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• Book Review | Petra Hülsmann “Wenn Schmetterlinge Loopings fliegen” •

By Posted on 2 9K views

Sorry, this post is only availably in German.

Hier sitze ich endlich an meiner zweiten Buch-Review! :) Mittlerweile habe ich schon vier Bücher gelesen und habe vier weitere bereits hier, die nur darauf warten, von mir inhaliert zu werden. Inhaliert deshalb, weil ich Bücher irgendwie generell am Stück lese und mich nicht zurückhalten kann. Pause? Nix da. Ich lasse mich gerne von Büchern fesseln und dann sitze ich halt auch mal gerne 6 Stunden da und lese ohne Unterbrechung. Es sei denn, es geht gar nicht anders, wie zum Beispiel auf Zugfahrten, wenn man dann “leider” ankommt und aussteigen muss. ;)

Ich muss an dieser Stelle auch mal kurz beichten, dass ich mich für den Anfang bei den klassischen Frauenromanen festgebissen hab’. Irgendwie lese ich das ganz gern, auch wenn es am Ende immer wieder ein bisschen das Gleiche ist. Aber vielleicht ist das grad auch in meiner Situation ein bisschen tröstlich, muss ich zugeben, und so ein Happy End ist ja auch immer was Schönes. Ich verspreche aber, dass ich euch nicht dauerhaft mit romantischen Büchern vollspammen werde, auch wenn die nächsten Reviews wohl dann doch eher “solche” Exemplare behandeln. Tatsächlich ist das dritte Buch in meiner Runde sogar ein Zweiteiler (von dem ich bisher nur die Hälfte gelesen habe) und von einer Autorin geschrieben, mit der ich im Kindergarten war (die Welt ist sooo klein!). Und das vierte Buch hat mich irgendwie nicht glücklich gemacht, weil das Ende sehr unbefriedigend war. Aber darüber schreibe ich noch. Ich hoffe, euch gefallen meine kleinen Buchrezensionen trotzdem, auch wenn sie momentan thematisch gesehen recht einseitig sind und sicherlich nicht jeder Fan von dieser Art von Büchern ist, aber deshalb fasse ich mich auch kurz. Spaß macht mir das in jedem Fall. ;)

• Book Review | Kati Seck “Die Stille zwischen Himmel und Meer” •

By Posted on 13 10.9K views

I finally started another point of my → Single Bucket List: read more books. I guess it’s something you don’t have to put on a “single” bucket list, cause reading is something you can always do, but I didn’t want my list to be too short so I added it to it. ;) Anyways: I realized that I had only read two books in 2017 and this is way too little. Both of them were manuals, so not even the type of books I mean when I talk about my bucket list, so actually, I read zero books and that’s a sad fact. 

Yesterday, I went to the city to get my new glasses (yay!) and had some time left, so I visited a book store and started rummaging in their huge selection. I started with the best sellers and decided that I want to start with something that’s supposed to make me happy, so no crime stories or thrillers. And then I found the perfect book (thanks to its beautiful cover – I’m kind of superficial: if it’s a pretty book, I will definitely have a closer look, haha!) with a description that made me feel like it’s just for me. I’m afraid the book is only available in German, so my English review will definitely be shorter than my German one, but here’s a short recap:

Edda was kidnapped by a woman when she was only 5 years old and spent 12 years with here before she could escape. She went through therapies and got back to living with her mother but she was a prisoner of her fear, especially her fear of the sky and the sea. She decided that she has to do something about it and booked a very special vacation on the North Sea coast in order to face her fears and change her life. Due to an error at booking, a man, Sebastian, who got his own problems since his wife died in a tragic hiking accident in the mountains, also arrives at the holiday home and they have to get along together. And who’d have thought – they’re the perfect help for each other. ;)

• Private XVI | Embrace •

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Photo: “Embrace” / CinemaxX PR

CinemaxX kindly invited me to watch “Embrace” with a few other lovely women (best company ever to watch this movie!) on May 11. I know it’s been some time, but of course, I want to drop a few lines about the movie and what I think about it.

You all know that body positivity is my daily routine. It’s very important to me and when other women share the same message, it makes me very happy. The fact that the documentary movie “Embrace” found its way into German theaters is so amazing, even though it was very disappointing to see that in most of the cinemas who showed it, the movie was only played once on one single day. This documentary should be obligatory for young people – mainly girls, of course, but also boys. Because they also know the struggle of body shaming and self-hate. And if they don’t, they might learn an important lesson about women and how it is and feels like to live in a body that’s never good enough – until you decide for yourself to change this feeling and embrace yourself.

• Review | Thimbleweed Park™ •

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Photos: Thimbleweed Park (PR)

Today, I’m giving my first game review a shot. I’ve offered you to write about → “Thimbleweed Park”, a new game from the designers of “Monkey Island” and “Maniac Mansion”, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. And if you didn’t know it yet, I’m a huge sucker for old point-and-click adventures and/or those in pixel design because thanks to my super cool dad and one of his good friends, I grew up with “Monkey Island” – and this makes for an amazing childhood. ;) But to be honest, I’ve never played “Maniac Mansion” but I’m willing to make this up, as well as finally play some other games like “Day of the Tentacle”, “Loom” or “Grim Fandango” (always somehow mentioned in the “Monkey Island” games, but somehow they never caught me that much). By the way: I’ve also really loved “Simon the Sorcerer” (I and II only!), so if you don’t know it yet, you better change that just as I’m going to with all the other classics! ;)

I wish I had known earlier about “Thimbleweed Park” when it was a kickstarter project – I would totally have spent a lot of money on that, at least to have a physical copy of the game and maybe even to be a part of the phone book. ;) I just heard about the game about a month before it was launched on March 30, so it was too late to be one of the backers but I was happy to support it not only by buying the game the second it was finally available on Steam but also by purchasing the soundtrack of the game (which is absolutely awesome and fits the game perfectly!).

I don’t want to write too much in order to make it an entertaining review and of course, I won’t spoil you in any way, so if you feel like reading what I have to say about this marvellous game: go on… ;)