• Recap | November •

• Recap | November •

Final countdown of the year – November’s over and we’re heading straight towards Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Yay! :) But first, let’s recap what happened in November…

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Photo by Carsten Belmondo

Plus Size Fashion Days Hamburg 2016

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After all the happiness at the end of October, November started with bad news – my grandpa passed away at the age of 97 and I couldn’t even say goodbye to him. I’m so glad that I’m going home for some time now to see my parents and be with them. Of course, he had a long life and it’s incredible how many stories a man can tell when he lived for so many years, but at the same time I’m very sad that all these stories are gone now. At least I have all those amazing memories. He was a great man – and now he’s finally with his big love again, my grandma. ♥

I was invited to the “ABC Lounge” by Marina Rinaldi Hamburg. It’s an annual charity event here in Hamburg in the so-called “ABC-Viertel” where all the stores come together for a lovely night – restaurants, jewelry and fashion stores,… And each of them presents its products, inter alia at a fashion show. Thanks again for the invitation, → it was a pleasure to be there!

We had our friends from home visiting us and spent some quality time together at breakfast and dinner – two places I can always recommend: → Café Hüftgold in Winterhude (try the scones!) and the Chinese restaurant “Ni Hao” in Wandsbek.

I also had an amazing meeting this week for an upcoming project that I can’t wait to start. Can’t tell you more at the moment but very soon – it’s going to be awesome!!

We also shot many, many outfits this month and still have loads to do until the end of the year – and far beyond. ;) But I’ve already got some amazing looks planned for December and I hope you’re going to love them as much as I do! Stay tuned for some holiday looks but also super cool new and different stuff!

What’s next?
In December, we’ll be visiting our families and I also have some appointments at a few doctors. There’s yet another one at my dentist (please let it be over once and for all!) and a very cool one at my diabetologist – I’m getting the Dexcom! This is probably more interesting news for fellow diabetics but let me explain: there’s nothing better for managing your diabetes than having a real-time CGMS. I was already super happy with the  → FreeStyle Libre, but this is THE thing! I’m more than happy to kind of re-start my therapy with it!

Written by Luciana
Hello everyone, my name is Luciana, I'm 27, and the creative mind of "Lu zieht an." I was born in Germany but I'm half Brazilian, that's why you can read this blog in German and English - but feel free to write and ask me anything in Portuguese. I love and live fashion, am obsessed with sunglasses and bright lipsticks and the world's biggest sushi and steak lover. Follow me for daily updates on Instagram (@luziehtan). ♥

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