• Lu zieht an x sheego | Fall Denim •

• Lu zieht an x sheego | Fall Denim •

5 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Denim Culotte: sheego
Blouse: sheego
Vest: sheego
Boots: Tamaris (via sheego)
Hat: H&M
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers
In cooperation with sheego.

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Before I show you the last outfit of my Anna Scholz for sheego lookbook, I’ve got an exclusive denim look for you that I styled in collaboration with sheego. This is actually kind of an official sheego look which I just altered with my own ideas – I didn’t even know it (guess I should apply as a brand stylist, haha!) until I saw my dear → Jules wearing it. ;)

I know that culottes aren’t everybody’s darling. People still stick to the opinion that they’re not flattering, especially when you’re short and/or fat. The thing is: yes, they’re probably not the most flattering piece of clothing one can own, but they’re super stylish and as long as you don’t just dress to look thinner (and in my opinion, that’s the only way that we have to erase from our minds because that’s not the number-one purpose of fashion!), you’re gonna love them. :) They’re comfy and so versatile (you all know my → classic black culottes and I’ve already shown you → more statement-like denim culottes before – these ones are → pretty basic and that’s what I like about them!).

For today’s look, I wanted to do something unusual and a bit 70s and modern hippie themed. So when I found the → paisley blouse and the → fuzzy vest (fake fur, as always!), I already had the whole look in my head. Just add a cool pair of → boots because it’s fall (those have an amazing detail, which is the block heel in red tortoise!), a floppy hat and round sunnies. Funny story: the belt I’m wearing is actually the one that comes with the vest, but since I wanted to wear the vest without it, I thought it would look great as a little contrast detail for the jeans. ;)

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• From Day to Night with Forever 21 •

• From Day to Night with Forever 21 •

6 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Vest: Forever 21 Contemporary
Skirt (worn as top): Forever 21 Plus
Jeans: Forever 21 Plus
Boots: ASOS “Astronomy”
Hat: H&M Divided
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: Dorothy Perkins skirt,
Miss KG boots, ASOS boots,
ASOS boots, ASOS hat,
Pilgrim earrings, ASOS earrings
In cooperation with Forever 21.

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I’ve already shown my latest shopping haul on → Instagram – these amazing jeans from Forever 21 Plus. Thanks to our current cooperation, I finally gave their jeans a shot and it was a very positive surprise! These pants fit like a glove (even though I recommend taking them a size up maybe – I went for my usual EU 48 and I think they could be a little more loose at the upper hem, but that will probably be no problem after wearing them a few times) and they have the perfect length for short people like me (1.60 m).

For my casual day-to-night look, I chose something new: a vest. I don’t really like vests on me but after I saw this one, I wanted to give them a new chance. And as you can see, I like it (if not, I wouldn’t be showing this look) and it looks pretty good on me – at least that’s what I think. ;)
I also did something funny: the top I’m wearing is actually a skirt. Remember that I keep telling you that fashion is fun? Here’s an example! Why not make some pieces work for you in another way? :) And I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t told you that it’s a skirt, you wouldn’t have even noticed, right? ;)

For daytime, these boots are absolutely perfect, they’re comfy and stylish. Of course you can also wear them at night, but maybe, if you want to make this look more sexy, you can go for high heels. ;)

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Outfit ♥ Style Council: Black & White


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Vest: Zizzi (via navabi)
Blouse: Zizzi
(via navabi)
Jeans: Zizzi
(via navabi)
Boots: ASOS “Astronomy”
Sunglasses: Dior “So Real”
Earrings: Chanel
Rainbow (bonprix)
Alternatives: ASOS Curve jeans, Quay sunglasses

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DEAuch bei meinem zweiten “Style Council”-Look geht’s um etwas mehr oder weniger Neues: eine Weste. Ich trage sie so wahnsinnig selten, weil ich mich darin einfach nie zu 100% wohlfühle. Trotzdem sehen sie manchmal ganz cool aus und komplettieren ein Outfit – so wie dieses hier. :)

Und endlich habe ich wieder schwarze Jeans! Das letzte Mal habe ich vor etwa 4-5 Jahren welche bei Primark mitgenommen, die ganz okay waren, aber eben einfach nicht die Qualität haben, um lang genug zu “leben”. Mit dicken Oberschenkeln nutzen sich die Hosen einfach schneller dort ab, das ist ein Fakt. Und wenn der Stoff nicht wirklich robust ist, kann man sich schnell das zweite Paar Jeans für 11,- € kaufen – oder eben auf was Besseres setzen. ;) Da ich die Jeans von Zizzi ja nun für mich entdeckt habe (neben denen von s.Oliver, die wirklich gut sind!), weiß ich jetzt immerhin, wo ich bestellen muss, wenn dann doch mal was passiert. ;) Aber da habe ich ja schon im letzten Post geschwärmt…

ENMy second “Style Council” look is about something more or less new too: a vest. I don’t wear them very often because I don’t always feel great wearing them. Nevertheless, sometimes, they look pretty cool and give some outfits their last touch – just like here. :)

Finally, I got some black jeans again! The last time I bought some was 4-5 years ago at Primark. They were okay but just didn’t have the right quality to “live” long enough. It’s good to know now where to get some great jeans if something happens (I’m especially talking about that thick thighs problem – the rubbing makes the fabric become thinner and thinner…).

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