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• Five Favorites | Foundation •



Okay, so step by step I want to bring back the beauty topics – they’re still very important to me, but somehow I just haven’t wanted to write so much about them for a long time. One reason probably was the feedback (even before the comments were disabled) – I spent a lot of time writing my reviews and nothing came back (I wasn’t sure if you really liked the posts or if you were interested in them at all). Also, of course it’s nice to get all those free PR samples and try new things constantly (and I’m absolutely thankful for these possibilities!), but that’s all – the work (and believe me – you can ask any good beauty blogger – it’s not only about receiving something for free, trying it once and writing how cool the product is!) is never paid. Don’t get me wrong, my blog is something I do with pleasure and I love it, it’s my passion, but it is also a business for me, so: doing it all for free is not an option, as I really try to do it for a living. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why I only write about things that I really love and can clearly recommend to you (even though there’s always a chance that someone doesn’t like the products as much as I do!). I don’t want to spend my time writing about how bad something is, that’s why I pick out my favorites, things that really satisfy my beauty needs and that convince me of their quality.

But I heard you: almost everybody wants the beauty section back and I don’t want to let you wait for it forever. So here is a first try of a comeback: my five favorite foundations (at the moment, but they have been for quite some time!) – plus: a newcomer and my all-time favorite, which I actually shouldn’t show as the color isn’t available anymore (but that doesn’t mean that the foundation isn’t great for you in your own color!). This is not supposed to be a review, so don’t expect detailed information on these products but my opinion (which might be a little affected by my love for them!) about them. ;)

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Outfit ♥ Bisous, Bisous!


Photos: Falko Blümlein
T-Shirt: Noble Project “Bisous”
Skirt: ASOS
Peep-Toes: Claudia Bauknecht
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Alternatives: ASOS scuba midi skirt, Zizzi skirt, ASOS skirt, ASOS Curve skirt, Marco Tozzi pumps, Cosmoparis pumps, ASOS earrings

ENHappy Monday, everyone! I’m starting the week with a huge change – my hair! If you’re not following me on → Instagram and → Facebook, this might be a big surprise for you! :) Last Wednesday, I finally had the guts to do it and spent 7.5 hours at my hairdresser’s with lots of itching (and no scratching – it’s horrible!) and butt pain, changing my hair color to a silver gray. I’ve been wanting to do this for five years (→ here’s my blog post about it) and now I’m more than happy that I did it. :) Of course, a huuuuge thanks goes out to my hair God Dimitri – as always, he did a great job!
So now I’ve got a new hair color but still many outfits left with the old brown and blonde hair. Just to let you know, there are many looks left and you’ll probably be a little confused – but I wanted to spread the news as soon as possible. ;)

In other news, I’m wearing fair trade today, from Noble Project, a charity fashion label from Hamburg (support your local heroes, right?). When they wrote me and I had the chance to pick one of their shirts, I instantly fell for the “Bisous” shirt. Even though I’m not somebody who loves to wear lettering on my bust, I love this girly shirt and of course that’s how I had to combine it. I’m happy to be part of the supporters of Noble Project, besides many artists and designers like Lala Berlin, Markus Lupfer, Paul van Dyk, Tibi and many more. So whenever you feel the need to wear fair trade, please have a look at → Noble Project and check out their shirts and sweaters. Find more information about them → here.

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Outfit ♥ Camouflage


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Coat: Burberry (Vintage)
Sweater: Zizzi
Blouse: H&M
Jeans: Zizzi
Boots: Acne Studios “Track Boots”
Bag: MCM
Sunglasses: Miu Miu “Noir”
Earrings: COR:TT
Bracelet: Hermès
Ring: YSL Arty Ring
Alternatives: ASOS coat, ASOS blouse, ASOS Curve jeans, Evita boots

DEEigentlich passt das Outfit ja nicht mehr ganz so zum Frühlingswetter – geshootet haben wir das auch vor einer Weile (übrigens in Berlin), aber ungebloggt soll es natürlich nicht bleiben. Und auch wenn gestern schönster Sonnenschein in Hamburg war, war es doch noch ganz schön frisch – perfekt also für einen Trenchcoat-Look – auch wenn wir natürlich ein paar frühlingshaftere Outfits fotografiert haben. ;)

Eine “Pullover über der Bluse”-Kombi hatte ich ja → neulich schon gezeigt – heute aber mal weniger kleidähnlich, sondern wirklich mit einem richtigen Pulli. Ich glaube, es liegt tatsächlich an den kurzen Haaren, dass mir solche Looks jetzt besser gefallen. Vieles hat sich mit der Frisur ein bisschen geändert, zum Beispiel merke ich auch, dass ich auf große Ohrringe verzichte (obwohl sie dabei eigentlich besonders gut zur Geltung kommen, finde ich das irgendwie mit einem Zopf oder einer Hochsteckfrisur schöner – sogar mit langen, offenen Haaren). Neue Frisur, neuer Style – irgendwie stimmt das. Und ich bin ganz froh, mit den kurzen Haaren auch wieder etwas probierfreudiger zu sein. Trotzdem will ich aber meinem Stil treu bleiben und nicht ganz so aus der Reihe tanzen. Was ich aber sagen muss: seit ich Jeans wieder für mich entdeckt habe, habe ich irgendwie das Gefühl, mich mal wieder mehr mit Oberteilen einzudecken – und das, obwohl ich ein riesiger Kleiderfan bin! Mal sehen, was da noch so kommt! ;)

ENActually, this outfit is not very spring-like. Maybe because we already shot it a while ago. Still, this has to be shown, right? And even though the weather here in Hamburg was beautiful and sunny, it’s still pretty chilly outside – perfect for a trench coat look. Of course, we’re already shooting some spring outfits – so stay tuned! ;)
Today, I have to talk about that short hair phenomenon: I somehow seem to be more keen to experiment new things, which I didn’t like when I had longer hair. This includes even my choice when it comes to earrings. I always loved wearing statement pieces, now I prefer my beloved pearls from Dior (even though short hair is perfect for showing off huge earrings, I like them better with a braid or an updo). And while I’m a huge fan of dresses, I kind of want to go shopping for some new shirts which I can wear with my new jeans addiction. I can’t wait what’s coming next and what I’m going to try out! :)


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Outfit ♥ Bricks


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Sweater: Vero Moda
Blouse: Zizzi
Belt: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: Dior “Lady Dior” ‘medium’
Sunglasses: Dior “Promesse2”
Earrings: Chanel
Bracelet: Hermès
Watch: Detomaso “Marian”
Alternatives: Object sweater, ASOS blouse, New Look belt, River Island boots, AJ Morgan sunglasses, s.Oliver watch

DEDieses Outfit haben wir schon Anfang Februar geshootet – aber dank des wunderbaren Sonnenscheins an diesem Tag passt es auch jetzt ganz gut. :) Ich denke, wir alle freuen uns über das schöne Wetter – als Blogger freut man sich sogar noch ein bisschen mehr, denn endlich ist das Licht wieder gut genug für Fotos, man muss nicht draußen frieren und deshalb den Mantel schon wieder im Anschlag haben und obwohl es sich ja empfiehlt, bei strahlendem Sonnenschein lieber raus zu gehen, macht sogar die Arbeit vorm PC sehr viel mehr Spaß. ;) Ich freue mich so wahnsinnig auf den Frühling! :)

Der Look ist übrigens einer meiner spontanen Zusammenwürfel-Looks. Die passieren meistens, wenn ich entweder genauso spontan rausgehe oder vorher schon ewig am Rumstylen verschiedener Outfits war. In diesem Fall war es eine Mischung von beidem, denn damit waren wir nachmittags zu einem späten (sehr späten!) Frühstück raus, weil wir vorher einiges für den Blog fotografiert hatten und noch nichts gegessen haben. Erst die Arbeit, dann die Brötchen! ;)
Ich hatte Lust, mal die typische Pullover-über-Bluse-Kombi auszuprobieren und hab’ es erst mit einem normallangen Grobstrick-Pulli versucht – das sah allerdings grauenhaft aus. Da ich beim Suchen danach dann auf dieses Oversize-Exemplar gestoßen bin, hab’ ich ihn einfach mal drübergeworfen. Ohne Gürtel war es aber ziemlich unförmig. Also alles noch ein bisschen drapiert und fertig war ein ganz bequem-legerer Look, der für ein gemütliches Spätstück ganz gut geeignet war. :)

ENWe already shot this outfit at the beginning of February – there was this very sunny Sunday on which we photographed a lot for the blog and then decided to go out for a very late breakfast. I wanted to try out this typical “sweater over blouse” combination and first went for a thicker and shorter sweater – it looked awful. Then I tried on this oversize sweater and added a thin belt for a nicer silhouette. The result: a very comfy and casual look for a cozy late breakfast. :)
I can’t even tell you how happy I am about this great weather at the moment – as a blogger, sunshine means better lighting for pictures, no more freezing outside and longing for your coat, and even though it’s better to go outside for a walk, it’s even more fun to sit in front of your computer working when the weather is good. ;) Can’t wait for spring to be in full bloom! :)


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