• JahresrückBLOG 2017 | II – Best Moments & Favorites •

• JahresrückBLOG 2017 | II – Best Moments & Favorites •

Well, 2017 was a pretty shitty year but, of course, I want to post my recap – including my best moments of the year and mine and your favorite outfits and posts. Like last year, I consequently posted monthly recaps so all you have to do in order to find out what happened, you can simply click on the buttons and you’ll find the recap of that month. :)

• Best Moments of 2017 •

I’m happy that 2017 did not only consist of the bad things that happened to me – like the separation, moving out of Hamburg, being back at my parents (not that bad, though, cause I love them, but it’s still not so cool) and in my old village, having to take a break from blogging, etc. – there were also a few great moments which need to be mentioned and not forgotten. Here they are: my best moments of 2017!

• My Favorite Outfits •

• Your Favorite Outfits •

• Your Top 10 (most-clicked) Posts •


• Private XVII | Single •

This was your most-read post of the year and I totally understand, why. These were big (bad) news and I didn’t expect to have to write this post. But here it is, it’s a fact and I’m still single again for already seven months. Time flies…

• Private XIX | Unapologetically me. •

I guess I’d say that this is also my favorite post of the year. It’s been so amazing to do this photo shoot and I meant so much to me to write this blog post. If you haven’t read it yet, you should change that. ;)

• Thank you. •

I could actually say that every single day. I’m so thankful for your support – always, but especially during the hard time this year. I’m also super thankful that you haven’t asked me questions about the separation because it’s something I can’t write about yet. Also, revealing my psychological condition to you was an important step for me, not only for private reasons but also because I feel like talking about this in public is something that needs to happen more often. There’s no shame in all that. 

• Private XV | Naked •

Being naked (in the face) is something I’ve done a lot this year. Even though I’m still so much in love with make-up and all the fun and creativity you can have with it, it’s been kind of liberating to go through some time without it. 

• Here comes the Bride… | Curvy Edition •

Actually, this was one of my favorite posts, too. It just was pretty hard to post it during the hard time of the separation… But it was such a happy day and the memories of shooting for Vollkommen.Braut. are so amazing that I really can’t be sad. It was such a wonderful experience and I’m so thankful I also got the opportunity to walk for them at the PSFD fashion show.

• Private XVI | Embrace •

After watching “Embrace”, I had to do a movie review and talk about a few things. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’d definitely recommend it to you, it’s really great and I think it should be obligatory to watch for everyone in order to understand that embracing your body and accepting those of others is such an important thing to do.


• #issso | Mein Fazit in 10 Fails •

Unfortunately, this one is only available in German, but I wrote about an advertisement from a supermarket which decided to create the stupidest clip ever. And yes, I’m looking forward to 2018 and all the bullshit that’s coming so I can write about it. Try me!

• Recap | May •

Well, I get why this post is one of the most-read ones of the year. That’s when I announced that I wouldn’t be able to post as frequently as usual. I felt like I just can’t leave you waiting for something that will need a break. 

• Recap | June & July •

After the short pause, this was my first update. Not much to tell about it…

• Private XIV | My Body – My Rules •

One of the most important posts I wrote in 2017. It will also be featured in an anthology, an actual book, that’s supposed to come out this year. I’m so proud that my texts actually matter! ♥

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  • Liebe Lu,
    Vielen Dank für den tollen Rückblick.
    Bemerkenswert finde ich, dass Du nach der Pause, trotz aller negativen Umstände, es geschafft hast, wieder in gewohnt höchster Qualität und Regelmäßigkeit Deinen Blog zu führen!
    Wie viele Blogger verschwinden einfach irgendwann….
    Du bist eine echte Konstante in meinem virtuellen Leben geworden! Danke dafür ?
    Lg Kirsten

      • Von Herzen ein riesiges Dankeschön! ♥
        Ich werde mir auch weiterhin Mühe geben, alles möglichst regelmäßig zu halten – mein Qualitätsanspruch ist ja selbst hoch, da muss ich jetzt ein paar kleinere Abstriche machen, was zB die Häufigkeit neuer Outfits angeht (denn obwohl ich die Ideen hier habe, muss halt auch jemand die Fotos machen und da ist nicht ständig jemand zur Stelle wie ursprünglich). Aber der Blog ist ja auch selbst “mein Leben” (klingt so dramatisch, ist es vermutlich auch, haha!), daher verschwinde ich ganz sicher nicht! ♥

      • Hallo Lu,

        was denkst du, wenn du vorallem deine Best Moments siehst? Ich hab gedacht: Boah, was für eine tolle und lange Liste! So viele wunderbare Momente. Das war ganz und gar kein beschissenes Jahr, sondern es war nur ein Teil davon beschissen. Aber so viel anderes war toll! Und es war und ist auch toll, was aus der Scheiße Anfang des Jahres geworden ist. Du hattest da neulich einen Beitrag drüber geschrieben. Auch diese ganzen Zugewinne stehen auf der Plus-Seite.

        Mein Lieblingsoutfit ist übrigens das hier: http://luziehtan.de/de/2017/02/fishnet-lace/

        Ich bin sehr gespannt was 2018 so bringen mag :)

        Liebe Grüße,

          • Da hast du absolut Recht, liebe Mona. Im Großen und Ganzen hält man sich leider immer wieder viel zu gerne an den negativen Dingen fest und die sind auch das, was mir im Gedächtnis bleibt, wenn ich auf 2017 zurückblicke – logischerweise, denn das Jahr hat mir einen ordentlichen Arschtritt verpasst… ABER – und auch da stimme ich dir zu – wenn man genauer hinschaut, ist wirklich viel Tolles passiert. Und genau deshalb sind mir die Jahresrückblicke so wichtig, wenn man nochmal schaut, was da so los war. :)
            Ein dritter Post kommt noch, mit dem, was ich aus dem Jahr gelernt habe. ;) Danach machen wir Party mit 2018! ;) Ich freu’ mich drauf!

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