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• Hormone free | Update •

By Posted on 10 11.3K views

[Werbung | Advertisement – collaboration with MonthlyCup]

Today’s marks exactly six months after I’ve decided to → stop taking the pill! Yay! As promised, I want to do an update with my experiences after quitting the pill. The next one will be after one year in total, so see you again in December! ;) Until then, here’s what happened in the last six months and how I’ve been doing. I really hope that my experiences will help other women to see that a life without the pill is a great decision and even though there are some cons on the list, it’s definitely a better choice to live a life without that little hormone bomb – if you can. Of course, there are cases in which the pill is a solution for certain problems and I will not say that the pill is “all evil”, but if you don’t need it, you should consider a life without it, even though it’s a pretty handy little thing.


No more migraine.

The most amazing change has to be mentioned first. I’ve been struggling with migraine for years and kind of felt like it was my PMS every month. Every month around the same date, I had three days of constant migraine and had to use medication (Sumatriptan) for that in order to function. It took me only two months to realize that the migraine was gone as if it had never been there before. This was kind of awkward because I had gotten so used to it and never would’ve thought that it’d be gone so fast. But here we are – I’m having a few headaches from time to time, but it seems to be caused by the weather or stress.


Hair loss is still an issue.

Well, my hair. It’s been a problem for some time. I’m losing quite a lot of my hair on top of my head and it seemed to be a hormonal cause. I’ve already had my blood checked for that but there were no results. I’ll visit a dermatologist soon and hope for the best and that there’s some therapy for it, because it feels like I’m almost bald on one spot and that’s seriously not cool. I’ve been using a hair and scalp tonic (“Ell Cranell”) which definitely makes a difference and there’s some baby hair growing, but it’s not helping against the hair loss… Let’s hope for the best!


My skin got worse.

Now that’s a change that makes me a little sad – because I’ve always had great skin. It’s still good, so I don’t really want to complain. But it’s gotten very oily and I keep finding little pimples around my nose and on my chin and also on my cleavage. I guess I’ll have to find a new skin care for that condition and will hopefully be able to manage it. Or – what I actually hope for: this is just a phase and will get better soon. Who knows?


“Livia” didn’t work for me.

I’m very sad about this, because I was hoping for a little wonder when I bought this device. It was supposed to help with my cramps but unfortunately, it didn’t really work. I think, one of the biggest problems is that the pads can’t be put right where I’d need them, because that’s exactly in my belly crease and the pads aren’t soft enough, so it hurts when I put them there. Also, my skin is very sensitive and gets a little irritated by the mixture of the adhesive (jelly-like) and the “electricity”.  Also, the material of the little cables is not very good, so after 3 trys, one of them is already a bit broken. :( I still believe that “Livia” is a great product and that it just might not be the right device for me. Maybe when I lose some weight and don’t have to put it at the worst place to put. It’s a bummer, but I’m sure that it helps a lot of people. So this is just my experience.


My cycle got normal pretty fast.

My third period was already correctly in time as planned. And I can feel when it’s coming. Sometimes, I even feel the ovulation, which sometimes is a little bit painful, but normally, I get that cramps and back pain and then I know, I can prepare myself for day one of my period. I also found out that my period is pretty easy, usually around 4-5 days, which I’m very thankful for, cause I wouldn’t want to have it a full week. So this is a good point in my list. I’m glad my body wasn’t mad and got totally crazy after so many years of taking the pill without a pause…


Diabetes vs. Period, not cool.

Yeah. There’s a loser in that fight and it’s called diabetes. My levels got totally crazy and they don’t really like my period. Perfect! I already saw my diabetologist twice in this “new phase” of my life and we keep on working on my medication. It’s still not good, though. But I’m glad I’m also pretty independent when it comes to the treatment of my disease. I won’t say that I like managing my type 1 diabetes, but it’s a part of my life and I like seeing good results, so I’ll keep on trying to make this work again. :)


The pain got bearable (mostly).

This is my second favorite experience! The pain got definitely more bearable than during my pill years. It’s still no fun on day one and I really wish I could skip it, but it got easier. I think the biggest realization I had was that when you’re taking the pill, you’re not even having an actual period. It’s a withdrawal bleeding caused by doing the little pause between the end and the start of a new package. And that, in my case, was causing a pain straight from hell. Without the pill, my pain seems to be a little less intense. Sometimes, I feel like the lower back pain (especially shortly before period and on day one) is even worse than the cramps. But they’re probably on the same level… Anyways – I was so scared of the pain, that’s why I never wanted to stop taking the pill before. I’m so glad I finally did it six months ago.


Menstrual cups are awesome!

I’ve already told you that I didn’t want to use tampons anymore because of the risks and that pads are not really an option (they are, though – it’s absolutely okay to use them if you don’t use those with plastic). I also told you that I wanted to try menstrual cups, because I like the idea behind them. And after six months, I must say, that I’m totally happy with them! I’ve already got a small collection and want to say a few things about the cups I own and my experiences with them. Of course, this won’t help too much, because you need to find your own cup by getting to know your body and what kind of cup you need, but if you’re as lucky as me, you can just go for it and try one of them and hopefully find the right one as soon as possible. Anyways – I can highly recommend you to try a menstrual cup, even though you may think that it’s weird or gross or whatever. First of all: it’s not gross at all! I don’t get why people keep saying that your menstruation is gross and that using cups is gross. It’s totally easy and with a little bit of training, you’ll be a pro of putting it in and getting it out in a bit. There are Facebook groups and homepages to help you with finding the right cup for you and instructions on how to use them, so I’ll not go further into detail, but I know that there are many questions. So especially for all German readers – there will be a LIVE VIDEO on Instagram with me and → MonthlyCup this Sunday, June 10 at 8pm – one hour of “period talk”, Q&A about menstrual cups and probably some whining from me cause if my period won’t fail me, I’ll be in the middle of some cramps – but we’re in this together and will survive! ;)

  • MonthlyCup (transparent & blue, middle): I received both sizes for testing and MonthlyCup has become my favorite in no time. It’s a classic cup and it comes in three sizes (mini, normal, plus). I’ve tried the mini so far and I’m happy with the size, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need the normal size for the nights cause it’s likely to leak a bit due to lying. But this is the easiest to use for inserting and also getting it out again. It’s absolutely reliable and the cup that I’ll be using most. It’s my recommendation for everybody.

  • FunCup by Fun Factory (classic pink cup, left): After one of you recommended this one to me as a good choice for beginners, I instantly ordered the “Explorer Set” which contains both sizes and went for the smaller size which is absolutely fine for me. The only problem about this cup is that it’s a little bit too hard for my taste and that you can’t get it out as easily as a classic cup because there’s no little stem.

  • ZiggyCup by Intimina (flat pink cup, right): This cup is intented to be worn at any time, even during sex. I don’t happen to have a partner right now and I also didn’t try it already, but wanted to mention it, since I think that this concept is pretty interesting. It looks like a diaphragm and is also used like one. I’m still a bit concerned that I won’t be able to remove it, so I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll give it a shot as soon as I’m confident enough that this will work.

  • Vivi
    July 16, 2018

    Hallo Lu,
    als ich damals aufgehört habe die Pille zu nehmen habe ich auch sehr schlechte Haut bekommen, was mich auch total erschreckt hat 🙈. Hab ewig rumprobiert und bin am Ende auf die Effaclar Serie von La Roche Posay gestoßen, die einfach super geholfen hat! Hab das Waschgel und die passende Feuchtigkeitscreme genommen und meine Haut hat sich nach ca. 2 Jahren Pille absetzen wieder gebessert (:
    Wäre vll auch etwas für dich ;)
    Mittlerweile nehm ich jedoch die Pille wieder, die negativen Dinge haben letztendlich leider überwiegt.

      • Luciana
        July 18, 2018

        Liebe Vivi, La Roche Posay ist wirklich super, vielleicht sollte ich da auch nochmal drauf zurückgreifen. Im Moment versuche ich, möglichst gar nichts mit der Haut zu machen, damit ich sie nicht noch unnötig reize. Ich war ja mittlerweile auch beim Hautarzt wegen des Haarausfalls und hab’ die Gelegenheit genutzt, das mit der Haut auch anzusprechen, die eigentlich jetzt auch seit Juni/Juli wirklich richtig schlimm ist und einige Pickel hervorbringt. Ich habe ein Medikament dafür verschrieben bekommen, das wohl ein Klassiker bei der Problematik ist (Zineryt), aber leider einen Stoff enthält, auf den ich seit dem Babyalter allergisch bin, weshalb ich gerade darauf warte zu erfahren, was ich stattdessen nehmen soll. Ich bin gespannt. Hoffentlich bessert sich das alles auch wieder, weil das natürlich eine der sehr unschönen Nebenwirkungen ist, wenn man die Pille weglässt. Aktuell will ich aber wirklich nicht zurück. Mal sehen, wie sich das noch weiter entwickelt. Im Dezember gibt’s dann das – vorerst – abschließende Update nach einem Jahr pillenfrei. :)

      • Lisa
        June 10, 2018

        It’s good to hear that you’re doing fine :)
        Just wanted to share my experience with the skin issue: It took about 1.5 years to get back to normal, so don’t give up! It will get better! (Or, probably, I guess every body works different ;))
        My skin was awful with 13, that’s why everyone decided that I should go on the pill. It got better (not perfect, a little pimple here and there) and got back to awful when I quit it with about 25. But after this long time of second puberty, we’re back at “okay” since then.
        Bye bye and greetings from Lisa (very much liking your blog)

          • Luciana
            July 4, 2018

            Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Lisa! I’m really hoping that it will get better as soon as possible. Right now, it’s getting worse, especially on my chin, so it’s definitely hormonal pimples, as you say. And I guess that now it’s the “high time” after stopping the pill, it feels like my body is kind of fighting it all currently. We’ll see what happens next…

          • Bini
            June 10, 2018

            Hei, ich bin jetzt schon 2 Jahre hormonfrei & sehr glücklich darüber! Was mir geholfen hat:
            1) Bereits ein paar Tage VOR der Regel Magnesium (aus der Apotheke, keins von dm und Co.) nehmen, das hilft mir total und ich hab mich geärgert, dass ich das nicht früher wusste – den Tip hab ich von einer Apothekerin, als ich gerade Schmerzmittel gekauft hab ;)
            2) Gegen Hautprobleme (hat sicher allerdings mittlerweile ziemlich normalisiert) hat mir im Endeffekt nur eine Creme aus der Apotheke geholfen, die war dafür aber super: Zeniac LP .. kann ich auch sehr empfehlen, hab durch die Teenie Haut zT echt gelitten..

              • Luciana
                July 4, 2018

                Ja, Magnesium wurde mir jetzt schon so oft empfohlen! Das scheint so DER Tipp schlechthin zu sein! Und für die Haut muss ich wirklich mal schauen, es wird derzeit immer schlimmer, vor allem am Kinn und an den Haaransätzen. Sprich: definitiv hormonelle Pickel. :( Aber ich hoffe sehr, dass sich das bald wieder legt. Danke für den Tipp!

              • Kirsten
                June 8, 2018

                Liebe Lu,
                ich war die ganze Zeit schon gespannt auf Dein update und ob Du es geschafft hast, die Pille nicht mehr zu nehmen. Schön, dass Du keine Migräne mehr hast und die Schmerzen besser geworden sind. Ich hatte gar keine Ahnung, dass Diabetes auch auf die Mestruation reagiert… das ist natürlich blöd.
                Nach Deinem Bericht muss ich mir wohl doch auch mal eine Mestruationstasse besorgen. Ich liebäugele schon eine Weile damit, war bisher aber immer zu skeptisch.

                  • Luciana
                    July 4, 2018

                    Ja, leider wirkt immer wieder mal was vollkommen Absurdes auf die Blutzuckerwerte ein, sei es eben die Periode oder manchmal auch das Wetter. Sogar die Laune kann auf die Werte gehen, es ist oft recht willkürlich, leider! Da muss man halt durch und immer wieder dran arbeiten. :)
                    Die Menstruationstassen kann ich dir auf jeden Fall sehr ans Herz legen! ♥

                  • Jacqui
                    June 8, 2018

                    Huhu Lu,
                    ach das sind doch tolle News. Wenn man das alles vorher gewusst hätte, hätte man vielleicht viel früher Veränderungen gewollt. Aber… da hätte es wahrschenlich nciht ins Leben gepasst. Ich bin ja auch eine Tassen Benutzerin und mag die wirklich, eine tolle Erfindung. Ich hatte ja damals geschrieben, dass ich auch mit der Pille aufhören möchte, und wollte noch 2-3 Monate warten. Hab ich aber nicht, sondern sie dann einfach nicht mehr genommen. Es macht für mich überhaupt keinen Unterschied- weder bei der Haut, noch Schmerzen, noch irgendwas— wobei ich auch mit Pille weder das eine, noch das andere hatte. Aber ich habe ein besseres Gefühl, weil ich mit der Schilddrüsenunterfunktion schon Hormone nehmen muss. Wegen der Kupferkette hatte ich meinen Frauenarzt befragt, der meinte — es sei viel zu teuer — es sei nicht wirklcih eine neue Erfindung — Spirale tut den gleichen Dienst. Nun ja, da muss ich nochmal drüber nachdenken.

                      • Luciana
                        July 4, 2018

                        Ja, hätte hätte, das ist halt immer so das Ding – ich hab’ ja ehrlich gesagt mit dem Schlimmsten gerechnet, nachdem gerade die Jugendzeit schmerztechnisch wirklich furchtbar war. Dass es dann doch so erträglich wird, kommt mir natürlich gelegen, aber hätte ich nicht erwartet. Gerade deshalb teile ich die Erfahrungen ja mit euch, auch wenn es sicherlich bei jeder Frau anders ist. Aber vielleicht bin ich ein gutes Beispiel dafür, dass es vollkommen in Ordnung sein kann. :)

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