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Noch ein letzter gemütlich-kuschliger Look vorm offiziellen Sommer! 😉 Die Fotos und Infos gibt‘s auf dem Blog (zusammen mit vielen Momo-Fotos!). 😘 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

Noch ein letzter gemütlich-kuschliger Look...

Ich glaube ja, Momo hat nach kürzester Zeit resigniert - meiner unbändigen Liebe für alles Flauschige konnte sie nicht entkommen. #sorrynotsorry #sosiehtverzweiflungaus #undgleichdanebenriesigefreude ♥️ | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

Ich glaube ja, Momo hat...

Weirdo Alert! 🌸 Ich finde ja, dass das mit dem Blumenbüschel direkt als Real-Life-Snapchatfilter durchgehen könnte. 💁🏼‍♀️ #selfietuesday #throwback #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #flowerturban #biggestweirdointown

Weirdo Alert! 🌸 Ich finde...

Dogs like me. Obviously. 😂 Not. 
HAPPY TUESDAY! 🤓 Don’t forget to laugh a lot! 😘 | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

Dogs like me. Obviously. 😂...

Hello ☀️! I ♥️ you! | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

Hello ☀️! I ♥️ you!...

Oh Hamburg. 🖤

Oh Hamburg. 🖤

#throwback to Wednesday - playing „Influencer“ with my chocolate ice cream. 💁🏼‍♀️ | 📷 @carolinebrauns

#throwback to Wednesday - playing...

Hände hoch, wer freut sich schon auf‘s Wochenende? 🔥 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

Hände hoch, wer freut sich...

🔥 Heute ist es draußen genauso heiß wie mein Outfit, haha! 🤓 Ich hoffe, dass ihr die Möglichkeit habt, die Sonne noch irgendwie zu genießen (wenigstens in der Mittagspause!). 😘😘😘 Den Look und alle Details dazu gibt‘s auf dem Blog! #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

🔥 Heute ist es draußen...

Heute mal ein richtiger Vamp-Look auf dem Blog! 😏 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards | 📷 @jacqueline.filmore_jfcreations

Heute mal ein richtiger Vamp-Look...

• Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue ‘Sunset in Salina’” (Limited Edition 2015 | Eau de Toilette) •

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If there’s a brand on which I’d like to spend all my money, it’s Dolce & Gabbana. Their clothes (especially the dresses!) are pure perfection. Unfortunately, most of them are a little too small (shame on Italian sizing! ;)), so all I can do is buy their sunglasses (check!), their bags (still swooning over the “Sicily” with the blue and white pottery tile print), their shoes (check!) and their beauty products, including perfumes.

“Light Blue” is Dolce & Gabbana’s classic and from time to time there are some limited editions of the fragrance. This summer, Dolce & Gabbana takes us on a trip to the Aeolian Islands, the bays of Sicily – Salina and Lipari.

“Sunset in Salina” is the feminine version of “Light Blue”; for men, we’ll go →  “Swimming in Lipari”. :) Today, I want to talk about the female fragrance.


First: Even though “Light Blue” is D&G’s classic fragrance, I’ve never tried it to be honest. I don’t even know how it smells. That’s why I’ll focus on this particular version of it. No comparisons! ;)

“Sunset in Salina” is supposed to remind us of Salina’s sweet wine called “Malvasia” and of enjoying it on a freesia-lined terrace at sunset.

“The fragrance opens with the aroma of fresh vine leaves which hold within them all the magic and fertility of the land, fused with the brightness of violet leaves. The heart notes unleash the sweetness and seductive charm of yellow freesia, accompanied by orange flower and jasmine. The dry down of the fragrance is a warm embrace of ambery notes, cedarwood and white musky notes.”

Dolce & Gabbana

The packaging shows the sunset in Salina, amber orange like the fragrance. The whole concept of the scent is about the warmth and comfort of a relaxing evening, surrounded by flowers and the Mediterranean spirit.

This is how I experience the fragrance:

When I spray it on, there’s instantly this fresh smell of citrus and vine leaves, it’s like a sparkling green cocktail, a little bit sour, a little bit fruity, accompanied by freesia and jasmine (by the way: two of my favorite florals for fragrances!). It’s a very feminine and light, fresh combo, but still seductive – thanks to the warm and musky notes in the background. The freshness passes quickly and the warm floral scent stays for a few hours until it’s time to spray on “Sunset in Salina” again – because it’s such a delicious fragrance!

For me, this is a great perfume for summer. The story around the fragrance is a perfect match – I wish I could be there instead of only dreaming of the island. ;) Still, this is a wonderful eau de toilette for summer evenings, enjoying a glass of wine with your friends, watching the sun set and talking for hours. Let me introduce to you: my summer fragrance. I fell in love with it at the first spritz! :)



I should also mention that the male fragrance “Light Blue – Swimming in Lipari” is one of the sexiest scents for men I’ve ever smelled. Inspired by the clear, crisp water of the Mediterranean Sea, “Swimming in Lipari” is characterized by a sea salt accord and enhanced by the juicy aroma of grapefruit. The heart is a combination of mandarin and rosemary (love it!) and the dry down of the fragrance is the most masculine part, with ambergris, dry woods and musky notes. You should definitely give it a try! It’s sooo good!


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