• About me •

Welcome to “Lu zieht an.”! This blog is all about → outfits, → make-up and so much more (surprise, surprise!). But it’s also about me. And this is who I am:

I am 28 years old and always had that special passion for make-up. Other kids were making trouble in nursery school, I was applying our mothers’ old lipsticks in front of a mirror. Lipsticks have always been something special for me and this little story of my childhood might be the reason why. :)

Later, I started using eyeshadow (a light green one) and lipgloss, everything evolved and my make-up skills got better and better – and my love for cosmetics grew. At the age of 18, I wanted to become a make-up artist but chose another training first. It didn’t work out as it wasn’t what I wanted to do for a living, and so I became a make-up artist at the end of June 2010.

This blog exists since January 2009. It also made me who I am. Everything started very innocently – I just wanted to show my outfits and never wanted to do the classic fashion blog, writing about new designer collections and other inspirations. I wanted my blog to be about me. Soon, I started to share my make-up looks and learned a lot through doing this – I’m very happy that I took this path.

Today, there’s much more behind the concept of my blog – I want to show you, my dear readers, that you can always feel good in your own skin, even if you’re not meeting our society’s beauty standards.

“Lu zieht an.” has two meanings: “anziehen” means “getting dressed” but also “attracting” someone. Attraction does not only come from how you look but also from your attitude, and this is just what I want to help you with: let’s change from feeling not confident about yourself to loving yourself, with everything that you are!