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Photos: Falko Blümlein
Cardigan: Via Appia Due
Bustier: H&M Trend
Capri Jeans: Via Appia
Belt: Vintage
Sandals: Isabel Marant
Hat: H&M Divided
Earrings: Dior “Mise en Dior”
Tribal Earrings
Bracelet: Hermès
Ring: YSL Arty Ring
Alternatives: New Look Inspire cardigan,
Mochi crop top, Cheap Monday jeans,
ASOS jeans, ASOS belt,
Jessica Buurman sandals, Catarzi hat,
ALDO earrings, New Look ring

Not much time ago, there was this scandal about Oprah Magazine talking about crop tops and saying that you should feel free to try them “if (and only if!) you’ve got a flat stomach”. It caused a major shitstorm and made many – especially plus-sized – girls post pictures of them wearing crop tops with the hashtags #rockthecrop #pullingofacroptop #ifandonlyifiwantto. I joined this movement on → Instagram (and → Facebook) because I think that it’s not okay to tell someone what he or she is allowed to wear. That’s arrogant in many ways and not the right way for a magazine to give tips on how to dress.

I’m not willing to dress for anyone, especially not for total strangers. I dress for myself, wear what I like in this exact moment. And if that’s a crop top, I’ll wear it. Just like in this post today. I’m not wearing it to say: “Hey, I’m fat and I’m wearing a crop top!”, it has nothing to do with being a rebel. The thing is: I saw this top online, fell in love with the colors and the design and had to get it.
I enjoyed wearing it and while we were shooting the pictures – in front of many people – no one looked at me and had to throw up or told me that I was disgusting. No one came up to me and said that I should only wear a crop top with a flat tummy. No one was horrified and ran away.

What I want to say: when you wear what you want and add the right attitude (feel good!), nobody will ruin your day. Of course there might be some people looking at you, but always remember: some might be surprised, maybe because they don’t see fat people wearing such beautiful clothes that often (sadly!), maybe because they think you’re gorgeous, maybe because they wish they weren’t afraid of doing the same. Sure, some will look and shake their heads, giving you that evil look and making you feel like you’re a major piece of shit, but do you really want to take these strangers seriously? Will you let them tell you what you’re allowed to wear? Do you really want to depend on their opinion? Choose your daily look according to their wishes? Do you really want to dress yourself for a stranger? I’m sure the answer is: no.
You don’t have to wear a crop top, you don’t have to prove to anyone that you can rock a crop top. If you don’t like them, nobody’s forcing you to wear them. Just wear whatever you want, but please don’t listen to such bullshit tips that tell you how to dress – you’ve got your own mind, use it and be creative! :)

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Outfit ♥ 07.04.14


Photos: Falko Blümlein
Shirt: frapp
Jeans: b² by Via Appia
Claudia Bauknecht ‘lemon’
Gucci “Soho Disco Bag” ‘tabasco’
Sunglasses: Miu Miu “Noir”
bonprix, Marc by Marc Jacobs “Katie Turnlock”, Swarovski
Watch: Detomaso “Marian”

DEEinen zweiten Look mit dem wunderbaren → Shirt von frapp hatte ich ja noch angekündigt – und hier ist er! :) Passend zum jetzt schon sommerlichen Wetter habe ich direkt mal meine Capri-Jeans ausgepackt, noch ein bisschen hochgekrempelt und mich für bunte Accessoires entschieden – die rote Tasche passt perfekt zu den roten Lippen, die gelben Heels zum Lidschatten. ;)
Und ich muss zugeben: die Kombi gefällt mir noch besser als mit dem Midirock (den ich wohl auch noch ein Stückchen kürzen lassen muss – so ist das, wenn man klein ist…). :)

ENI promised to show you another look with this gorgeous → shirt by frapp – here it is! :) According to the summery weather, I wore my capri jeans and went for colorful accessories – the red bag matches my red lips, the yellow heels match the eyeshadow. ;)
And I have to admit: I like this combination even better than the last one with the midi skirt (which I have to shorten – that’s life when you’re small…). ;)

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Outfit ♥ 23.06.13


Top: H&M Divided (ähnliches → hier) // Bustier: H&M Divided (ähnliches → hier) // Capri-Jeans: b² by Via Appia (→ hier) // Espadrilles: Jessica Buurman (das Original im SALE → hier) // Tasche: Gilson Martins “Sarah” (Brasil) // Sonnenbrille: Chanel N° 5156 (andere Modelle → hier) // Uhr: Detomaso “Marian” // Armband: bonprix (→ hier)

Nach einigen Sommerkleid-Outfits gibt’s heute mal wieder etwas ganz Einfaches. Schon ewig hab’ ich dieses Spitzentop von H&M in meinem Schrank und hab’ mich gestern mal ein bisschen was getraut – anstatt ein schwarzes Top drunter zu ziehen, hab’ ich nur ein Bustier gewählt und zeige so doch ein bisschen mehr Haut als sonst. Für den Sommer bei schönem Wetter angenehm luftig! :)
Damit der Look nicht vulgär wird, hab’ ich den Rest drumherum ziemlich casual gehalten. Die Capri streckt das Bein noch ein bisschen mehr als Shorts und hohe Schuhe wären natürlich nochmal ein ganzes Stück besser, aber da ich gestern wirklich bequem unterwegs war und sie so gut dazu passen, hab’ ich meine Espadrilles mit Spitze dazu gewählt. ;)

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