• Thank you •

• Thank you •


Instead of answering your comments one by one I want to do an extra blog post and say THANK YOU – from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your kind words and your support. I really appreciate reading your comments and your love and it means the world to me that you all understand my situation and support me and my decision to ease off a bit. As I already told you, this is not the end of this blog and it’s also not a goodbye because I will continue posting, just not too much and probably only just a few outfits. I’m currently at a turning point in my life and I am more than ready for the changes that will happen. Because suffering from depression and anxiety has made me a very fragile, weak and unfortunately also very dependent person – and this is not who I am. I will now focus on my mental health, on changing my bad habits caused by my fears and the deep sadness and therefore on myself and becoming the person I actually am: strong and independent. I know it’s inside of me and it’s time to liberate that again. I’m thinking about maybe taking you with me on that journey since I know the stigma of depression and that it’s still a taboo to admit that one is actually ill. I’m not 100% sure if I will really write about it but I want to let you all know that it’s okay to understand that you need help. It’s okay to accept that you’re not just sad. It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay if others know that you need it. This is why I’m telling you all this. I want to let the world know that everybody, even the funniest, happiest and luckiest person may be depressive deep inside. Faking a smile is the easiest when you suffer from depression even if it’s the hardest. Depression means opposites, illogical thinking, fear and sadness, but also hiding, especially so others won’t know how you feel and what you think. Please just never forget that you are not alone. There is help out there, you just need to ask for it and also accept it. And be ready for a change. That’s what I finally understood and there’s no shame about it.

“Lu zieht an” auf Platz 3 der Konsumgöttinnen-Lieblingsblogs 2011. ♥


Screenshot via konsumgöttinnen.de

Meine lieben Facebooker haben mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass ich bei den → Konsumgöttinnen-Lieblingsblogs 2011 in der Kategorie “Fashion” (ein bisschen wundert es mich ja, aber ich will mich nicht beklagen!) auf Platz 3 gelandet bin.

Neben → Les Mads und → Josie Loves (übrigens: Welcome back! Ich freu’ mich, dass du wieder da bist, Sarah!) fühle ich mich natürlich super aufgehoben und bin wirklich glücklich, zusammen mit den beiden Blogs auf dem Treppchen gelandet zu sein. Platz 3 hin oder her – es war schließlich eine Entscheidung der User und Userinnen von Konsumgöttinnen und ich weiß, dass da auch einige von euch dabei sind!

Deshalb an dieser Stelle ein riesengroßes Dankeschön, dass ihr meinen Blog vorgeschlagen und unter die ersten Drei gebracht habt! So ein offizielles Feedback ist natürlich Gold wert und es bedeutet mir sehr viel zu wissen, dass ihr mich und meinen Blog so gern habt. :)

So wird aus dem klassischen “Montag ist doof” eben doch noch ein toller Wochenstart! :) Ich danke euch!