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• Yves Saint Laurent “Mon Paris” (Eau de Parfum) •

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I grew up with my mother always wearing “Paris” by Yves Saint Laurent – a true classic and a very feminine (and since I was little when I kept smelling it) and mature fragrance. → “Mon Paris” seemed to be a younger and wilder “version” of it (I don’t really know if it is related to the original “Paris”, so that’s my own thought), the official description sounds euphoric and adventurous, sensual and like a love declaration – and this whole mixture made me very interested. Today, I want to share my review of this amazing perfume with you.

The fragrance’s composition is:

strawberry • raspberry • pear • bergamot
datura • jasmine sambac absolue • peony • jasmine
patchouli essence • white musk • ambrox • patchouli

The design of the bottle is very minimalistic yet “très parisienne” thanks to the bow in the front. It’s a chiffon bow embellished with a golden YSL logo plate and two thin leather bands. The fragrance itself is slightly pink in a transparent glass flacon which is a bit formed like a diamond. The cap is also transparent but made of plastic and with the YSL logo on top – and it opens and closes perfectly.

“Mon Paris” is a very fruity and floral fragrance – and it quickly reminded me of another perfume. But it’s not the same, just a bit similar. I’m talking about the old “Miss Dior Chérie” by Dior (from 2005). There is a similarity, but not as big as I thought. Anyways, if you liked Dior’s perfume, you’ll definitely like “Mon Paris” by YSL!

This is how I experience the fragrance on my skin:

The first impression is extremely fresh and fruity, I smell the strawberries and raspberries with a subtle hint of pear and the citric freshness of the bergamot. The jasmine quickly joins the composition and rounds off the fruits with an intense floral smell. To be honest, I don’t really know what the datura is supposed to smell like (it officially has no smell at all, but thanks to the modern “Headspace” technology it could be captured at night – and YSL says that it is a very hypnotic and sexually attractive scent), but since “Mon Paris” is supposed to be a chypre fragrance, I recognize this as a part of it. The warm base notes like white musk and patchouli are also very dominant and make “Mon Paris” a sensual perfume that’s still young and fresh while not being too playful.

It’s → available in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml (starting from € 59,95).
There’s also a → shower oil (200 ml for € 42,99) and a → body lotion (200 ml for € 47,99).

  • Maximilian Zimmermann
    January 30, 2020

    Hallo und Danke für den wertvollen Post! Toller Tipp.

    • Frieda
      August 17, 2018

      what size is the perfume you have?

      • Angelina
        March 3, 2017

        Hallo. Es ist ein neuer Duft von Guerlain gekommen und zwar “Mon” , der sehr ähnlich riecht wie Mon Paris aber vereinfacht. Ich überlege welche von den beiden werde ich kaufen. Im Frage kommt noch Guerlain Mandarine Basillicum aus der AquaAllegoria Kollektion.

          • Luciana
            March 3, 2017

            Den neuen kenne ich leider noch (!) nicht, werde aber bei Gelegenheit mal nachschnuppern! :) “Mandarine Basilic” kann ich auf jeden Fall empfehlen, den hab’ ich auch und liebe ihn vor allem im Sommer sehr!!

          • blubb
            August 5, 2016


            mir gefällt der Duft leider gar nicht. Neulich habe ich daran gerochen und er ist mir einfach zu schwer und viel zu süß.

              • Luciana
                August 10, 2016

                Das ist natürlich schade, aber eben auch Geschmackssache. ;) Obwohl ich eher ein Eau de Toilette-Fan bin, mag ich “Mon Paris” sehr gerne. Am Ende riecht eben jeder anders – und das ist auch vollkommen okay so! ;)

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