• JahresrückBLOG 2020 •

• JahresrückBLOG 2020 •

It’s finally time for my favorite kind of blog post – the annual recap! I had actually started another #TimeToGrowUp post about the past two years back in Hamburg and was supposed to post it before doing my recap but now it’s December 31 and I guess I can also combine these two posts, right?

2020 was a very weird but also very special year. I won’t say it was a great one because so many people lost not only their jobs and a lot of money but also their lives. It is a fact that 2020 changed a lot for many, many people all around the world. It was my personal financial death, since I lost my job in the beginning of the year, right on time for the whole crisis to start putting us in lockdowns and quarantines. So finding new job in my position, someone who’s never actually studied something, was kind of impossible. I spent most of the time at home, which, health-wise, was the best decision. I’m happy to say that so far, I haven’t caught Covid-19 – I’m actually scared about what would happen to me if I got it, since my immune system is pretty much a party pooper and I’m on high risk because of my Type 1 Diabetes. So yeah, I will continue to definitely stay at home as much as I can and be aware of all precautions.

Also, 2020 was a very lonely year but funnily, I made a few new friendships and also got to see who my real friends are. Especially since we couldn’t see each other a lot, video chats and phone calls got me through 2020, as well as watching way too much Netflix and playing video games. But I also went outside, during summer, and met new people (with distance) – and it was a great summer, to be honest. I kept saying it’s probably the last worry-free summer, regarding work and being an adult. Having no job during this year made me kind of feel like a teenager again, so I hope you understand this weird thought. Sitting in the park, having a beer, swimming in the lake, playing cards, listening to music, all that while having the sun shining on my poor head and burning my scalp was just what I needed to get through this…, well, shitty year.

Of course, I’m also sharing my favorite songs of 2020 with you, like every year. Feel free to listen to them while reading this post or whenever you want to. :) Without music, I would’ve never survived this year. And as every year, I’m more than thankful for all my 52 weekly mixes on Spotify cause they’re always perfect and have shown me so many wonderful songs and amazing artists!

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