• JahresrückBLOG 2018 | I – Music •

• JahresrückBLOG 2018 | I – Music •

Let’s start my recap of 2018 with the part that has gotten me through the year at any time: music. I’ve done this for 2017 and feel like sharing my favorite tracks of the year again, since music means a lot to me and it’s a big part of my life, even though I don’t play any instruments. Music soothes my soul, it’s something that’s always there and the best companion through every occasion – good ones and especially bad ones.

Like last year, I will be saying something about a few songs of my playlist and there may be some nice little stories!

This year, I listened a lot to music in my car while driving around, so many of the songs remind me of certain trips and when I listen to them, they kind of bring me back to special days, so I’ll share my memories with you for some of them. Feel free to listen to my favorites on Spotify, but for those of you who don’t happen to use it, I’ve also created a YouTube playlist (you can find it at the end of the post). I hope you enjoy my choices as much as I do, they really mean a lot to me. ♥

Lukas Batteau

Definitely my number one of the whole year – “Telescope” has gotten me through so many moments and means so much to me. “We have nothing to prove” is probably my quote for 2018 and even though it’s true, we have nothing to prove, I kept proving so many amazing things to myself! Including my trip to Bad Homburg, just to see Lukas Batteau perform and listening to this song is definitely a moment I’ll treasure forever. 

Blah Blah Blah
“Goodbye L.A.”

There you go – my “Back in Hamburg” song – this was the one playing when I entered Hamburg in my tiny, stuffed car – smiling and telling my cat that we’re back, with tears of happiness forming in my eyes. :) [And yes, the song is actually the opposite of what I was doing, haha!]

Andrew Belle
“When The End Comes”

I instantly fell in love with that song. I even love the → hushed version a little more, but both versions are absolutely perfect. Also on my playlist: → “Black Clouds” (the hushed version, because it’s my favorite) and the chorus reminds me of that short relationship I was in.

Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner, James McAlister

I have no words for how much I love this song! The first time I heard it, I was driving through the night, everything was frozen and it was snowing. The mood was amazing and it was the start of a true song love story – I love it so much that I even got a line of it tattooed on my arm. “And I am evidence” is now forever under my skin and reminds me of my personal development in the last 1.5 years.

“Feels So Good ◑ (feat. Anna of the North)”

My summer song of 2018. Favorite tune to listen all day long!

Tom Misch

My favorite song for relaxed evenings in bed. I really love it!

“Just a Cloud (feat. Vilja Larjosto)”

My favorite song when I’m on the subway or walking around. 

“Ruby Falls”

If there’s one song that I’ve ALWAYS been singing loudly in the car, it’s “Ruby Falls” from Guster. The whole album “Ganging Up On The Sun” is a masterpiece and it all reminds me of my packing day for my move back to Hamburg. Though my “Back in Hamburg” song is a different one…

S. Carey
“Brassy Sun”

This year, I tried to challenge myself to watch as many sunsets as possible. Well, I didn’t see enough of them, but I found my favorite spot here in Hamburg, on a sunny day, and I enjoyed the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, alone, with this song in my ears on repeat. And then I had to see that S. Carey would be here in Hamburg and I missed my chance to buy a ticket. Bummer. But this song brought me through all sunsets I’ve seen this year. And they were all lovely.

Hippo Campus
“Bambi (recorded at Spotify Studios NYC)”

I kind of feel that if I were a song, that’s me. :) And it really has to be that version! The original studio version is great, but this one is absolutely adorable. I love it! And I am SO looking forward to their concert in Hamburg in March – I’ll be there. ♥

Sufjan Stevens
“Mystery of Love”

Sufjan Stevens is a true artist, his music is so beautiful and “Mystery of Love” is an amazing song – I even heard it before watching the movie for which it was written. “Call me by your name”, the movie (adapted from the book), has instantly become a favorite and I’ve even watched it twice in the cinema (once alone – part of my #SingleBucketList2018!). I really hope that Sufjan will consider coming to Germany soon, so I can go to the concert and bawl my eyes out.

“Human (feat. Tom Walker)”

It’s easy to become a fan of dodie – her songs are so delicate and pure and “Human” is one of the most beautiful songs I know. She’ll be in Hamburg on Feb 15, but I didn’t manage to get tickets. If you know someone who has a spare ticket, let me know! :)

Amber Mark

The last little gem I found in 2018 and already a favorite for 2019. Actually a pretty sad song, but I love the vibes and you should really get to know the artist, her music is beautiful!

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