• Review | Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded •

• Review | Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded •

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The latest palette from Urban Decay, the → “XX Vice LTD Reloaded”, has quickly become a favorite in my collection. Unlike in my → last palette review (the one of Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani), which included mostly natural colors, this is a very colorful palette and perfect for special looks. I’ve already done a few make-ups with it (unfortunately, we didn’t shoot all of them) and all I can say is: I love it and I’m convinced that it is a palette for everyone who loves colors, and everybody should find some favorites in it. If you love UD and their creations, this palette shouldn’t be missing in your collection! :)

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The packaging is already very cool, I love Urban Decay’s signature color, purple, in combination with (matte) black and (shining) gray. The palette is adorned with the UD logo, looking like a purple diamond. It’s definitely some eye candy gem. ;)

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The palette includes 20 different eye shadows, from a pastel light beige (“Anonymous” – and I really love it!) to an extremely glittering black (“Oil Slick” – if you want some extravagant smoky eyes, try this one!), spanning almost all colors of the rainbow. These are my favorites:

“Roadstripe” – a blue shimmering transparent white (means: you can’t see the white on your lid, just the shimmer)
“Shallow” – a lovely gray, slightly shimmering
“Mildew” – I love green, so this one was obvious, but this is a really beautiful green which looks a bit darker on the lid, with a hint of khaki
“Misdemeanor” – another green, but this one has an amazing green shimmer
“Asphyxia” – my absolute favorite color of the palette because it’s just magical, it is an amazingly gorgeous lilac with the most beautiful blue shimmer, you’re going to love it!
“UV-B” – a more blueish version but with the same effect as “Asphyxia”
“Goldmine” – if you love gold lids, go for this one, it’s like liquid gold!!
“Twice Baked” – a lovely bronzed brown
“Anonymous” – it looks pretty boring in the pan, but I love the super matte effect on my lids (and it looks like my own skin color on them, so this is also a perfect base for me)

Anyways, all colors are absolutely gorgeous – I mean, look at them, is there a color you don’t like (say no!)? I already had lots of fun with this palette and I bet it will be even more fun, since I haven’t tried all colors yet. ;)
For me, there’s no color missing, I think it’s super varied – not only the color selection, but also the finishes – and therefore, as I already mentioned, a palette for everyone. Plus, the quality is as always absolutely flawless!

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Swatches - Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded | Lu zieht an.®

Since it’s always nice to see some looks with the colors, here are two of the make-ups I did with it. They’re not online yet but will be uploaded in the near future and you’ll find all information about the products used in the posts. :)

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