• Recap | February •

• Recap | February •

My birthday month is already over but hey – it was a pretty nice one! :) Even though I didn’t post as much as I’d like to (it’s really about time I got back to my usual blogging routine…), I had some great time offline with my friends and family.

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February started with an interview on → Edition F (only in German) because of the → collaboration with Dove. It’s always a pleasure to be featured on Edition F. If you want to read the other articles: → here’s my first interview and → here’s a text written by me about the new Barbie.

I’ve finally visited my hair magician after almost half a year and got a fresh cut. You can already see it → here and my next appointment is in April. Plans? Going blonde again! :)

Great news from my diabetologist: my HbA1c was 6,8%, which means: the Dexcom G5 is working perfectly and making my blood sugar levels as good as possible (even though there are still a few things that I can do better, but I’m always working on it!). Guess that was the best birthday gift ever! :) If you’re interested, I would like to write an article about the CGMS because it is definitely worth a million and if you’re experiencing problems with your diabetes, this is what’s going to change your life forever!

My birthday on the 23rd was pretty calm, I got some delicious food from my mom, including a carrot cake with chocolate topping, a lovely gift from my husband (a Monkey Island beach towel!), and we went out for steak for dinner. Had to go to bed early because on the next day, I had to get up at 5am so I could fly to Milan for a day with Marina Rinaldi! It’s been a great day, with loads of → amazing clothes, pizza, a great event with live performances by Macy Gray and Ashley Graham as a special guest (she’s really gorgeous and nice and I really hope that she’ll use her power for more amazing things for the plus-size world, even though I didn’t have enough time to tell her what I’d love to see her say and do more!), the best tiramisu I’ve ever had and a short but good night because early in the morning, I had to leave Milan again so I’d be present at → my birthday party with my friends! Laser Tag and sushi – my favorite day every year. :) And guess who won both rounds? Yup. Yours truly! ;)

What’s next?

I already told you that I really have to get back to my blogging routine, so that’s my plan for March: werk werk werk. :) But of course there’s something amazing happening at the end of the month – I got an invitation from a magazine for a photo shoot. Can’t tell you more yet, but I’m seriously excited! :)

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