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Summer Selfie! ☀️

Summer Selfie! ☀️

Montag geschafft! 🖤 Und was plant ihr jetzt schon für‘s Wochenende?

Montag geschafft! 🖤 Und was...

Ein Jahr Hamburg. Ein Jahr Zuhause. 💜 Was ich so in meinem ersten Jahr zurück gelernt und erlebt habe und vor allem meine Highlights, gibt’s heute auf dem Blog. Long time no read, also schaut mal wieder auf vorbei. Habt einen tollen Sonntag, ihr Lieben! 😘 #hamburgloveistruelove #sunsetlover #hafencity

Ein Jahr Hamburg. Ein Jahr...

[Werbung | Advertisement] Hey @hackbaron_premium_streetfood - Danke für die leckeren Burger und Meatballs für mein Abschiedsessen zur Mittagspause mit den Kolleginnen! ♥️🍔 Der „Fighting Irish“ hat uns allen geschmeckt - wir kommen also ganz bestimmt bald wieder! #hackbaron #burger #hamburgfood #streetfood

[Werbung | Advertisement] Hey @hackbaron_premium_streetfood...

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Ich hab‘ das Gefühl, ich poste in letzter Zeit zu oft mich selbst, also kommt hier mal wieder ein feiner Drink, wenn auch ein #latergram, der „Bittersweet Symphony“ - wer Negronis mag, sollte den mal probieren! 👌🏻 Next up: wieder ein Outfit, versprochen! #drinks #barlelion #bittersweetsymphony

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Ich hab‘...

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Auf dem Shirt steht „Because you‘re gorgeous“ - finde, dass das immer ein gutes Argument ist. Solltet ihr euch alle hinter die Ohren schreiben. 😘 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Auf dem...

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Dem Montag einfach mal den Rücken zuwenden und die kalte Schulter zeigen. So muss das sein. ♥️ (Okay, in Wahrheit mach‘ ich grad Steuerkrams fertig, aber dafür hatte ich grad Belohnungspizza.) #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Dem Montag...

[Werbung | Advertisement] Mittagspause im @kofookooyamcha - weil heute das böse Diabetikerwort mit B ansteht (Basalratentest, alle Diabuddies unter euch verstehen meinen Horror) und ich seit 17 Uhr nix mehr essen darf, war ich heute beim „À la carte“-All you can eat und hab‘ mich provisorisch für den Rest des Tages vollgefuttert! 🍣🥟🥢 War super lecker (die Gyoza sind übrigens nomnom!) und ich freu‘ mich schon auf‘s nächste Mal! Danke @kofookooyamcha! ♥️ #kofookooyamcha #kfk #hamburgfood #igershamburg #allyoucanenjoy

[Werbung | Advertisement] Mittagspause im...

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Neues Level erreicht - wir matchen jetzt das Outfit zum Drink! 💚 Gestern hatte der #GinBasilSmash seinen 11. Geburtstag und ich hab‘ zusammen mit die Gelegenheit genutzt, mein erstes Jahr zurück in Hamburg zu feiern! 🎉 Ich sitze tatsächlich mal wieder an einem Blogpost zu der ganzen Sache und hoffe, ich krieg‘ den diese Woche noch fertig, war nämlich ein spannendes Jahr, mit vielen aufregenden Erlebnissen, ein paar Höhen, einigen Tiefen, aber zum Schluss dann doch nochmal einem Comeback. Hoffe, dieser schriftliche Trailer hat euch neugierig gemacht und ihr schaut dann auch mal wieder auf dem Blog vorbei, wenn der Post online geht - ich geb Bescheid, versprochen! Bis dahin: Grün für den Drink, Grün für die Hoffnung, oder so ähnlich. Auf ein weiteres Jahr! 🎉 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Neues Level...

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Okay, Zufälle sind ja mit das Grandioseste, also kommt hier meine Story der Woche: Ich bin ja total im #StrangerThings3 Mood (keine Spoiler von mir, versprochen, aber die Staffel ist überragend!!!), daher der Look, irgendwie ein bisschen 80s. 🐥 Aber dann bringt hier die @boilermanbar allen Ernstes Slushies und lädt ein - und wie könnte man da Nein sagen? @fernet_hofi hat da was Feines nach Hamburg gebracht mit seinen Vermouth Slushies 🍋, I‘m intrigued! Zwar kein Cherry Slushy wie für Smirnoff, aber mindestens genauso lecker! 👌🏻 #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards #boilermanbar #drinks

[Werbung wegen Verlinkung] Okay, Zufälle...

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• #BeachBodyNotSorry | Zenaya •

By Posted on 14 5.1K views

Today’s #BeachBodyNotSorry look is a bit different – first of all, because we shot it in the studio, so there’s no beach or pool around. But I think that’s okay, because it’s mainly about the message I want to spread with my annual project. :)

You may remember the project I shot last year with Sung-Hee, called “Female Diversity”, for which I posed naked – I used them for → this very personal blog post. This time, we went for clothing, even though most of the results are in lingerie. We’ve decided to work on underwear shots that are not primarily supposed to be sexy and/or erotic, which is not that easy to shoot when you’re wearing hot stuff, but I think we created some amazing pictures and you will get to see a few of them in some upcoming posts (still has to fit somehow, right?). 

I think, this one is my last #BBNS post for 2018, cause I won’t really be able to shoot that soon – there’s still some chaos because of moving, I really need to find a photographer and I didn’t bring new stuff to shoot. It’s gonna be interesting how everything will develop, blog-wise. And I hope that next year, I’ll be able to show you more beachwear again. 

Today’s photos are a bit different than the others I’ve been using for my project, but I think that’s just what makes them even more special and interesting. Sitting as a fat woman is so often a problem for many, but why is that? Just because we look even fatter when we sit and our bellies keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ (I had to… :D)? Everybody has belly rolls when they sit. Everybody looks a bit more like a little Buddha while sitting, especially all crippled on the floor at the beach. What’s the use of deciding not to sit down cause people could see you’re fat? Is it really worth it to try and hide yourself with all forces? Whether you’re standing or sitting, you’re still the same person and when you’re fat, you’re fat. That is that. Nothing bad about this, nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just a fact. And it’s still just an adjective. Even if you can see it and others can see it too. People who actually believe that they have any right to say something, should rather go eff themselves. Maybe we, the fat people, should actually start answering this instead of being ashamed and feeling sorry for our existence, even if that’s not polite at all. But is it polite to tell someone else he or she is disgusting? Or laugh about them? Or point at them with your fingers and whispering something to your friends? Think about it. And then choose to spread some love instead. Did I just contradict my own idea of telling mean people to go eff themselves? YES, I DID. Because: maybe smiling at them and wishing them a lovely day is a better answer to hate. And maybe it makes them think about the shit they just did. Maybe it will change their day, their view on other people. Maybe it won’t change nothing at all. But know that you just proved that you’re not on their low level of no acceptance and no tolerance. And that’s waaaay better. ♥

Photos: Sung-Hee Seewald

» München (Studio)

Swimsuit: Agent Provocateur “Zenaya”

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• #BeachBodyNotSorry | Selfies •

By Posted on 6 6.9K views

Now that’s some major flashback to 2009 – this blog post consists of selfies only (I’ll forever remember myself taking the first pictures for my blog, putting my camera on a stack of books, hitting the self-timer and running through my room for some awkward poses)! I took them last weekend when it was super hot and sunny and I just felt like sharing all the fun and good vibrations I was feeling that day. I originally thought of taking these pictures only for Instagram, but then I decided that even though the photos aren’t of super high quality and I’m not wearing any make-up at all, my hair not properly done and without any concept, just on my parents’ terrace, this is real and deserves to be posted. I wanna be real, I’m not a model, I’m a normal person and even after more than 9 years of blogging, I’m still that same person – just fatter, haha! :)

I believe that #BeachBodyNotSorry is also about this – no perfection, just realness and fun. I mean, who wears a full make-up to the beach? I don’t. Most times, I don’t even wear (water proof) mascara, just sunscreen, that’s all. Of course, my blog is about pretty things and taking editorial-like pictures is a lot of fun and I love the results, but I also love these honest pictures. I love that I was having fun, that I was not caring about how I look. And that’s just the message of this project. Don’t care – enjoy yourself. ♥

Photos: Selfies ♥

» Röttenbach

Bikini Top: Agent Provocateur “Lexxi”
Bikini Bottoms: Phylyda “Ariane”
Sunglasses: Chloé “Carlina”
Earrings: Vintage

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• #BeachBodyNotSorry | Maya •

By Posted on 7 5.6K views

Photos: Nicole Schmeiß

» Röthenbach | Birkensee

Bikini: Primadonna Swim “Maya”
Hat: H&M Trend
Sunglasses: Prada “Minimal Baroque” | Miu Miu “Noir”
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior” | ASOS

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It’s finally #BeachBodyNotSorry time again! The sun is shining, the temperatures are hot and all we wanna do is go outside and have some fun! I can’t believe that this is already the fourth season of doing this project and still it feels like we all need it from time to time, cause there’s still the myth of “the perfect beach body” – which is total bullshit and nobody should listen to that. You don’t need a skinny body in order to go to the beach or to the pool or wherever you want to wear your bikini or swimsuit. All you need is yourself, your beachwear and the will to have fun. All those people around – except for your friends and family – don’t matter. Even if they give you that awful look: just ignore it. People will always stare, people will always have an opinion (about others, themselves and a lot of unnecessary stuff), some will force them on you, others will discuss it in private, others won’t even notice you. So why the f*** are you giving so much shit about their thoughts or words? ;)

So here we go, starting a new season of #BeachBodyNotSorry – this time, with a bright canary yellow bikini, showing my belly button, my stretch marks, my cellulite and my cream cheese white skin that could definitely use a little more sunshine (but well, I’m either cream cheese white or lobster red, so I’ll go for the feta and use some sunscreen…). ;)

P.S.: Since we got the same bikini in two different colors, there’s a guest in today’s pictures – my friend → Chrissi is wearing the “Maya” bikini in black, with the balcony top, mine is the tulip cup, both bottoms are the full briefs. ;)

• Recap & Thoughts | #BeachBodyNotSorry 2017 •

By Posted on 3 5K views


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As usual, I want to do a short recap after my #BeachBodyNotSorry project and share a few more thoughts about the looks with you. I know that this year’s project wasn’t that “beachy” at all because of the photos I had to take in our garden. I only managed to do one shoot in Hamburg at the Elbe and even this one isn’t at the beach. I’m a little sad about this because, of course, beachwear looks best at the beach. But sometimes, we have to change our plans. And wearing your bikini and swimsuit at home is no shame at all. :) At least I got the chance to spend some time in the sun during a super hot and beautiful summer here in the south of Germany.

As every year, it’s extremely important to me to show you that beach wear is for everyone. You don’t need to hide and you don’t need to wrap yourself in tons of fabric so nobody will notice that you’re not skinny. I’m pretty sure that you all want to have fun in the summer and that nobody wants to sweat in long-sleeved clothes instead of jumping into the water. I also want you to see a body that’s not photoshopped or somehow “perfect”. I have some major cellulite around my thighs, I have stretch marks around my belly and hips (which you can’t see this time because of the high-waisted pants or swimsuits), I have a hanging belly, I’m super white,… The world is still missing enough unretouched photos and “natural” bodies.

P.S.: You can find two exclusive pictures (one of a not shown look on the blog) on Instagram, so don’t forget to check my account – @luziehtan! ;)