look out for white stuff in German online shops with reliable express shipping. And there it was: the white (it’s actually a little off-white, a bit cream) tulle skirt. And I gave it a try. And loved it.

The hardest part was combining it so I didn’t look like that image of a fat princess – I don’t want to offend anyone, it’s just my personal taste and I don’t really like this whole look. Sorry! I prefer a tulle skirt combined in a classy or even in a casual way (for example with a striped shirt, denim jacket and maybe even sneakers). I found this body at the H&M Trend section and was pretty happy with how the colors worked together, since these are two different whites. ;) That’s also the reason why I needed a “break” in the middle – the black belt gives it just the right contrast, worked with the “all white” theme and made it easier to choose my accessories (note: the clothes had to be white or cream, everything else was allowed to be colored). Black is always my “go to” choice for anything, so it was no wonder I chose the bag and, of course, my beloved Chanel sandals. To be honest, I wore my flat pearl sandals that evening but shot the pictures with heels – just because it’s prettier for the pictures. ;) On that day, my feet were already a bit hurt from the catwalk training and had to rest for the next day. ;)

By the way: the party was great. We celebrated for three hours on board of the “Mississippi Queen”, one of the famous paddle wheelers of Hamburg, cruising around the harbor. Everybody was dressed in white (so great that it really worked and everyone found something white to wear!), everybody showed off a different style and we all looked very good! ;) It was amazing! I really hope that this kind of party will become a new tradition of our PSFD in Hamburg! ;) Doesn’t have to be on a boat every time, though. ;)

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Outfit ♥ Christmas Special at “The George Hotel Hamburg” – I


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: Scarlett & Jo
Peep-Toes: Claudia Bauknecht
Clutch: Bottega Veneta “Knot Clutch” ‘chartreuse’
Earrings: Primark
Alternatives: Oasis peep-toes, ASOS earrings
In cooperation with The George Hotel Hamburg.

[Werbung | Advertisement – collaboration with The George Hotel Hamburg (not paid)]

DEHeute startet ein dreiteiliges Christmas Special, das mit einem Gewinnspiel abgerundet wird. :) Wir haben am Wochenende mein Lieblingshotel hier in Hamburg, das “The George” besucht und drei Looks für Weihnachten fotografiert.

Den Anfang macht dieses → zauberhafte Tüllkleid von Scarlett & Jo, in dem ich mich ja schon ein bisschen wie eine Prinzessin gefühlt habe. Wenn es eine Marke gibt, die weiß, wie ausgestellte Kleider funktionieren, dann ist das Scarlett & Jo. :) Hier wird außerdem nicht nur mit Transparenz an Ausschnitt und Ärmeln gespielt, sondern auch mit den 3D-Blüten auf der Front eine ganz besondere Optik gezaubert, die den femininen Look abrunden. Ich klinge grad ein bisschen wie ein Texter für einen Onlineshop. ;) Auf jeden Fall ist das eins der schönsten Festkleider, die ich jemals gesehen habe und es ist in Echt natürlich noch viel hübscher als auf den Fotos.
Für ein bisschen mehr Kontrast zu all dem Schwarz habe ich meine leuchtende Knot Clutch von Bottega Veneta gewählt – klein und handlich ganz praktisch für eine besonders festliche Weihnachtsfeier, auf der man auch nicht mehr als die wichtigsten Dinge bei sich haben möchte.

Geshootet haben wir diesen Look übrigens in einem der Clubrooms – bereits beim → Event von Anna Scholz x sheego war ich schon mal dort, dieses Mal hatten wir zu zweit einen Raum für uns allein, in dem wir vor allem mit diesem stylishen Sessel und der goldenen Palmenlampe viel Spaß hatten. Ich liebe jegliche Dekoration im → “The George”, alles ist bis ins kleinste Detail wirklich schön ausgewählt und ist gleichzeitig sehr edel und klassisch, aber auch modern und mit einem Augenzwinkern. Meinen Lieblingsraum werdet ihr übrigens beim nächsten Look kennenlernen – die Bibliothek (mit dem wohl grandiosesten Sofa ever!)…

ENToday marks the beginning of a three-part Christmas special which will be rounded off by a giveaway. :) This weekend, we visited my favorite hotel here in Hamburg – “The George” – and shot three looks for Christmas.

The first outfit is this enchanting Scarlett & Jo tulle dress, in which I kind of felt like a princess. If there is a brand that knows best how flared dresses work, then it’s Scarlett & Jo. :) The great appeal of this dress lies in its play with transparent parts at the neckline and the sleeves and the 3D flower design at the front, which round off its feminine look. I kind of sound like a writer for an online shop. ;) Anyways, this is one of the most beautiful festive dresses I have ever seen, and the photos do not even portray its true beauty.
For a little contrast to all this black, I chose my bright Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch – small and handy, so very practical for a especially festive Christmas party where you don’t want to have more than your most important things with you.

We shot this look in one of the hotel’s Clubrooms – I was there once before, at the → Anna Scholz x sheego event, this time we had the room to ourselves and had lots of fun experimenting with this stylish armchair and the golden palm tree lamp.
I just love The George’s interior decor. Everything has been chosen very delicately to the tiniest detail, and is classy and sophisticated, but also modern and with a wink. By the way: you’ll get to know my most favorite room with the next look – the Library (with the most fabulous sofa ever)…


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