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In meinem neuen #PrivatePost geht es heute ums anders sein wollen. 🖤 Den Text findet ihr, wie immer, auf | 📷

In meinem neuen #PrivatePost geht...

Cutest illustration ever - even including my little @dexcom 😍 Thank you so much, @mufflifant!! ♥️♥️♥️ [Werbung | Advertisement, cause I tagged the brands in the picture]
#Repost @mufflifant - Adding @luziehtan to my bodypositive beauties 😊 She is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! 
There will probably be a lot more illustrations coming... #bodypositivity #bodypositivitymovement #stopbodyshaming #plussize #beauty #beautiful #strongwomen #selflove #love #illustration #art #sketch #watercolour

Cutest illustration ever - even...

Take time to smell the roses. We often forget to take time for the little things that make us happy, whether it’s smelling the roses or walking barefoot in the grass. This summer, I want to dance in the rain. Who’s with me? ♥️ #nofilterneeded

Take time to smell the...

Tschüss Hamburg! ♥️ Wir sehen uns bald wieder! #hamburgloveistruelove | 📷 @carolinebrauns

Tschüss Hamburg! ♥️ Wir sehen...

CHEESY AF 🧀 Endlich wieder was Feines von @grilledcheesewonderland zwischen die Backen bekommen! Kääääse, noch mehr Käääääääse (Brie) und Balsamico-Brombeeren. Ok ciao. 😍 #staycheesy #grilledcheesewonderland

CHEESY AF 🧀 Endlich wieder...

When your drink matches your shirt. 💁🏼‍♀️ #hamburgloveistruelove | 📷 @carolinebrauns ♥️

When your drink matches your...

#nofilterneeded 💜

#nofilterneeded 💜

Irgendwie verstehe ich das ja immer noch nicht 🤷🏼‍♀️, aber hat da ein gutes Foto von mir gemacht, das nicht ungesehen bleiben sollte. Sehr gut. 💁🏼‍♀️😂

Irgendwie verstehe ich das ja...

Life is better at the... harbor. ⚓️ Hamburg, wir sehen uns dieses Wochenende schon wieder, yay! Auch wenn es dieses Mal nur ganz kurz ist, weiß ich jede Sekunde in meiner Herzensstadt zu schätzen. ♥️ Hoffentlich kann ich nochmal ein, zwei luftige Kleider einpacken! Bei Sonnenschein ist die Hafenstadt einfach am allerschönsten. #plussize #plussizeoutfit #plussizeblogger #luziehtan #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards #hamburgloveistruelove | 📷

Life is better at the......

Wir sollten dringend mal darüber sprechen, wie schön es in der HafenCity ist - den besten Ausblick gibt’s im @25hourshotels und dazu passend gibt’s eine meiner #onenightin Reviews auf dem Blog! ♥️ #25hourshafencity #hamburgliebe #hamburgloveistruelove • ist als Werbung gekennzeichnet, aber unbezahlt

Wir sollten dringend mal darüber...

• Recap & Thoughts | #BeachBodyNotSorry 2017 •

By Posted on 3 2.5K views


[Produktplatzierung | Product Placement] This post contains affiliate links.

As usual, I want to do a short recap after my #BeachBodyNotSorry project and share a few more thoughts about the looks with you. I know that this year’s project wasn’t that “beachy” at all because of the photos I had to take in our garden. I only managed to do one shoot in Hamburg at the Elbe and even this one isn’t at the beach. I’m a little sad about this because, of course, beachwear looks best at the beach. But sometimes, we have to change our plans. And wearing your bikini and swimsuit at home is no shame at all. :) At least I got the chance to spend some time in the sun during a super hot and beautiful summer here in the south of Germany.

As every year, it’s extremely important to me to show you that beach wear is for everyone. You don’t need to hide and you don’t need to wrap yourself in tons of fabric so nobody will notice that you’re not skinny. I’m pretty sure that you all want to have fun in the summer and that nobody wants to sweat in long-sleeved clothes instead of jumping into the water. I also want you to see a body that’s not photoshopped or somehow “perfect”. I have some major cellulite around my thighs, I have stretch marks around my belly and hips (which you can’t see this time because of the high-waisted pants or swimsuits), I have a hanging belly, I’m super white,… The world is still missing enough unretouched photos and “natural” bodies.

P.S.: You can find two exclusive pictures (one of a not shown look on the blog) on Instagram, so don’t forget to check my account – @luziehtan! ;)

1 - Lu zieht an.®

#BeachBodyNotSorry | Phylyda

Wearing this brand a few times this year was great. Phylyda is an amazing brand with a lovely message: a very inclusive sizing. The pieces are great for some major “mix & match” fun (as I showed you with another look) but also look great in “unicolor” styles and the quality is absolutely impeccable. This is definitely my favorite mix and I especially love the pants. :)


4 - Lu zieht an.®

#BeachBodyNotSorry | Mix & Match

That’s what I meant by “mix & match” fun – Phylyda does not only work with their own line but also with other brands. I actually own the matching top for these pants and wanted to do a look with it for the project but didn’t manage to do it. Guess that’s going to be one for next year. ;) Anyways – I’m still looking for the actual pants matching the palm tree top. Had no chance to buy it yet and I hope I can find it somehow…



Celebrating Diversity with Phylyda

This wasn’t actually part of the #BeachBodyNotSorry project but of course it fits to the message, especially because of the photos with the other women. I’m so happy and proud that I’ve been a part of this shoot because I really love the result! Also, this bikini (people keep mistaking it for a swimsuit) is a masterpiece! It’s almost art, right?


17 - Lu zieht an.®

#BeachBodyNotSorry | sheego

Swimsuits are still something I adore. I styled an easy look for sheego’s online magazine with that navy polka dot swimsuit and a few motivating words. This is a super comfy piece and also great for people with a bigger bust and not only a swimsuit for summer season but all year if you like to visit indoor pools. ;)

6 - Lu zieht an.®

#BeachBodyNotSorry | Tiger

The final look of this year’s project had to be a pool party style because it’s already pretty cold outside and I also wanted to show you another option of wearing your beachwear. A long kimono or light cardigan is always a pretty idea to cover up, whether you’re still not confident enough to show everything or when it has to be a little more fabric due to the occasion. ;)

  • Rebecca Molter
    October 16, 2017

    Ich finde deine Badeanzüge voll schoen

    • Kirsten
      October 7, 2017

      Liebe Lu,
      Vielen Dank für Deine natürlichen Fotos. Du bist perfekt unperfekt! ❤❤❤
      LG Kirsten.

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