• Recap | March •

• Recap | March •

March was full of surprises and new experiences. New people, new places, new feelings (nah, no romance!). I’ve officially checked off something from my → Single Bucket List! I went out for dinner alone! Well, I kind of cheated a little bit on that one because I chose my favorite sushi place which is kind of like visiting my second family, haha! But I made it and went out on my own. And ate alone. I did it and I’m proud of that. It’s probably not super crazy but somehow a big step for me. I took a bus to the city and went there like it’s absolutely normal. I ordered, I ate and afterwards met a friend for cocktails (ha, celebration time!). Done! ;) I also went out on an afternoon alone to a lake nearby. This is something I would’ve never done before – but it was a sunny day, the first one that was actually warm enough to leave your house only with a denim jacket, and I just felt like doing it. So that’s what I did. Just like that.

And I’ve also decided to check off “read more books” cause that’s actually happening – and a few days ago, I bought ten books to read and already finished one of them. So I guess we can agree on checking this off the list. ;) Of course I’ll continue with my little book reviews and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Let’s just hope that with all the reading I’ll still find enough time for writing my own book. ;)

I modeled at a little fashion show for → cubell, a new online store, together with → Chrissi. Here are some impressions from the show:

But the best part of March was my short trip to Hamburg! :) I went there for an event with Orion and met some lovely people – old friends, new friends, amazing women! And we got to see their new plus-size lingerie collection. It’s nice to see that plus-size is getting more attention, also in the erotic and sexy sector. After the event, I added a few more days for business and friends, went to my lovely hairdresser team at Moij and got a fresh color, got a new tattoo, had an inspiring meeting and an amazing day at the food truck market and the harbor. Of course, I’ve taken a lot of pictures and want to share them with you… You can also check out → my Instagram account where I’ve done stories throughout the days and left it online, so you can still see them. ;)

The thing about my Hamburg trip is that I finally realized I’m definitely ready for my favorite city. I’ve done things I haven’t done in those three years I’ve been living there. Easiest stuff for anyone but super difficult for someone suffering of anxiety. I also realized that I had actually missed so many great things because I was afraid to go outside and it makes me utterly sad to see how much I made myself my own prisoner and how many beautiful experiences I could’ve made! One of them was finally going through the old Elbtunnel and having a look at Hamburg from the other side of the Elbe, enjoying the wind and the sight, having a friend by my side and just being sincerely happy. I’ve felt such an inner peace when I realized that I’m ready and that I can go back on my own (even though I still need to manage a few things first). I felt gratitude. Something I haven’t felt for almost a year. I’ll definitely write another blog post about this as soon as I can but the time’s not right yet.

I’m thankful for my friends being by my side these days – some special love goes out to Brina, Wilma, Nina, Carina, Annemarie and Caroline. ♥ But also all the other amazing people I met these days, even though it wasn’t enough time to tell you all how much I appreciate you in my life. 

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  • Liebe Lu,
    so ein schöner Monats-Rückblick. Du hast in kurzer Zeit sehr viel geschafft, das ist wirklich nicht selbstverständlich! Du kannst wirklich stolz auf Dich sein.
    Auch wenn wir uns natürlich keine Krisen wünschen, so haben sie doch enormes Entwicklungspotetial und wenn wir das nutzen können, ist unser Leben danach meistens um ein Vielfaches besser als zuvor. Und wir wissen dann auch, was wir alles schaffen können, so dass wir gestärkt daraus hervorgehen. Es macht mir wirklich Freude, hier ein bißchen davon miterleben zu dürfen, wie Du Deinen Weg gehst. Weiter so!!!

      • Ich seh’ das genauso wie du. Das Potenzial von Krisen, gerade auch den ganz großen, ist erstaunlich. Man muss halt was draus machen können und wollen. Ich bin so froh, dass ich das getan hab’, sonst hätte man mich wohl als großes Häufchen Elend in eine Ecke packen können und ich wäre da dann eingegangen. Auch wenn es am Anfang Kraft erfordert, ist es so wunderbar, gerade, wenn man dann zurückblickt!! ♥

      • Ach das hört sich alles toll an ! Du schriebst …. aufrichtig glücklich …. ja das merkt man :) so Soll das sein …. man denkt anfänglich …. ja wo ist denn das Glück, wie fühlt man sich glücklich ? Und dann kommt so ein kleiner unschuldiger kleiner Moment …. und bäm!

        Weiter so :)

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