• Gucci Dionysus •

• Gucci Dionysus •



It’s been some time since I last introduced one of my bags to you. Last time, it was my dream bag, the → “Miss Dior” from Dior. It’s still THE bag for me, I love it more than anything in my closet and I’m the happiest girl in the world whenever I wear it. But fuchsia is not the best color for every day – as isn’t this dusky pink, I know – so I have a few other bags that I really adore. Like my black “Lady Dior” – the best buy ever. Anyways: it felt like it was time to let another beauty in and so I saved my money to spend it on a precious designer bag. Actually, I wanted to get one of Dior’s “Diorama” bags, thinking about getting it either in white or gray (or maybe blue, since I still don’t own a blue bag – but I’m not too sure that’s a color I’d use often enough to really spend so much money on it), but then Gucci came up with the → “Dionysus” bag. Not only am I a huge fan of Greek mythology (which has absolutely nothing to do with the bag, I know), but I also instantly fell in love with the design of this bag – shape, clasp, color, everything. While my heart was already screaming “Shut up and take my money!”, I tried to be reasonable: suede. Possibly the worst material for a bag, since you have to be extremely careful with it. No water, no rubbing on other (sharp) materials, no rubbing on colors which could leave a stain,… you name it. Sensitive fabric. I tried to fall in love with the → coated canvas model with the GG logo all over it. A gorgeous option but my heart just wouldn’t pound as loud and passionately as with exactly this dusky pink suede model. Well, as you can see, my heart won and I bought it. :) And it’s the most beautiful bag ever (besides my Miss, of course!), I’m really glad I chose it. So – I don’t really do these “NEW IN” posts a lot, somehow I don’t like to brag about the things I got, but sometimes beauty wins – and this bag definitely deserves a few pictures (plus a preview of my first look with it, so it’s really worth having a look!). ;)

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• Lu zieht an – 2.0 •

• Lu zieht an – 2.0 •


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Welcome to the new “Lu zieht an.”! It’s been some time since my blog had its last update. Today’s Relaunch brings a whole new look to the blog – it’s cleaner, fresher and (that’s my favorite news!) multilingual. Well, let’s say: trilingual. For quite some time I was thinking about bringing in my second mother tongue, which is Portuguese. The fact that my Brazilian followership grew a lot during the last month was my final impetus to do so.

English will be the primary language from now on, but don’t worry: German is still available when you click on the right language button above (and you’ll find them in every blog post).

What else is new? First of all, there’s this huge slider – that’s where you’ll find my latest blog posts. I really want to focus more on the pictures, as the photography of my looks has become something very important and we enjoy shooting so much (by the way: it’s so hard to only choose a few pictures for an outfit post, I really love our work!). We want to provide you with wonderful photos and that’s definitely one way to give you a small overview. Of course, you can still find all of my looks in the gallery and choose your favorites.

And in other news: this Relaunch brings something very special with it – it’s giveaway time! ;) I collaborated with some great sponsors and will be gifting you with some nice goodies in the next days. So stay tuned!

P.S.: Comments are enabled again – so leave me a message, okay? ;)