• Lu zieht an x Remi Ray | “The Release” •

• Lu zieht an x Remi Ray | “The Release” •

6 - Lu zieht an.®

Photos: Falko Blümlein
Dress: Remi Ray
Bikini: H&M
Platform Heels: Schutz
Choker: Jennifer Fisher

Today’s post is an editorial – don’t worry, I know it’s not a look for every day, even though you can make it work for you whenever you want to wear it. ;)

I posted the preview of this outfit on → Instagram and → Facebook a few weeks ago and the feedback went from “horrible” to “slay”, and of course I knew that people would either love or completely hate this look. I for myself – and as a huge fan of Remi’s creations (as you can also see → here) because she’s not afraid to dare do the different and special! – instantly fell in love with her sheer mesh dress because on the one hand this is something very different and on the other hand (even though I saw that unfortunately many were so narrow-minded not to think so far) it’s super versatile. Because you don’t need to wear it like this, only with a bikini underneath – what about wearing it with a black or colorful tight dress under it? Why not combine it with something in your own skin color underneath, be it underwear or another dress? Or maybe you’d like to wear it as a top for a kinky style paired with a casual skirt? There are so many possibilities, so many options to wear this sheer dress and even if I went for a super daring and more or less half-naked look, which I’d even wear like this for a special event (maybe a true fashion event in one of the major fashion cities, where fashion actually means fashion, like London or New York), you can be as creative as you want and wear this dress however you like it.

See what I mean? It’s not about going crazy because of my styling, it’s about opening your minds, making the next step and thinking further. A sheer dress doesn’t have to be the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen (even though it’s absolutely okay if you hate it – I mean, nobody has to love it, right?) and if you want to wear it, wear it. Please never let others stop you from doing it. That’s the message I want to spread today. I wanted to wear this dress, I love it, many hate it, others shared my feeling, and today I’m proud to show this special look to you, even though I’m pretty sure that many won’t love it as much as I do. I’ll still wear it. :)
Of course, as always, I’ll give my best to show you more looks with this dress, just give me some time (and at the moment, even though this is a light fabric, long sleeves aren’t the best choice, but I’ll be back with this one soon!). ;) I also got a completely different idea in my mind, but the piece I need for it keeps being sold out…

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