• Dolce & Gabbana “The One Essence” (Eau de Parfum) •

• Dolce & Gabbana “The One Essence” (Eau de Parfum) •

I’ve already mentioned → this fragrance in my little gift guide (still looking for some presents? – click here!). I think it’s the perfect gift for “The One”, be it your girlfriend or wife, your mother or even your best friend, there’s always that one very special person in our lives who deserves it, and with this perfume you can definitely let her know. By the way: there’s also a → male version of the fragrance and it’s absolutely great!

The fragrance’s composition is:

bergamot • mandarin orange • peach • litchi
jasmine • lily • lily-of-the-valley
vetiver • amber • vanilla

“The One Essence” has the highest concentration of perfume of “The One” and is presented as an amber-golden fluid in a heavy flacon made of glass with a black cap. It’s a precious little gem, a gorgeous bottle and an even more gorgeous perfume. I didn’t own “The One” before but I heard and read of the problems with it’s longevity on the skin – I’m pretty sure that the “Essence” is the answer and makes the perfume absolutely flawless for any “The One” lover. Even for me who didn’t smell the “regular” version before, this is a very special fragrance and I totally fell in love with it – me, someone who prefers fresh scents. Has to be something special to change my mind, right? ;)

I really like the composition, there are some fresh fruits in the head note, a collection of white flowers in the heart note and very warm and sultry notes in the base – an absolutely well-rounded fragrance. It’s very balmy and sensual, gives a feeling of warmth and I guess you could say that it is the perfect perfume for fall and winter.

That’s how I experience the fragrance on my skin: 

When I spray it on, the first notes I can smell are very fruity (peach and litchi are pretty dominant) and lots of vanilla. I guess, vanilla is the main ingredient of this perfume and you really have to like it. The floral notes come through very quickly and round it off. Of course, at the end, there’s more of the base notes left, but if you come close and smell it right on your skin, the fruits and flowers are still there. All in all, on my skin, it’s not that easy to tell the individual notes and stages, it’s more of a complete smell, a perfect mixture. Still, there are a few notes that are more intense than others, like vanilla and peach, jasmine and I’d say vetiver. That’s for my skin. Of course this can be totally different on yours. So please don’t forget to try it first, if you’re not sure if it’s for you. Give it some time to develop on your skin throughout the day. :) Also, I’d like to mention again that I don’t know the regular eau de parfum, that’s why I can’t say anything about the difference, but I guess that “The One Essence” could be more intense, thanks to the concentration, and therefore probably a bit heavier. Anyways, it’s a gorgeous perfume, very feminine and sensual and it contains the perfect mixture of fruits, florals and warm notes. Remember: a great gift for Christmas! ;)

It’s available in two sizes – 40 ml and 65 ml (from 93,- €).

There’s also the → eau de parfum (available in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml – from 54,95 €), a → body lotion (200 ml for 43,99 €) and a → limited edition gift set (also a great idea for Christmas!) including the eau de parfum (30 ml) and the body lotion (50 ml) for 54,95 €.

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