• JahresrückBLOG 2018 | II – Single Bucket List 2018 Recap •

• JahresrückBLOG 2018 | II – Single Bucket List 2018 Recap •

I know, I know, it’s already February and actually way too late to post the second part of my annual recap, but hey – better late than never, right? And yes, there’s still a lot to say about the last year, probably the most amazing one of my life so far, because it taught me so much and helped me become the person I was struggling to be before my transformation started back in 2017. 2018 was an important year, a year of change, a year of new challenges and new things to experience, a year as single and embracing that fact. And oh, I really enjoyed checking off things off my bucket list! It was fun and it was exciting and I wish I had new ideas for 2019, but my brain won’t come up with something – at least, I still got some points left from 2018 and will try to turn them into memories! But here comes my → #SingleBucketList2018 recap!

travel, travel, travel…

Well, this kind of ended up as “one trip”, but it was amazing! It was the most spontaneous thing (see: “embrace adventures & be spontaneous”) I’ve ever done and happened in just a few hours from “I could go → to Stockholm…” and “Flights and hotel booked!” – and I travelled alone. A biiiiig step for me! And it was so worth it! I’ve seen one of the most beautiful cities, got to meet a new friend with whom I’m still in contact (see: “make new friends and meet them as often as possible”) and will certainly visit again some day! Sweden was amazing, especially the food (haha!) but also the landscape and the fact that I went there on my own – what a great experience!

go to the cinema – alone

Easypeasy – I went to see a movie I was dying to see after falling in love with the soundtrack (and I didn’t even know that it was one). It was “Call me by your name”, a movie which you should definitely watch as soon as possible, because it is simply amazing and beautiful. The → experience of going alone itself was absolutely fine. I bought some popcorn, a coke light and sat there happily watching the movie, with nobody talking or trying to hold my hand. Loved it. Will do it again as soon as I find a new movie that I totally want to watch on the big screen. Until then: Netflix and no chill, but pizza and my cat. :)

embrace adventures & be spontaneous

I definitely took every chance of being spontaneous in 2018 and I will continue to do so. There were some fun events, days and nights, trips, and every one of them brought me great memories and nice people. This should be on everybody’s bucket list, forever!

live alone

Yeah, I know, I’m not really → living alone, I’m sharing a flat with two more people at the moment. But it’s still kind of like living alone, cause they’re people I didn’t know before and we’re not really very close yet. I like both, though, and I’m sure that we can be friends, but we all work and don’t see each other that much, so yes, that’s why I checked off “live alone” from my list. It just feels like it. And it’s good! I like that arrangement. Though sometimes, I wish I wouldn’t have to wait for one of them to finally leave the bathroom so I can pee, haha!

make new friends and meet them as often as possible

Yes, I did make a few great new friends and met them as often as possible. I’m so thankful for each and every one of them and I’m also a bit sad that most of them aren’t around right now as I’m writing this, because I had to leave the biggest part of them back home, another one moved and I’m here in Hamburg, living my own adventure. But I’m happy to say that we’re all in contact and they haven’t disappeared of my friends list, even though I feel like calling some of them these days because I haven’t heard of them in some time – shall do this as soon as possible, cause I like to chat with them, especially since I can’t meet them as easily as before. But I’m also glad to have friends here in Hamburg and I do see them as often as I can. 

read more books again, maybe in a book store

Books! Oh, how I missed them! I bought so many in 2018 and haven’t read all of them yet, so there’s still a lot of fun going on (plus, I bought even more in the beginning of 2019)! I had actually started writing a list of the books I read, but I forgot to keep track, sorry! But there are a few highlights: → “Die Stille zwischen Himmel und Meer” by Kati Seck, “Wenn’s einfach wär, würd’s jeder machen” by Petra Hülsmann and “Dein perfektes Jahr” by Charlotte Lucas, just to mention three from my read-list.

try something new

Just as in “embrace adventures & be spontaneous”, there were many → “something new” moments. For example living with a friend, or → working in a food truck, driving through Hamburg, going to my first job interview, → get divorced,… 

dinner for one

Ah, that was → one of the weird challenges, cause you don’t go out for dinner alone that often. I did it, though, and yeah, I kind of cheated a bit by visiting my favorite sushi place in my hometown and they’re kind of family so it wasn’t that awkward to sit there alone cause I had someone to talk to, but I did it again some time after that here in Hamburg. Fact is: I don’t really like it. It’s okay, but more of a thing to do when you’re in a different city and really don’t have someone to sit with you and have a great evening, be it a friend or a date. It’s just more fun to be together with people for dinner, but I now know that I’m not afraid of going out alone.

go to a concert

I’ve actually gone to two concerts – Lukas Batteau in Bad Homburg, which was the → best day ever and such a game changer for me, and Beach House in Hamburg. And I’ve visited both of them alone, even though at the second one, I got to meet someone there unexpectedly, but I went there alone. It wasn’t a challenge to go alone, but hey – I’m still proud that I did it, because I had nobody who wanted to go with me. Before, I would’ve stayed at home because of that, but now, I just go alone. Period. Oh – and there are already two concerts on my 2019 list and I’m dying to go!! Both of them alone again! Yay!

go to a bar alone

If you’re a follower of my social media accounts, you may have noticed the many pictures of cocktails. I really do like bars and I’ve started to have a special interest in alcohol and bar culture in 2018. It’s not cause I like to get drunk or think it’s cool to drink a lot – I really enjoy a nice bar and perfectly made cocktails. And I’m actually thinking about starting a career in maybe bartending. So while I was having regular “dates” with my friends at my favorite bar at home, I realized that I can → go to a bar on my own as well, and so it happened that I first tried to stay for a bit after my friend left and this was the first step. It was weird, but okay. The second step happened in Hamburg when I just felt like having a cocktail after a long day. And so I went to my favorite bar and had one. Done! And I’ve done it a lot since then. It’s fun! And sometimes, you even get to know new people and make friends. Perfect!

  • Hallo Lu,
    ich lese sonst keine Blogs und bin nur zufällig auf deine Seite aufmerksam geworden, weil ich dein Special bei sheego gelesen habe.
    Deshalb weiß ich nicht, wie und wo ich passend kommentieren kann, also mach ichs einfach mal auf meine Weise.
    Danke für die schönen Fotos! Ich trage Größe 48/50 und versuche mich seit kurzem positiver damit auseinander zu setzen. Schwarzen Kartoffelsack zwecks “Kaschierung” zu vermeiden, wie du schon treffend beschrieben hast und mir andere Ideale suchen, die mich nicht zum Selbsthass animieren.
    Jedenfalls möchte ich gerne deine Fotos für mich zum Umdenken einsetzen. Klingt jetzt etwas bekloppt, aber ich meine das mehr in dem Sinne, wie sich ein Teenager Fotos eines Stars ins Zimmer hängt, weil er denjenigen schön oder bewundernswert findet. Ich finde dich und deine Kleidung schön und mir kam der Gedanke, ob du damit einverstanden wärst und mir die Fotos aus deinem Blog senden würdest. Per Screenshot ist das sehr langwierig, weil dein Blog ja zum Großteil aus Text besteht und es so viele Bilder sind.
    Davon ab, hoffe ich, dass du hier noch aktiv bist! :-) Danke fürs Lesen!
    LG, Marie

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