• Black & White Lace •

• Black & White Lace •

8 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: Studio 8 (via Zalando)
High Heels: Valentino “Rockstud”
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Bracelet: Hermès
In cooperation with Zalando.

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I told you that I’m invited to my best childhood friend’s wedding this month and that it wasn’t easy to find the right outfit (I probably have 12 to choose from…). To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure if this will be my final choice, but I think I’ll wear it – maybe slightly different because I’ll probably change the shoes (still have to find an alternative because the “Rockstuds” are a perfect match, aren’t they? But they’re not comfy enough for the whole day and some bad ground…) and add a bag (I think it will be my “Lady Dior”), but this is the best version. :)

I found the dress because of → Zalando’s refreshed plus-size selection – they have given their plus-size page a new look and added some great brands and amazing new styles, including Studio 8, a brand which I was already following on Instagram, but didn’t know that they were available at Zalando. So this cooperation was a great thing for me and I hope that you’ll also find great clothes there. I’m adding a few pieces that I fell in love with (and maybe also some great looks for weddings!) for you to have a look, and I recommend that you browse the site for some lovely plus-size clothes. :)

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• All White •

• All White •

4 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Body: H&M Trend
Skirt: Chi Chi London
Belt: Ted Baker “Julo”
Sandals: Chanel
Bag: Gucci “Soho”
Chain Leather Shoulder Bag

Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Tribal Earrings

Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: ASOS body,
Little Mistress skirt, ASOS belt,
ASOS sandals, ASOS bag,
ASOS earrings

I never thought I’d say this, but after 25 years I’m now the proud owner of a tulle skirt. This didn’t happen just for fun – part of this year’s → “Plus Size Fashion Days” here in Hamburg was an “All White Party” on a boat. It’s already been two weeks now – unbelievable how fast time flies. I’m still planning on writing a small post about this incredible experience, since I was one of the models on the runway – and not only a model, I walked for Beautiful Curves, in bright pink lingerie. But wait, that’s material for the planned post. ;)

Anyways: me and the tulle skirt. Something unexpected, right? Though I always loved fashion, I never watched “Sex and the City” (but of course I know Carrie’s famous look!) – and this is probably one of the main reasons why tulle skirts are accepted for grown-up women and not only little princesses. ;) Still, I never really liked the picture of fat women dressing up like princesses wearing pink tutus and floral crowns and that’s one of the main reasons why I never wanted to buy a tulle skirt. So how did I end up here today (or better: Friday two weeks ago)?
Attending an “All White Party” is pretty difficult for me, I love black and am not very fond of white, except for a white t-shirt which goes with pretty much everything. But a party look that has to be all white is nothing easy to buy, especially when it’s almost winter – white seems to be a summer color for all (online) shop out there. I tried ASOS and finally found a great dress, but when it arrived, it was dirty and the cut was miserable. I didn’t have much time left, not even one week, so I started to look out for white stuff in German online shops with reliable express shipping. And there it was: the white (it’s actually a little off-white, a bit cream) tulle skirt. And I gave it a try. And loved it.

The hardest part was combining it so I didn’t look like that image of a fat princess – I don’t want to offend anyone, it’s just my personal taste and I don’t really like this whole look. Sorry! I prefer a tulle skirt combined in a classy or even in a casual way (for example with a striped shirt, denim jacket and maybe even sneakers). I found this body at the H&M Trend section and was pretty happy with how the colors worked together, since these are two different whites. ;) That’s also the reason why I needed a “break” in the middle – the black belt gives it just the right contrast, worked with the “all white” theme and made it easier to choose my accessories (note: the clothes had to be white or cream, everything else was allowed to be colored). Black is always my “go to” choice for anything, so it was no wonder I chose the bag and, of course, my beloved Chanel sandals. To be honest, I wore my flat pearl sandals that evening but shot the pictures with heels – just because it’s prettier for the pictures. ;) On that day, my feet were already a bit hurt from the catwalk training and had to rest for the next day. ;)

By the way: the party was great. We celebrated for three hours on board of the “Mississippi Queen”, one of the famous paddle wheelers of Hamburg, cruising around the harbor. Everybody was dressed in white (so great that it really worked and everyone found something white to wear!), everybody showed off a different style and we all looked very good! ;) It was amazing! I really hope that this kind of party will become a new tradition of our PSFD in Hamburg! ;) Doesn’t have to be on a boat every time, though. ;)

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Lu loves… ♥

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Photos via Zalando, navabi, SimplyBe and s.Oliver
obere Reihe/top row: Hallhuber (via Zalando), Head Over Heels (via navabi), Joe Browns (via SimplyBe)
untere Reihe/bottom row: b² by Via Appia, Manon Baptiste (via navabi), Selection by s.Oliver

DEMäntel und Jacken sind bei mir immer ein Thema, deshalb widme ich ein paar aktuellen Lieblingsstücken einen Blogpost. Inspiration dafür war der wunderschöne Hahnentritt-Mantel von Selection by s.Oliver, der der einzige Mantel in dieser kleinen Liste ist, der leider aktuell noch nicht erhältlich ist (im November soll er aber endlich verfügbar sein). Für mich ist er das Traumstück schlechthin! :)

Eine weitere Lieblingsjacke ist die petrolfarbene Kunstlederjacke mit Fake-Fur-Kragen von b² by Via Appia – ich denke, spätestens mit diesem Teil zeigt Via Appia, dass die Marke nicht altbacken ist, sondern richtig cool ist und die Jacke hat mich bereits ein paar Mal begleitet – ein Outfit damit zeige ich euch ganz bald! Übrigens gibt’s das gute Stück auch in einem → Braun-Taupe-Ton.

Auf dem Kurvensommer-Event von sheego hab’ ich mich in einen Mantel bei der Herbst-Winter-Preview verliebt, der zwar nun endlich erhältlich ist, aber genau in dem Muster, das mir so gut gefallen hatte, leider nicht. Die erhältlichen Farben sagen mir nicht so zu, aber bei SimplyBe habe ich einen ähnlichen Retromantel (wenn ich mich nicht täusche, ist es sogar der gleiche Mantel, bloß eben nochmal in einer anderen Farbe) gefunden. Ist der Schnitt nicht toll?

Mit Capes bekommt man mich auch immer – schnell drübergeworfen halten sie warm genug (je nachdem, aus welchem Stoff sie natürlich sind), sehen je nach Outfit schick oder casual aus und sind einfach superpraktisch. Meinen grauen Poncho-Mantel von Samoon by Gerry Weber kennt ihr ja schon, aber dieses rote Cape von Head Over Heels ist doch auch richtig klasse, oder?

Zu guter Letzt gefallen mir noch zwei Klassiker – der ausgestellte Mantel in tannengrün von Hallhuber und (wenn schon, dann mal in einer anderen Farbe!) der A-Linien-Mantel von Manon Baptiste in rosa. Rosa macht mich ja grundsätzlich ziemlich an für diesen Winter und ASOS hatte einen wunderschönen, flauschigen Mantel im Sortiment, der aber leider total schnell ausverkauft war… Glücklicherweise habe ich schon einige schöne Modelle hier, die mich in der kalten Jahreszeit begleiten werden.

Wie sieht es bei euch aus? Habt ihr euch schon mit Mänteln und Jacken eingedeckt?


I love coats and jackets – I always have my eye on them when I go shopping. Today you can see some of my favorites, especially the houndstooth check coat by s.Oliver makes my heart beat faster (and was my inspiration for this blogpost). :) As you can see, I also like colors, and in addition to the classic models I love throwing on a cape, which makes any chic or casual outfit complete.

One of my favorite colors for winter would be powder pink – ASOS had a wonderful fuzzy coat but it was sold out extremely fast. Fortunately, I already have some lovely pieces in my closet (like the petrol fake-leather jacket with a gray fake-fur collar by Via Appia) that will keep me warm and safe throughout the winter. :)

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In cooperation with SimplyBe.