• Recap & Thoughts | #BeachBodyNotSorry •

• Recap & Thoughts | #BeachBodyNotSorry •



Summer’s over and so is my → #BeachBodyNotSorry special that I have been doing this season. It’s been a lot of fun to share my beach looks with you and it definitely was a matter close to my heart to encourage you all to just don’t give a s*** and head over to the next beach or pool and wear whatever you want, whether it’s a bikini or a swimsuit or you still prefer to cover up a little more with a beach dress or towel. Everything’s okay as long as you feel great. And you should never – I repeat: NEVER – make this dependent on others. Because YOU decide how you feel, how you look, who you want to be – not strangers. Not even your friends or your family. Your body – your rules. And I want to add: your life – your rules.

Coming back to the topic of today’s blog post: in this little recap, I want to show all of my beach looks again and add a few pictures I took on “real” beaches in Brazil during my vacation (a post about it is already in the making, so stay tuned!). And to let you know: it was great. Nobody looked at me in a bad way (at least I didn’t catch anybody watching) and even if – I didn’t care. Because I went to the beach to have fun and I definitely did. I had a great time at several beaches, crowded ones, remote ones, with my family or with complete strangers. Nobody treated me badly because of my body, nobody even mentioned it. All I got was compliments on my beautiful beach wear, on the new bikini I bought in Rio, on what I brought to show off at the famous and not-so-famous beaches. Nobody called me fat or ugly, I never felt like a stranded whale and nobody gave me the feeling that this is not where I’m supposed to be. Because in the heat, that’s where everybody is allowed to be – refreshing oneself in the sea, sunbathing on the beach and maybe even sharing an ice-cold beer with friends.

I really hope that I could at least change one person’s mind and help her to be able to go to the beach without being afraid of being insulted, be it by looks, laughter or words. You’re better than someone else’s small-minded brain that’s not capable of accepting diversity. And you should never listen to these people.

Never forget: everyBODY is beautiful, even if it’s not your own personal taste how someone looks – it’s not up to you to define beauty for the world and it’s not up to you to judge others. And you should never ever feel sorry about your (beach) body.

04 - Lu zieht an.®


Probably my favorite of them all – I took this swimsuit with me to Brazil and wore it a few times. I felt great in it and I totally love its more or less subtle sexiness (well, maybe less subtle thanks to this cleavage, but it still doesn’t show everything, right?). Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore, but a high-waisted bikini with the same print is – you can get it → here.

01 - Lu zieht an.®

Beach Geisha

My most creative look – the swimsuit is actually pretty basic, even though there are some highlights with the transparent “cut-outs” and the one-shoulder strap (you can also add a second one, but I think that’s boring). Sometimes it’s about shooting an editorial for the blog and adding some special pieces like the umbrella – of course, that’s not very “everyday” for going to the beach, but it’s all about the atmosphere for the pictures, right? ;)
This swimsuit isn’t available anymore, either, sorry, but you can get a similar one → here.

04 - Lu zieht an.®


With this look, I had the chance to show you that imperfections don’t matter. I’m not the biggest fan of my thighs, but does this really make me jump into the water with pants? No way José! :)
Get the bikini top → here and some similar bottoms → here.

03 - Lu zieht an.®


These are my favorite pictures of the whole project. It even looks like we shot them on a real beach and not at the dunes, without any water around. Somehow, this look makes me feel kind of Arab or Indian with the paisley-like beach towel. This swimsuit, by the way, is the most beautiful thing ever, it has an incredibly cool cut which you – unfortunately, silly me – can’t really see under the towel. Maybe I should have joined the #DropTheTowel movement, but it just complemented the look so perfectly, I just couldn’t unwrap me. :)
You can get the swimsuit → here.

05 - Lu zieht an.®

Wet Look

Another more creative editorial – but this time, all about the make-up. Actually, not the best choice for the beach because you’ll look like a smudged oil painting right after the first dive, but as the look is very simple, I went for dramatic make-up. Anyways: I hope this outfit shows you that even if you’re fat, it’s okay to show your belly button, to show your stretch marks and your cellulite. Share your body and your skin with the world, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and you’re allowed to feel sexy! :)

08 - Lu zieht an.®

Take me to the Beach

With all the beautiful bikinis and swimsuits, we shall not forget the gorgeous beach dresses and tunics! This dress was hard to get and was quickly sold out, but I had to share this look with you. Because: if you don’t feel like showing what you got, you can always cover up with a nice dress. It’s not about forcing yourself to be someone you’re not, not about forcing yourself to show something that you don’t want to show and not about forcing yourself to wear something in which you don’t feel great. Sometimes, we want to hide and that’s okay. But wearing all black at the beach? You’re gonna melt, so please don’t do this. At least choose something light in terms of fabric and color. You’re allowed to shine and you’re allowed to do this wearing something beautiful instead of being hidden under an ugly dark sack. ;)

1 (luziehtan)


Following the summer trend and wearing a kimono is also a great way to cover up a little. Even though I revealed a little more for this post. “Hello stretch marks and cellulite! You’re part of my body, which I love, and that’s why I’m not ashamed of you.” Maybe that’s a good mantra to write on a sticky note and leave it attached to your mirror to see it every day. :)
Get the kimono → here.



The look that started it all – when I got this swimsuit, Swimsuits4all came up with this hashtag and the campaign almost at the same time. That’s how I had the idea to start my own #BeachBodyNotSorry project and I’m very proud that I did so. After posting my → fatkini picture in 2013 and the → bikini post in 2014, it was definitely about time to get something rolling that’s bigger and more important, and the campaign was just the right impetus for my project.
Get the same swimsuit style with another print → here.

To wrap this post up, I’ve got some beach pictures from Brazil for you. Because not feeling sorry for your beach body works everywhere! :) You shouldn’t miss all the fun you can have!












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Written by Luciana
Hello everyone, my name is Luciana, I'm 27, and the creative mind of "Lu zieht an." I was born in Germany but I'm half Brazilian, that's why you can read this blog in German and English - but feel free to write and ask me anything in Portuguese. I love and live fashion, am obsessed with sunglasses and bright lipsticks and the world's biggest sushi and steak lover. Follow me for daily updates on Instagram (@luziehtan). ♥
  • Danke Lu, für dieses Wahnsinnig mutige und tolle Special <3

    Man sieht dir sofort an, dass du dich wohlfühlst und ich finde genau DAS macht Schönheit wirklich aus :)
    Niemand sollte sich schämen oder für makel diskriminiert werden, sei es die Figur, ob zu dünn, zu dick…
    Oder sei es sonst irgendetwas, was uns viele und vor allem die Medien, als unschön vorgeben.

    Ich wünsche mir für meine Tochter, dass ich ihr genau das vermitteln kann und fürchte mich ein wenig vor dem Tag, an dem Sie kritisch mit sich selbst vorm Spiegel stehen wird.

    Bleib so wie du bist!!!! Für alle starken Frauen und Mädchen dieser Welt!!!!

    • …wundervolle Fotos…ich hab’ mich grad mal nach Rio geträumt^^…

      Liebe Lu, Deine Blogserie hat mir sehr gut gefallen, Danke für Deine Posts, liebe Grüße, Zita

      • Liebe Lu,

        Diese Serie habe ich total gerne verfolgt! Deine Looks sind wie immer eine tolle Inspiration, ganz besonders freue ich mich aber auch über die Bilder aus Brasilien – du siehst so glücklich aus, toll! ❤️
        Wie komm ich jetzt am schnellsten in die Sonne und ans Meer? :D

        Fühl dich gedrückt!
        Alles Liebe,

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